Thursday, August 31, 2006

RV Surplus, Camping World, DeMartini Sales

Today the Ivey's and the Pace's went browsing. We started by showing them where the new RV Hall of Fame and Museum is located. We will probably get over to see the current museum some time, but the new one is much larger and very impressive.

We went to RV Surplus and then on to Arrow just to show them the two places we have talked about so much. Then we went on to Camping World where we had to eventually confiscate Mickey's credit card or Patti would not have been able to get out of town. He was about to max it out. He just went wild, like a kid in a candy store. We tried to get Mickey to buy the new Garmin Nuvi 350 like we got, but he thought it was too big.

We browsed and toured through all the coaches at the RV Sales Center which I guess is now going by the name of Camping World Camper Sales. It used to be Hart City, but it has changed owners. We looked for our favorite salesman and couldn't find him. We do think we have Mickey and Patti coming back over to the "dark side," as they were thinking of putting money down on the Newmar Kountry Star. :-)

From there we drove on down to Wakarusa to the new DeMartini sales center. Brand new and very nice and THERE was our favorite salesman from Hart City. He is no longer working for Hart City. Said when the owners changed, they wanted the sales staff to start playing mind games with the customers and he didn't like it so he went down the road to DeMartini. It was good to see him again. His name is Ron C. so if any of you get to Wakarusa to look at coaches, look him up. We get no royalties from that, but he is just a nice salesman, something you don't always find in this industry.

From there we drove back to the house and the Ivey's disembarked and headed for home, the Goshen fairgrounds. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with them again and go to eat at Essenhaus. It is so fun to have friends with us here.

After they left I took Neal for a ride in his new stroller. He seemed to like it. He sat right down and enjoyed the ride. Bailey walked alongside.

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We arrived in Goshen Monday afternoon and camped next to Mickey and Patti (RVNotebook) at the Goshen fairgrounds. Not much fun when you have a dead slide you cannot put out. Bailey, our Scottish Terror is all about space. . . his, at least; and he didn't take too kindly to Neal's stumbling around. So we came on over to the house on Tuesday. We do have an appointment to get the slide fixed on September 6. We have family coming in this weekend and a big cookout planned.

Today we took Mickie (sic) and Patti to Shipshewana to the flea market. We had such a great time. It has been raining up here for several days and today was supposed to be dry. It sure looked ominous this morning, but as the sun broke through, it looked like it might work to go. We have been there in the rain and you can stay pretty dry unless it's a downpour. It was cool from all the rain, and it wasn't very crowded. It turned out to be the perfect day. It did not rain on us and the sun came out eventually. I think it stayed in the high 70's which was just perfect for walking. The two big winners of the day were Neal and Frosty who got new doggie strollers to ride in. It was after 2 when we finally left.

We drove through the country back to the fairgrounds and Mickey and Patti got to see a lot of the Amish countryside. We arrived back at the camp and Frosty was so glad to see us (well, Patti at least). We all climbed back into the SporTrac and came back over to the house so the Ivey's could pick up their truck.

What a great day. Finished it off with a nap!

Till next time. . .


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lake Erie, Ohio

We left Berlin, Ohio, Friday morning and drove north up towards Lake Erie. We are in a campground in a little town called Milan. The campground is sufficient, but the sights are small.

Last evening we went out looking at the sights. We drove over to Vermillion and went to a Maritime Museum. It wasn't real big, but it was interesting. Outside the building was the lighthouse which had been relocated and was actually shorter than the original. I don't believe it is in use anymore. The lake is very pretty, but it's hard to get close to it. We saw so many boats and big boats. Today we went into Sandusky which is an interesting town, but there isn't much in their downtown. They were having a wine and food tasting, but we opted for a small shop where we got some ice cream. We also went to their maritime museum which was smaller than the one we saw yesterday. We then strolled out onto the pier at Battery Park. We could see Kelly Island across the bay and also we could see Cedar Point. That is one place we have never been.

We drove around and found Thomas Edison's birthplace. We didn't go in, but it was built close to where a canal was built to load the schooners off the lake. Quite interesting. We are just really taking it easy.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wie geht's! (How are you from Amish Country)

My apologies to my many readers on not posting earlier. I hate not having adequate internet function to post and it still is not enough to post pictures, but I will try to catch up. I have written some things and will include them beneath this post.

Today we are sitting still watching the Nascar race. Last week we had some doctor appointments in central Indiana and while we were there, we camped back at Summit Lake near our old home. We did not go by the old place this time. The park there is a very nice park, but since the state has seen fit to raise the rates exorbitantly, you can count the number of campers on just two hands. Years ago, when our kids worked there summers during college, you couldn’t get a campsite. In fact, we gave up trying to camp there because you had to get in on Tuesday before the weekend if you wanted a spot. Now there are plenty of vacancies and no one wants to camp there because of the price. Thanks to the new governor Indiana has, I can see state campgrounds closing due to lack of use and revenue. Seems to me it would be more cost effective to drop the price a little and fill them up every weekend rather than charge more and decrease the attendance to roughly 10%.

We left Summit Lake on Friday morning, thinking it would be hard to find a place. We had decided to head over to Ohio’s Amish country, since we had never been here. The Amish in different parts of the country are all different. Having been raised in Amish country, we don’t come here to look at the Amish, but to visit the meat shops/bakeries, craft shops and restaurants. We found a lovely no-frills campground with large spaces, navigable roads and full hookups. There is no shower house, but that is fine with us. With full hookups, we have everything we need. It is $22 a night, 3 for $20 per night, or a week for $130, so we are here for a week. This area is Berlin, Ohio, lots of German influence. We have been to one restaurant and it was very good. This morning we went to a cheese house and stocked up. Most everything is closed today. It is so peaceful and serene here. It’s late enough in the season, it’s not real crowded and by staying a week, we don’t have to try and do everything all at one time.

It has been really hazy here with rain expected every day, but never did have any. Today is the first sunny day and it is gorgeous. We ran out into the country a little and I took some pictures, but I’m sure the pictures won’t do the scenery justice. It is so rolling here. So many hills, with farms dotting the landscapes. Bigger barns than houses in many cases with lots of buildings for animals. Today driving through the country we passed many farms where church was being held. At some, church was over and all the menfolk were out in the yard talking and the women were on the other side talking. Several families walking home.

We met some other Tiffin owners here and one group were here just back from a Tiffin rally. They come here often, so we may try to keep watch and connect with them another time. This is a great place to come and relax and still have things to look at and visit. There is a wood carver shop Terry wants to visit. He had read about the guy years ago and wants to see some of his work. We also were in Mt. Hope this morning and saw the Wayne-Dalton headquarters. They were Terry’s competitors when he was in the garage door business.
Yesterday we visited the flea market. It was mostly craft stuff and Terry was disappointed, but I liked looking. I did find some ribbon I use for making Christmas decorations. We left there and went to Trail where we bought some of the infamous Trail bologna. We drove out through the country before coming back to the camp.

Last evening we went for our walk and came back by a couple in a new Allegro Bay just two spots back from us. We ended up sitting and chatting around the fire. For some reason, there were no mosquitos and we eventually went and got the dogs and sat around the fire with them until 10:30 when we retired. Neal got plenty of ear scratches from Beth so he was in heaven. Bailey sat with his back to everyone. . . typical Bailey. . . typical Scottie behavior. Hee hee

Till next time. . .


August 12, 2006

Well, we left the YMCA Day Camp on Saturday and started driving south through Ohio. Just were trying to find a campground and something to look at for a few days. I started calling as Terry was driving and found out numerous festivals and fairs were behind held and there was nary a campground to be found. I called a half dozen places and finally found one that said they had one spot left (usually not a good thing when you are 40’ with four slides). The one lone campsite left is usually the one no one wanted and won’t always work for us. But we were headed down toward St. Marys, Ohio, so we were rolling along highway 33. Just then Terry looked up and said, “Well, there’s a campground right on the highway.” I looked and sure enough, a decent looking camp with sites aplenty and a few campers in there. Kind of no frills, but that would usually mean nice and quiet, so pulled in and got a site. As we were making our way through to our site, we passed a Gulf Stream Atrium with Oregon plates. We knew it was a long shot, but asked the proprietor if that would happen to be Hawkeys, who were members of our Graduating Class of 2005. Would you believe he said, “Well, yes it is.” We first met them last year at Rend Lake. They were just starting out full-timing and were headed to the Escapade. They were not camped in the area near our group, but we invited them over to sit by our campfire and “friends were born.” They were excited to see us as we were them. They invited us down to St. Mary’s Summerfest which they were attending later. We went with them and got to eat some homemade ice cream which was delicious. We walked around a little, took a tour of the St. Marys’ Canal Boat and then Dan took us on a tour around Grand Lake on the way home. We passed by a party in progress and got to meet Dee and Dan’s son and his wife who were here from Virginia. We decided to spent 3 nights at this camp since our friends were here and got to visit a few more times before we left. We talked them into joining us at least for an afternoon in Celina at the pre-Escapade rally and they will also be with us in the generator area at the Escapade.

We left there on Tuesday, August 15.

Till next time. . .


August 10, 2006

We left the “storage facility” in Goshen late in the afternoon and drove to Dundee, Michigan. I wanted to visit Cabela’s again and it wasn’t a disappointment. The plan was to find a campground nearby and go the next day. But campgrounds are not easy to find in Michigan and so we stopped off and did our shopping that afternoon. We contemplated spending the night in the parking lot along with the other motorhomes, but decided against it. We left there and drove to Temperance, Michigan, and camped at the Vine Lodge and Campground. The location says it all. They only give discounts for being members of the YMCA and the WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union). Hmmmmm. Should have asked a few more questions. We got a nice spot on the lake/pond front and got set up. Sites were not that good. Barely any gravel, mostly grass/dirt and lumpy at that. And quite narrow.

Early the next morning, like around 7 or 7:15-ish, we hear what sound like garbage trucks. Oh that it were the sound of garbage trucks. Instead it was 3 busloads (yellow schoolie type) of kids. Yes, folks, this is the YMCA DAY CAMP! Arggggghhhhh. They unloaded the kids and life was not the same after that. They took to canoes, and other assorted points around the lake and our quiet life was over. . . . at least for the weekend. Ugh. We had paid for Thursday and Friday, so we stayed, but then we rolled. Enough of that!

Till next time. . .


Monday, August 07, 2006

Being retired is hard work!

I'm still trying to get used to sleeping in until 7:30-8:00 every morning. It's hard when you were used to getting up at 5 a.m. for 34 years. It sure is sweet.

We have been ordering things that we need, since we have a physical address to where things may be shipped. Terry's ordered some travel books, a couple warranty items from Tiffin, and I ordered new phones. We needed to upgrade our plan and it was time to get some new phones, so we got that done. They came today and I am charging them, getting ready to activate them.

We have been busy cleaning out the basement. That is where we stored everything of ours when we made the final push to empty the house in Mooreland. Still have a ton of stuff down there, but it is mostly the kids' stuff. Jocelyn has been through hers once, but Brandon has yet to some look at it. He doesn't think he wants any of it, but I don't care to make that decision for him.

I get my root canal re-done on Wednesday and Terry wants to take off again. He is getting too antsy sitting here at the house. So we are going to take a run up to Dundee, Michigan, to the Cabello's there and look around. Will mosey on down to the central part of the state for doctor appointments, then back here probably.

till next time. . .


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Working hard. . . well . . .

Well, everyone is complaining about the weather, so no need to rehash the 110 degree days (with heat index).

Dogs don't want to go out much. Don't blame them. We don't go out if we don't have to. We have been taking care of little things. Had a couple minor maintenance jobs Terry got done on one apartment. When it gets cooler, we will probably make the rounds and visit the neighbors and see how everyone is doing. Took the truck in and had the tires rotated and an alignment and the transmission serviced. that should do for awhile.

We intend to replace the kitchen floor here in the main house. The vinyl is shot and we are looking at laminate flooring. Hate to put much money into it, but it has to be done, so might as well get something we like. Will probably change the dishwasher and the range at the same time. Just hate doing it. Hate having things torn up. And we need to paint before we do the floor. Ugh. Anyone have a magic wand?

We are going to be here for a few weeks, then back to central Indiana for doctor appointments, then off to the Escapade. We won't leave for the winter until the middle of October.

Till next time. . .