Saturday, January 09, 2016

Heading back to Texas!

We are back on the road after spending a few days in northern Indiana to attend a funeral. We were going to wait until Sunday to leave, but there is a winter storm headed that way. We decided it would be better to try and leave today and get as far south as we could to avoid the anticipated snowfall that might be coming. These warnings are often false alarms and we don't often change our plans, but this is a different situation for us. We are heading back to Texas and today was just going to be "down" time for us to rest and recuperate before getting back on the road tomorrow. Jocelyn and Aenea had driven up from Virginia and they were going home today as well. I had wanted the rest of the day to put things in order in the house, since it has to be closed up again. But we just decided to leave after Jocelyn left.

So we were all packed and ready to go by noon and we took off. As it was, it rained on us almost the entire day and we had some fog as well, but we made it down to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, for the night. We were glad to get this far but it looks like we may still have some snow later tonight. Hopefully it will be shortlived and the roads won't be so bad by morning.

Having driven only 5+ hours on day one means we will be on a four day trip instead of a three day run. That's okay, but it is a bit more complicated with the two dogs. Butterscotch is recovering form a bad UTI and is now having adverse reactions to the new med she's been on for a week. We decided to drive and bring them with us so I could keep an eye on her. That's worked out well because I've had to be in contact with the vet and making some med adjustments and feeding changes to get her back on track. But so far that is working and she is responding well to the changes.

Tomorrow we leave here and we're not sure what route we are taking yet. None of them promise warm weather right now, but hopefully we can push through and at least find some sunshine.

Till next time. . .


Family Business

We left a week ago and drove to northern Indiana for a family funeral. It was a tragic loss. Terry's Mom was a twin. He is an only child and his aunt (his mom's twin) had one child, a girl. The twins were the only children of his grandparents and then he and his cousin were the only children born to the next generation.

His cousin Debi was married to Jim and last March they were both diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, the deadliest form of brain cancer there is. Jim's was further advanced and they decided on palliative care for him. He died in mid-June at age 64. Debi had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as they could and then she followed up with chemo and radiation. Her father, who is 84, took care of her at his home until she needed more care than he could provide. She died last week at age 60.

They have three children and three grandchildren. They must all go on now without their parents/grandparents, losing them both within six months of each other. We pray for them.