Thursday, December 28, 2006

Me bad, me bad

Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. We have been here in Texas at Mom and Dad's park since around the 8th of December. We have been doing a lot of visiting with them and playing cards and Bingo, as well as finishing up our Christmas shopping.

On Wednesday, December 20, we picked Brandon up at the McAllen airport and he surprised his grandparents who were not expecting him. We put a bright red bow on his shirt and they were really excited to see him.

We spent Christmas Eve at their place unwrapping Christmas presents and then Christmas morning Brandon, Terry, and I exchanged gifts along with Bailey and Neal. Neal doesn't want anything except treats for Christmas, while Bailey likes toys. We bought Mom and Dad a solar rock with their name on it. I have included a couple pictures. The first is taken with a flash, so it doesn't look lit up, but you can see what it looks like. The second one shows the way the rock illuminates after dark.

Yesterday we took Brandon out to South Padre Island and walked out on the beach. We took in some souvenier shops as well. Spent a lot of time looking and it was a beautiful day. There were several parasailers and kite-boarders. We had planned on staying there for a few days on our way down to the Valley earlier in the month, but the weather did not cooperate. We would have taken the motorhome over there this week as well, but once again, the weather hasn't been that great. It hasn't been really bad, except Saturday it rained the entire day. . . and really hard at times. Then we had some cold weather and now we have wind. So we get a wide variety of weather. Today we haven't had the datastorm up. We are having 30-40 mph winds and not sure how much the datastorm can take, so I am using my air card.

Tomorrow we are going to Pepe's on the River for supper. We haven't been there since last year and it is one place Brandon remembers from the first time we came here. It actually burned down, but has been rebuilt, so it should be fun.

I have added a hyperlink to the Datastormusers map. In it is on this page in the left margin at the end of the short narrative. It will show you where we currently are located.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Till next time. . .


Friday, December 15, 2006

Not your Mother's Bingo!

You may have thought you knew how to play bingo, but playing serious bingo is different. There are an endless number of games. . . four corners, kite, checkmark, ring the free, etc. All require a different set of squares to be covered on your card. Last year was my first experience with this as Mom and I played every Tuesday night. She is not really a Bingo person, preferring to play cards, but she played Bingo with me. It was a lot of fun and even though we didn't win anything, we had fun trying. That is until last Tuesday night. We played for the first time since I arrived and I won very early in the evening. I won $5 because I shared the win with someone else. The next game I won all by myself and won $10. Then to top it off, since I was the FIRST solo winner, I was crowned "Queen for a Day." That means that every time the number I won on was called I got a dollar. I won $4 more dollars, so I went home with $19. Yay! To top it all off, Mom won once for $5, so we were very happy.

Terry and I have been doing some Christmas shopping and we have basically finished. We have been to every store in the Valley looking for a few things which we never found, so we are giving up. We have been bike riding every day, which is really good as we haven't had good enough weather anywhere we've been to get out. It is nice down here, in the mid to high 70's during the day and no heat required at night. Tonight Dad and I went out for a ride in the golfcart, aka Hoopie, to look at the lights. There aren't as many decorating this year, but there are enough to warrant driving around.

Yesterday I took Bailey out on the golf cart. He is real good about sitting on the seat and watching. He is curious about riding in the cart, but doesn't bark. We went over to Hidden Valley. It is amazing how much has been built over there just since last year when we were here.

Tomorrow, it being Saturday, will be a slow day for me. I am done shopping and won't venture out on a weekend down here. It is just too crowded. I have my Christmas cards to do, so perhaps I will work on those.

Till next time. . .


Friday, December 08, 2006

Okay, okay.

Terry has been after me to update my blog. We have had really lousy weather since leaving Louisiana and I haven't felt much like posting. It's been cold and windy and the last day has been rainy. Yuck. I am ready for warmer weather.

We spent the last four days in San Benito, next to Harlingen. It wasn't a bad place, and we did get in a lot of shopping in Harlingen, but it started raining yesterday and it turned into a mud bog where we were parked. We began to think from the discussion at coffee this morning, that we shouldn't try to get out until the rain stopped and it dried out. Yuck. But luckily we had not had more rain overnight and with the wind we were having, it dried out the ground and we were able to make it out. We left ruts and a trail of mud, but we did indeed get out.

We drove on over to Mission and got parked right behind Mom and Dad. This is by far the best campsite ever. :-)

Life is good.

Till next time. . .


Friday, December 01, 2006

Roll Camera. . . Film at 11

Hah! Terry and I made the news this evening.

We arrived in Corpus Christi around noon and checked into the campground and got set up. We had eaten lunch and were comtemplating what to do next. I was on my way to the front of the coach when there was a knock on the door. I looked out and saw a TV cameraman. I turned to Terry and said, "Terry, come on out. It's Channel 6 news!" Hah. What a hoot. He was indeed from Channel 6 and he was looking for Winter Texans to interview about the cold snap that hit yesterday. I didn't have the heart to tell him we really weren't Winter Texans. He asked us several questions, and then when he was done filming, we asked him advice on the best restaurants and other RV parks. Turns out he used to camp a lot and we are in the "best" camp in Corpus Christi (that's not saying much), but he was a nice guy and recommended a few restaurants, etc.

We took a drive later and got home in time to see ourselves on the news. We taped it and I have it on my computer now.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Alive and Well, but NO PHONE SERVICE!!

We just wrapped up two days at the Coushatta Indian Casino in Kinder, Louisiana, and decided to head south since the weather is turning NASTY. We are stopped for the night at Shady Oaks RV Park south of El Campo, Texas, on US59. We have no phone service, nada, zip, zilch. . . so we cannot call anyone.

We did take a little side trip to the Coushatta Indiana Reservation. There is a museum there and the guide there is 1/2 Coushatta and 1/2 Cajun. He was a very interesting man and since we were the only ones there, he really talked with us a lot and we learned much about the history of the Indians in the region. His name is Gardner Rose and if you are every there in the area visiting the casino, take a little time and visit this museum. It is free.

We are just here for one night, then headed on south to Corpus Christi. Drove through lots of wind and rain and then I got to do Houston, but it wasn't bad. Had a good navigator.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Zachary, Louisiana, with Family!!!!

We arrived at cousin Gary and wife Jo’s on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We have water and a 50-amp hookup in the backyard with plenty of room for the boyz to roam. We keep them in their pen, though, because there are coyotes we hear at night and we don’t want Bailey and Neal to get away from us.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Jo’s sister’s house. Jennilyn and husband Doug were there, their children, Kasey (a veterinarian) and her friend Whit and Remmy with his wife Melanie and one-year old son, Ben. Also Jenny and her friend Derrick (friends of Kasey), Gary, Jo, Miss Teeter (Jo’s Mom), Terry and I. We had a great day. Deep fried turkey, cornbread dressing, peas, turnips, broccoli/cheese casserole, broccoli/rice casserole, cranberry salad, white beans with sausage, Cajun turkey and dressing, and dinner rolls. Lots of desserts, too. It was a wonderful meal with wonderful people and they really treated Terry and I like family.

After dinner we walked down the drive to Remmy and Melanie’s house which they just moved into a couple weeks ago. It is a gorgeous house done in a southwestern motif. The floors are concrete which is dyed with color and then cut into designs using a skill saw. The guy who did it was obviously a craftsman and the result is very unique and keeping with the southwestern flavor.

Later in the evening, Jo’s daughter Kristen and friend Jerrick stopped by and Jerrick wanted to see the motorhome. He really liked it. He is a very nice young man whose last name just happens to be Pace and he is from Mississippi. . . . could it be we are related? You genealogists in the family need to check that. He is from Prentiss, Mississippi, (not Prentiss County though),

Last night Gary’s son Chris and his family arrived in from the airport. They had flown to San Diego to spend the holiday with Chris’ mom and family. They decided to spend the night because they were quite tired by the time they got here. It was good to see Chris again and to meet his family.

We are going to have to run back to Waveland, Mississippi. I had an order from WalMart on line being delivered to that WalMart. I checked at noon on Wednesday last week and it wasn’t it. The email I retrieved later than night telling me it was available for pickup was sent at 1:19 pm that same day. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. So we may go back today.

Till next time. . .


Monday, November 20, 2006

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

We left Summerdale yesterday morning and drove to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, to the Hollywood Casino, arriving around noon. Got settled in before the last Nascar race of the season and spent a relaxing afternoon lounging around.

It is too darn cold here. They say it is unseasonably cold this year and I am tired of it. While it's not been freezing, 40's is not my idea of nice weather. Once we see Gary and Jo, we are headed for Texas and warmer weather.

We went to the casino last evening. It was fun. We came out on the plus side and played for about 3 hours, so it was good entertainment.

We took a drive afterwards and even in the dark, it was easy to see the destruction this area suffered from the hurricanes of last season. There are some houses people are living in, but more FEMA trailers in the yards with people living there instead of in the homes. The historic downtown area is destroyed. . . buildings still there, but deserted and in disrepair. Lots of trash around and I suppose it keeps blowing around. In areas with water, I imagine wood and other trash keeps working its way to the surface and the shore. I will try and take some pictures today. While we spent some time in hurricane struck areas last year, we haven't seen this part yet. Our campground has some travel trailers that appear to be rentals. We were told today that a doctor and 3 nurses live in them as their homes were destroyed, so they are living here and working at the hospital.

We have received news from our friend Patti and she is at home in North Carolina. She is living in her fifth wheel at her nephew's house. She has full hookups there and is fortunate she can stay in familiar and comfortable surroundings while she heals.

We are here for at least one more night before moving on to Louisiana to spend Thanksgiving with cousin Gary an wife Jo and her family.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, Alabama

Our friend Patti is returning to North Carolina to be with her family. Her sister is with her as is her nephew who is driving her rig back home. They are going through Knoxville to visit with Mickey’s children. Then they are headed to Kinston where Patti will spend the winter. We continue to keep in touch and to pray for healing.

We spent last week in Red Bay, Alabama, getting work done on Phaeton Place. The big problem was the flat floor living room slide which was shearing pins about every 3rd time it was extended. Apparently it was not torqued down sufficiently when it was built and it resulted in the slide malfunctioning and it eventually starting “wallowing” out the holes for the slide pins and would shear them off. So they rebuilt the slide mechanism and replaced the motor. It has been working fine since then.

While in Red Bay, we stay at the Allegro Campground. They have full hookups with 50 amp and it is on the same grounds as the service center. So you don’t have to drive out of the park to get to the service center and everything is within walking distance. In addition, everyone there is getting work done as well and we all just visit and help each other out. We even had Hobo Stew one day and it was really nice. They were having a pot luck on Sunday, but we left before that.

Saturday we left and headed to Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. This is an Escapees park, so it is quite reasonable. Janice and Dean Schultz are here. They are members of the 2005 class and we have spent a couple days visiting with each other. This area is where they lived before full timing, so they know the area quite well.

Today they took us to Lulu’s Restaurant down on the intercoastal waterway. Lulu is Jimmy Buffett’s sister and they co-own the restaurant. It was quite nice and we enjoyed a good meal in the airy, water-side restaurant. We watched quite a few boats go through and a tug with a line or barges carrying coal. Afterwards we went out to Fort Morgan, one of the old star forts built in 1833. We walked around the fort. It was awesome. It is amazing the amount of work and materials that went into building such a large structure. It was mostly covered by earthworks, so until you were right there, you really couldn’t see much. There is a small museum there and we browsed through it when we were finished at the fort itself. The road getting out to the Fort was mostly underwater after Hurricane Ivan and most of the houses and other buildings were destroyed. Hundreds have been rebuilt and it is good to see things returning to some semblance of order.

It is supposed to start raining tonight and there are flood warnings for our county for the next 2 days. Hopefully it won’t be that bad, but we did put up our chairs and all our outside stuff. Easier to do it now before it starts than try to put up wet stuff later.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A sad, sad day. . .

This morning started with a phone call from our dear, dear friend Patti Ivey. She and Mickey are in Las Vegas where he had taken her to surprise her best friend who was visiting her brother there.

While Patti and her friend were out, Mickey collapsed and died from an apparent heart attack. We, and other members of the Graduating Class of 2005 (those of us who went full time RVing in 2005) are in shock. Mickey not only was a prominent member of our class, but also wrote and published RVer's Notebook, a software program for RVers to keep track of expenses and to maintain a journal as well as many other vital statistics for our rigs.

Mickey was a peacemaker in times of discord and always entertained us with his wit and card tricks. He chided me for misspelling his name as M-I-C-K-I-E saying I must never have been a good Mousketeer; then launching into a musical chorus of M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E. I never forgot how to spell his name after that!

We hope and pray that Patti will draw strength from their many friends and family in helping her heal and get through this difficult time.

Mickey, Patti, Dale and Terry

Mickey and Patti and Frosty at Fall Escapade, 2006

Terry, Dean and Mickey cooking steaks in Victoria, Texas

Los Algadones, Mexico, February 8, 2006

How we will remember Mickey. . . as he was at Fall Escapade.

Rest in Peace, Mickey. You will be sorely missed.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back in Red Bay, Alabama

Well, here we sit in the hometown of Phaeton Place. Yep this is where she was born. When we woke up yesterday and started fixing breakfast, something electrical blew and we had only 2 outlets in the entire coach that worked. Very little electrical was working. We searched hi an low and couldn't find the problem. So we called Red Bay and they had openings in the campground, so we decided to skip Florence this trip and head straight to Tiffin. We arrived just before noon and checked in with Marsha and Rod, the campground hosts. Rod was interested in our electrical problem and asked Terry if he had checked the circuit breakers on the inverter. . . ???????????? Ugh, that would be "NO." He walked out, opened the hatch and flipped the lower breaker. Boom. Power restored. You would think something like that would be in the manual some place.

Met up later with an old friend whom we met last time we were here. Funny thing is that we are both parked in the exact same places we were last time.

The other big news is my laptop. The battery gets so hot so I bought a cool pad which really helps. Lately, however, it has become obvious that the power socket was loose and got to the point where something inside was arcing as it got extremely hot. It wouldn't charge anymore and I couldn't use it because it wouldn't stay on. The plug itself got so hot yesterday while I was trying to hold it in so I could check mail, I got burned on the finger. So Terry performed major surgery and tore my laptop down. He had fixed his a couple weeks ago. He had mine side by side with his and had pictures from a forum that showed the tear down on mine. At this point I had to leave. I can tear down a PC, but not a laptop. . . that makes me nervous, so I went outside with the dogs. He found lots of dirt and lint in the machine which he blew out. The good news is that he fixed it completely and it appears the overheating problems I had been having were apparently related to the power socket being loose. So problem solved and I am back up and running. He is just so handy to have around. :-)

Well, time to get my morning coffee.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chattanooga Choo Choo!

We spent the last two nights in Chattanooga at the Shipp’s RV Center and Campground. They have a Camping World and decent sites. Yesterday we did some driving around the city and went to Warehouse Row. It is apparently an old warehouse downtown which has been converted into outlets. The only problem was that there were only a handful of businesses left in it. It was three stories and we were back in the car 39 minutes later. But it was time for lunch anyway, so we left and went to Pronie’s, a sub/sandwich/pizza place. The food was very good and we enjoyed our meal.

We then went north of town to the Hamilton Place mall. It is a two story mall and very nice, so we got our walk in. While on our way up there, the traffic coming the other way was stopped for this wreck.
A Roadway truck had hit the guardrail and flipped his trailer. Talk about a mess. We came by about 4 hours later and traffic was still slowed and there was another Roadway trailer and they were switching the contents from one trailer to the other. The tractor cab looked pretty intact, so hopefully the driver was okay.

As we left Chattanooga today, I took a picture of Lookout Moutain.

Today we drove on down to Huntsville and thought we might be able to stay here for a couple days, but could only find a campground for one night. We are at the Space Center Campground and it is adequate, but our power just went out. Terry is outside trying to figure out what happened. We took a drive today and went up on Monte Sano. I was able to take some pictures, but the pictures just don’t capture the real beauty of the landscape.
We are leaving here tomorrow and going to Florence, Alabama, for a couple days. We don’t want to run into Red Bay until Sunday because that is the day they have the most openings in the campground.

Late this afternoon I took this picture in the sky. I know there is a name for this phenomenon, but I don't know what it is. Any of you readers know the name of it?

Till next time. . .


Friday, October 27, 2006

What a great week!

We had a really nice week in Charlottesville, spending time with Tom and Jocelyn. We spent more time with her since Tom was working during the day, but we managed to have a great visit. Jocelyn and I took one afternoon and tried to find some really good fall colors.
We saw some that were quite spectacular, but not easy to photograph. We went on both the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park.
It is so easy to see why people love living here. The mountains are beautiful, rain or shine, but thankfully we had good sunny days. It has been cold, however, and we are quite anxious to get further south and into warmer weather. Last evening the kids came out to the motorhome for supper and brought Jericho, their standard poodle. Bailey immediately tried to nail him, so we put Bailey in the hall behind the gate. He really was quite happy there and could see us. When I eventually took down the gate, he stayed right where he was. Jericho and Neal got along fine, so we enjoyed an evening of food and fun.

We left Misty Mountain this morning and drove to Wytheville, Virginia, for the night. It was raining when we left and has steadily downpoured since arriving. There are some factory stores nearby, but I am not even interested in unhooking and driving over. Don't care much for shopping outside in the rain. We will leave here tomorrow and go to the Escapees park in Heiskell, Tennessee, for three days. Then on to Knoxville for the chassis service. We had planned on going to Gaffney, SC, for that, but when Terry called, they were booked up. So Terry checked around and found the service center in Knoxville and they had time to do the coach. From there it's on to Red Bay, Alabama, and get this slide fixed. It broke again on Terry and he had to fix it, but it is definitely out of time or something. Just a dreary day here, but we are doing fine.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out Mickey!

We kidnapped Jocelyn yesterday to go up into the mountains and take some pictures of scenery. But it was hazy, lots of clouds and an ill wind blowing, so didn’t get that done. We came back towards the camp through Nellie’s Ford, Virginia, and stopped at the Blue Ridge Pig.
The Pig is a world renowned restaurant that serves BBQ. Terry had the tenderloin sandwich and I had the smoked turkey. The owner has a shed out back where he smokes all the meat and it is chunks of deliciously smoked, tender, juicy meat . . . not that chopped, pressed and formed crap. The “Pig” is . . . shall we say. . . rustic. It is quite the dive, but the food is so very good.

We came back to the motorhome and began experiencing in earnest, the electrical problems we had had the day before when we first got here. The surge protector kept shutting down the power. It was happening constantly. . . just coming on for 15 seconds or so before shutting off. They came and changed the breaker. When that didn’t work, they told us to move and gave us our choice of 2 other sites open till we planned to leave. They were really nicer sites than the one we were on, but ugh. . . who likes to move when you have set up camp for a week. And our slide had broken again when we put it out, so that had to be fixed. It was cold, but Terry got under there and got it fixed and we did, indeed, move. I’m glad we did because we haven’t had one bit of problem with the power since we got on this site. We have the dogs pen set up right outside the door. At the other site, we had to set it clear in back because the site was sloped and Neal couldn’t stand up and also there was a mud pit right outside our door.

Today we went into town to do a little shopping, but didn’t find what we wanted. The kids are coming out here tonight for supper. We are having cheese lasagna, salad, homemade bread, and baked apples for dessert. Yummy umm.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Charlottesville 2006!

We arrived at Misty Mountain Campground around noon today. Spent last night in a campground in Clifton Forge, Virginia. We were under trees and had no satellite tv or internet. We were really under a canopy. Today, however, we are in one of the open sites at Misty Mountain, and everything is working.

Daughter Jocelyn and husband Tom came out to see us and spent a couple hours visiting. Tomorrow we will go into town and get Jocelyn and go see some colors and visit an orchard to get some apples. Tom will have to work, of course, so he won't mind if we keep Jocelyn occupied. They are both doing very well and it was so good to see them. They really seem excited about the baby due in April.

We have seen so many colors since getting into West Virginia and Virginia. In some areas, there are no reds, just mainly yellows and oranges.
As we got further into Virginia, many more reds were added and it just seems to add fire to the landscape. The mountains have been incredibly gorgeous and while I plan on getting much better pictures up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I took a few out the windows of Phaeton Place to tempt you with.

Till next time. . .


Friday, October 20, 2006

Got outta' Dodge

Well, we finally left. . . actually we left twice. Terry forgot his phone. . . had left it on the seat of the truck. We were in Middlebury, discussed unhooking the toad, but decided to just flip and go back. Our apartment manager said if we forgot anything else, just let him know and he would run us down. Hah.

We had our meeting this morning about Terry's medicare stuff and think we have a handle on that. We left the last time at 2:30 and arrived at our campground at 5:30. Didn't get too far, but it's been a long week and we just wanted to get a ways down the road.

Our Datastorm seems to be working really well, thanks to Elkhart Satellite Systems. They are very good and know what they are doing, so if anyone out there wants one and can get to Elkhart, I highly recommend them. They have been selling and installing satellite systems, both commerical and residential for 30 years. Brian, our tech and the owner's son, has installed over 200 Datastorms.

Things are pretty quiet now. . . Bailey has strewn his toys all over the living room floor and has now crashed on his cushion. Neal just collapsed after having investigated every speck of dirt/food/etc., on the floor and is convinced there is nothing there to eat.

We will drive a good day tomorrow to get close to Virginia or maybe inside the state.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rollin', rollin', rollin'. . . get them doggies rollin'

Well, looks like we may get to leave. The apartment is rented. Yay! Life is good. Yesterday was a round trip to Indianapolis via New Castle where we took the dogs. Neal had to have a shot and they stayed there in doggie day care while we did the Indianapolis cardiologists' thing-y. We are good for another 6 months, so we headed back to New Castle to get the dogs and then on to Goshen. Left at 6:30 a.m. and returned at 10:00 p.m. Didn't stop and dilly-dally for anything, just drove.

Today is laundry day, packing day, close up the house day, etc. We are not staying here next year when we come by Goshen. There is work to be done, so we are going to be at the Elkhart Campground from Rally time (end of April) until the work is done on the house. Have a new floor to put in, paint, new appliances, etc. The house has been neglected while we got the apartments upgraded, so now it is time for the house. Have apartment maintenance then. . . window painting, etc. Trying to decide if we want to keep it all or start selling it off. I think Terry likes tinkering with things, but he cannot do anything too heavy.

Tomorrow we meet with the Council on Aging :-) to get Terry's insurance stuff all straightened out. Once that meeting is over, we are history and headed for Charlottesville, Virginia, to see Jocelyn and Tom. . . then points south (of I-10).

Till next time. . .


Monday, October 16, 2006


And it's raining. . . Mistress of Distress here. If we stay any longer, we're going to have to buy Halloween candy for the trick or treaters. Ugh.

The apartment is still not rented. Had an application today, but they didn't check out too good, so we are still looking. I'm confident we will get someone in there.

Now Terry just came in and told me that the dash lights and turn signals on the truck are not working right. We had it in the shop for two days last week fixing the brake lights. I guess the Chevy garage in Goshen thinks that you trade off one for the other. Sheesh. You cannot pay people to do the right job anymore. We will have to get it fixed because our manager uses it to plow snow.

In other news, we have decided to drive down and back to Indy on Wednesday for Terry's final doctor appointments. We have to go through New Castle first and drop off the dogs for day care. Neal needs a booster shot, so we have to take them. They will board them for the day while we are in Indy, then we will run back by there and pick them up before heading back up here.

First stop when we leave here (whenever that is) is Charlottesville, Virginia, to see Jocelyn and Tom. We cannot go in there on the weekend anyway because the campgrounds are full on the weekends. We won't have trouble getting a site Monday through Thursday.

Till next time. . .


PS: Anybody want to buy some apartments?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Will it never end???????????????

I just cannot believe this. One year after saying I would only see snow on TV, I am taking pictures of it out the front door.

Get me outta' here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time. . .



I guess you can tell by the picture that I am in a total state of distress!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Time marches on. . . .

Well, we thought we had the apartment rented. The couple came to sign the lease today. I think they will be great. . . if they end up signing. She is currently renting and the landlord has threatened to hold her to her lease. She really cannot do what she says, but that doesn't mean she can't make life miserable for our prospective tenant. So we advised her to resolve that situation before signing our lease.

Tomorrow we are headed to central Indiana to pick up our enclosed trailer. Sister and husband are going to be moving this winter into their house and the trailer will be a big asset to them. It has a ramp in the back and will make hauling big heavy things easier and will keep everything dry as well. It will take a minimum of 8 hours down and back.

We had our satellite worked on again today and I think it is working better. We had to hire a dealer/installer to fix the errors that were made initially. I hope it is working now. It seems to be, but time will tell.

We are leaving Tuesday next week for points east and south. That is, if the apartment is rented.

I think I can now brag about my very special news and that is that Terry and I are going to be grandparents! This is a first for us. Our daughter Jocelyn and her husband Tom are adding a family addition in April. Hope all goes well with the pregnancy and we have a fine healthy grandbaby!

Till next time. . .


Thursday, October 05, 2006

We gotta' get outta this place. . . . .

Man, what a week. I think I am finally getting better. Not that I was bad. . . but.

First off, soft water at the house here burns my skin. Terry has now decided to bypass the water softener (installed for the back apartment tenant). Then my back is killing me so today we are swapping out the mattress for the air bed in the closet. But the worst of the problems is that due to the COLD air, MOLD from leaves, and generally yucky weather I apparently picked up an ear problem which gave me vertigo. Ah, yes, vertigo, my friend. Problem is, it took about 4 days for me to put two and two together, so I decided to start the meds for vertigo. Now Terry doesn't like me to do that, because I am gone then for about 2 days. That stuff will knock you on your fanny, but it does work. So yesterday that's what I did. I think today, I am feeling human again. I will try to avoid taking the meds until bedtime, so that way it should help, but I should be quasi-normal for the day.

We've had a lot of rain and we saw this from the front porch the other day.

Our apartment may be rented. We are still mulling it over. No perfect candidates, but some not-so-perfect that might work. The satellite guy is to be here today or tomorrow to change out the antenna on the roof of Phaeton Place and see if that helps the connection problem.

Friday I am going to go to Mom and Dad's and help them move the last of their stuff out of their mobile home. It has been sold, they are on their way to Texas, and their new trailer is on the lot in Jim and Nita's woods awaiting their arrival next spring. Life is good. Here is a picture of the house.

We are waiting to get this apartment rented, then heading out no later than the 17th for doctor's appointments south, then heading somewhere. Supposed to be Red Bay, now he's talking Kerrville, Texas. Don't know what the boy has on this mind. Well I do, but . . .

Till next time. . .


Friday, September 29, 2006

Back in Goshen

We are back in Goshen after spending 3 days in central Indiana for doctor's appointments. We figured we have made about 10 trips to the doctors down there this summer. Ugh. That is just poor planning. Last year when we were getting the house emptied and gearing up for our life on the road, we didn't plan those appointments too well. Next year is different. We are setting the stage now to have fewer trips down there next year. We want to keep the same doctors, but better organization is a must.

We are still trying to get the DataStorm up and running like it should. Still not there. MotoSat was to perform tests yesterday to determine which hardware needs to be replaced. Haven't heard any results. The good thing about being here at the house is that we have DSL, so we are running smoothly right now. We will have a resolution on the DataStorm (one way or the other) by the time we leave here the 17th of October.

We have an apartment for rent. That's the reason we are here. Would like to get a new renter in there within the next 2 weeks. Had one call last evening that sounded promising. We have strict requirements, but then our renters are the best tenants in the world. In fact, the tenant leaving says he feels like he is leaving family.

It is colder here than what we like, so we are anxious to get our work done here and get headed south for warmer weather. We will probably have to stop in Red Bay, Alabama. The slide malfunction we had a few weeks ago has occurred again. . . that after getting a clean bill of health from a repair shop. Fortunately, Terry knows how to fix it. The key is when I deploy the slide, if I hear anything or see anything out of order, stop immediately. This time, the pin sheared, but it was only about 1/2 inch out of kilter, so it was easy and required little effort to fix. Terry has laid in a supply of pins to fix it, but we want it working better.

Mickey and Patti returned here to Goshen after the Escapade to attend a Montana rally. They are leaving this morning. Since we got in yesterday afternoon, we picked them up and took them to Alley Oops for dinner last night. We had a good time and went back to their trailer for coffee and a visit afterwards. We will really miss them. They are headed to Yuma for the winter and we haven't decided exactly where our travels will take us. We know we will be in the Rio Grande Valley with Mom and Dad for Christmas. But from there, we don't know.

Till next time. . .


PS: Since I posted a picture of our son last time, some of you have asked what Brandon does. He is a network security engineer for a government contractor in Melbourne, Florida.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bad two days! One bright spot!

Friday after Escapade we had a Datastorm installed. It did not go well. We are creeping along, sometimes at UNDER 100 kpbs. I'm telling ya', nothing happens when you are there. Dealer spent all day Friday, most of the day Saturday. We had to leave Sunday morning, and are in a dilemma as to what to do. I think I will reinstall my air card today.

The one great thing Sunday was making a trip to Indianapolis to see son Brandon. He had flown to Lafayette for homecoming and he and a friend were on their way back to the airport. We caught up with them and took them out to eat. It is always good to see the kids.

Today we have a "free" day. Nothing on the docket except to pick up mail in New Lisbon. We are in the RV park off Wilbur Wright Road and I-70 about 10 miles from our former home. Tomorrow we have one doctor appointment, one hair cut (Yay!) and one blood work, Wednesday a doctor appointment and vet appointments, then we are back up north to try and rent an apartment.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Naa na naa naa, naa na naa na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

That's what got sung to me in the restaurant the last night of Escapade. As per my usual sloppy self, I dribbled some sauce from the Chinese food on my shirt. Patti just happened to have her "Tide White Out" pen, which I used to scour out the blob and everybody in our group (6 tables) started singing. Talk about red. It was so funny because everybody in the restaurant chimed in, I think.

We are sitting here in the Van Wert fairgrounds and I am thoroughly steamed. We had a Datastorm installed yesterday and it isn't working properly yet. The installer worked 10 hours yesterday and another 8 today and is now waiting on a call back from Motosat to change the satellite we are on. Don't know what to do. If he doesn't come back and finish tonight, we have to be outta here tomorrow. Bummer. Then we had to move because our jacks sank in the mud and we were listing to the starboard side. When I went to put the slide back out, the pin broke again just like a couple weeks ago. Had it worked on then and declared fit and healed, but the darn thing broke again. Fortunately, I stopped it immediately and Terry went and got another pin, put it in and we are in business again.

A really bad day.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, we ended up being delayed in leaving last week, but I was glad to be able to help my sister out. There was a death in her husband’s family and I knew I could help her with some stuff, like cleaning, etc. It would certainly shorten the time she would have to spend on that and we had a great time visiting and working together. I’ve just never had the opportunity to do anything like this for her because we have always been gone whenever something happened.

We did make it to the Celina Fairgrounds Friday evening. It was great to see everyone. As soon as we arrived, we immediately started the HOBO stew. Terry had browned some ground beef and onion in the morning, like 5 pounds, and we tossed that into a pot and added a can of veggies from everybody. It was delicious and we all enjoyed the fellowship and the food.

We had a pitch-in, aka potluck, then on Saturday night. We put all the grills together in one area and grilled burgers. We had plenty of side dishes, condiments and desserts, so we had another great meal all together.

We gathered at the entrance to the fairgrounds around 9:30 am, then caravanned to the Van Wert, Ohio, fairgrounds where we are now parked. As luck would have it, Sunday was a beautiful day, but it may be that was the only nice day to be had all week. It started raining last night and has been steadily raining all day today. We went to one seminar this morning which was really bad, so left after 10 minutes and walked around the indoor market area.

We came back to the motorhome for lunch, then grabbed Patti and we went to WalMart. We got a few items, then came back and Terry is taking a nap while I write this. We are going to a seminar later today and then we are going to visit Pam and Smokey’s booth to share Pam’s birthday cake! Then back home until time for door prizes tonight.

Till next time. . .


Monday, September 11, 2006

Loadin' Up, Headin' Out!

Well, tomorrow is the day we leave for the pre-Escapade rally. Yay! Lookout. . . here we come! Whoo Hoo ! I'm not too excited to get away, now am I? We had a great week with Mickey and Patti. They stayed over at the fairgrounds and we popped in on them and took them places. We visited Shipshewana a second time. . . this time for the Amish dry goods store just down the road from the fairgrounds, E&S Sales (an Amish grocery), and Yoder's Department store. It was fun. I enjoy those places and it is too much to try and go there when you also go to the flea market. So we went on a non-flea market day and there weren't as many people. We drove out through the country as well. We all enjoyed it.

Yesterday we took Mickey and Patti down to Claypool, Indiana, to where my sister is building her house. The dry wall is up and the workers are supposed to be finishing the dry wall in the next two weeks. We also toured the trailer Mom and Dad had set down there in the woods. Mom and Dad are moving out of their trailer in the trailer court up here so when they are home from Texas, they will be at the woods in their new home next to Jim and Nita. We will be the only ones left in Goshen except for my nieces and a sister-in-law and Terry's few relatives. I guess that really leaves quite a few of us, doesn't it?

I had a prescription that had to be ordered and I got it today. We were waiting on Neal's meds as well and they did not get here. I called and instead of their shipping it the day they TOLD me they would, they shipped a day later, so it will probably be here tomorrow and Terry doesn't want to wait. We has enough to cover until we get to New Castle in 2 weeks, so I will have to visit the vet then to get more. It's his seizure meds so we must keep him controlled.

Well, it has rained off and on today. We have loaded up in between showers. Now I have to bathe both dogs and I am done for the evening. Save me a spot by the campfire!

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hail, hail, the gang's all here!

Well, they were on Sunday, anyway. Our daughter and her husband Tom came in Sunday morning at 1 a.m.
They had standard Poodle Jericho in tow.
They are tent camping their way to South Dakota and Colorado and stopped by here to see us first.

I had family in Sunday afternoon for a cookout so everybody could see the kids. They are here so infrequently. . . well, I guess that goes for us, too, so I try to invite people over. Mickey and Patti were here as well and we had a very nice time.

Monday Terry and I drove down to the woods south of Warsaw where my sister Nita and husband Jim are building their house. Last week they had the slab poured and Mom and Dad's trailer was delivered. They set it in the woods and it is convenient so Mom and Dad will have a nice place to stay when they are in Indiana. Their trailer park where they are now is being overrun with. . . well, with people. No one is taking any pride in their places now, much different than when they first moved there. They do have a buyer for their mobile home there, so by next spring, they will be comfortable down at the woods when in the north. They still will spend their winters in Texas.

Yesterday Mickey and Patti's 5'er went into the shop, so they came over here and hung out with us. . . did laundry. . . kicked back. . . Mickey worked on Terry's computer and Frosty played with Bailey and Neal. It was a most enjoyable day, but we were all tired because we had gotten up early.

Today we got up early to take Phaeton Place into the shop to have the slide worked on. They had it all day and could not find a thing wrong with it. Slide works perfectly and everything checks out on it, so don't know what to think. It does work smoother than before it malfunctioned. So I guess we will just have to see what happens next. A pleasant surprise was to find that the company where we took it to be repaired is owned and operated by a man with whom I graduated from high school. He was recommended to us by Bob Tiffin himself, so I think that speaks highly of him. It was good to connect. His wife works in the office, so we had a nice chat.

I have some pictures to add, but I will have to find the camera. We have been doing some slumlord stuff this week. We have 9 apartments and a few matters that needed attention. We also have a unit coming open, so will have to try and get that rented before we leave for the warmer country.

Till next time. . .


Friday, September 01, 2006

Burp, groan!!

That's what we were doing after eating at Essenhaus. It's the Amish restaurant in Middlebury. We picked up Mickey and Patti this afternoon and took them there to eat. It was wonderful. We ate family style and had chicken, baked steak, mashed potatoes, homemade noodles, dressing, green beans, bread, tossed salad, and our choice of pie. Man, oh man, was it good.

Afterward Patti and I shopped at the Village Shops while the guys sat and talked. I found a sweatshirt with an embroidered Scottie dog on the front that I just had to have.

Tomorrow I am going to be busy getting ready for the cookout on Sunday afternoon. Also, our daughter Jocelyn and son-in-law Tom are getting in late tomorrow night on their way west on a (tent) camping trip.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, August 31, 2006

RV Surplus, Camping World, DeMartini Sales

Today the Ivey's and the Pace's went browsing. We started by showing them where the new RV Hall of Fame and Museum is located. We will probably get over to see the current museum some time, but the new one is much larger and very impressive.

We went to RV Surplus and then on to Arrow just to show them the two places we have talked about so much. Then we went on to Camping World where we had to eventually confiscate Mickey's credit card or Patti would not have been able to get out of town. He was about to max it out. He just went wild, like a kid in a candy store. We tried to get Mickey to buy the new Garmin Nuvi 350 like we got, but he thought it was too big.

We browsed and toured through all the coaches at the RV Sales Center which I guess is now going by the name of Camping World Camper Sales. It used to be Hart City, but it has changed owners. We looked for our favorite salesman and couldn't find him. We do think we have Mickey and Patti coming back over to the "dark side," as they were thinking of putting money down on the Newmar Kountry Star. :-)

From there we drove on down to Wakarusa to the new DeMartini sales center. Brand new and very nice and THERE was our favorite salesman from Hart City. He is no longer working for Hart City. Said when the owners changed, they wanted the sales staff to start playing mind games with the customers and he didn't like it so he went down the road to DeMartini. It was good to see him again. His name is Ron C. so if any of you get to Wakarusa to look at coaches, look him up. We get no royalties from that, but he is just a nice salesman, something you don't always find in this industry.

From there we drove back to the house and the Ivey's disembarked and headed for home, the Goshen fairgrounds. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with them again and go to eat at Essenhaus. It is so fun to have friends with us here.

After they left I took Neal for a ride in his new stroller. He seemed to like it. He sat right down and enjoyed the ride. Bailey walked alongside.

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We arrived in Goshen Monday afternoon and camped next to Mickey and Patti (RVNotebook) at the Goshen fairgrounds. Not much fun when you have a dead slide you cannot put out. Bailey, our Scottish Terror is all about space. . . his, at least; and he didn't take too kindly to Neal's stumbling around. So we came on over to the house on Tuesday. We do have an appointment to get the slide fixed on September 6. We have family coming in this weekend and a big cookout planned.

Today we took Mickie (sic) and Patti to Shipshewana to the flea market. We had such a great time. It has been raining up here for several days and today was supposed to be dry. It sure looked ominous this morning, but as the sun broke through, it looked like it might work to go. We have been there in the rain and you can stay pretty dry unless it's a downpour. It was cool from all the rain, and it wasn't very crowded. It turned out to be the perfect day. It did not rain on us and the sun came out eventually. I think it stayed in the high 70's which was just perfect for walking. The two big winners of the day were Neal and Frosty who got new doggie strollers to ride in. It was after 2 when we finally left.

We drove through the country back to the fairgrounds and Mickey and Patti got to see a lot of the Amish countryside. We arrived back at the camp and Frosty was so glad to see us (well, Patti at least). We all climbed back into the SporTrac and came back over to the house so the Ivey's could pick up their truck.

What a great day. Finished it off with a nap!

Till next time. . .


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lake Erie, Ohio

We left Berlin, Ohio, Friday morning and drove north up towards Lake Erie. We are in a campground in a little town called Milan. The campground is sufficient, but the sights are small.

Last evening we went out looking at the sights. We drove over to Vermillion and went to a Maritime Museum. It wasn't real big, but it was interesting. Outside the building was the lighthouse which had been relocated and was actually shorter than the original. I don't believe it is in use anymore. The lake is very pretty, but it's hard to get close to it. We saw so many boats and big boats. Today we went into Sandusky which is an interesting town, but there isn't much in their downtown. They were having a wine and food tasting, but we opted for a small shop where we got some ice cream. We also went to their maritime museum which was smaller than the one we saw yesterday. We then strolled out onto the pier at Battery Park. We could see Kelly Island across the bay and also we could see Cedar Point. That is one place we have never been.

We drove around and found Thomas Edison's birthplace. We didn't go in, but it was built close to where a canal was built to load the schooners off the lake. Quite interesting. We are just really taking it easy.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wie geht's! (How are you from Amish Country)

My apologies to my many readers on not posting earlier. I hate not having adequate internet function to post and it still is not enough to post pictures, but I will try to catch up. I have written some things and will include them beneath this post.

Today we are sitting still watching the Nascar race. Last week we had some doctor appointments in central Indiana and while we were there, we camped back at Summit Lake near our old home. We did not go by the old place this time. The park there is a very nice park, but since the state has seen fit to raise the rates exorbitantly, you can count the number of campers on just two hands. Years ago, when our kids worked there summers during college, you couldn’t get a campsite. In fact, we gave up trying to camp there because you had to get in on Tuesday before the weekend if you wanted a spot. Now there are plenty of vacancies and no one wants to camp there because of the price. Thanks to the new governor Indiana has, I can see state campgrounds closing due to lack of use and revenue. Seems to me it would be more cost effective to drop the price a little and fill them up every weekend rather than charge more and decrease the attendance to roughly 10%.

We left Summit Lake on Friday morning, thinking it would be hard to find a place. We had decided to head over to Ohio’s Amish country, since we had never been here. The Amish in different parts of the country are all different. Having been raised in Amish country, we don’t come here to look at the Amish, but to visit the meat shops/bakeries, craft shops and restaurants. We found a lovely no-frills campground with large spaces, navigable roads and full hookups. There is no shower house, but that is fine with us. With full hookups, we have everything we need. It is $22 a night, 3 for $20 per night, or a week for $130, so we are here for a week. This area is Berlin, Ohio, lots of German influence. We have been to one restaurant and it was very good. This morning we went to a cheese house and stocked up. Most everything is closed today. It is so peaceful and serene here. It’s late enough in the season, it’s not real crowded and by staying a week, we don’t have to try and do everything all at one time.

It has been really hazy here with rain expected every day, but never did have any. Today is the first sunny day and it is gorgeous. We ran out into the country a little and I took some pictures, but I’m sure the pictures won’t do the scenery justice. It is so rolling here. So many hills, with farms dotting the landscapes. Bigger barns than houses in many cases with lots of buildings for animals. Today driving through the country we passed many farms where church was being held. At some, church was over and all the menfolk were out in the yard talking and the women were on the other side talking. Several families walking home.

We met some other Tiffin owners here and one group were here just back from a Tiffin rally. They come here often, so we may try to keep watch and connect with them another time. This is a great place to come and relax and still have things to look at and visit. There is a wood carver shop Terry wants to visit. He had read about the guy years ago and wants to see some of his work. We also were in Mt. Hope this morning and saw the Wayne-Dalton headquarters. They were Terry’s competitors when he was in the garage door business.
Yesterday we visited the flea market. It was mostly craft stuff and Terry was disappointed, but I liked looking. I did find some ribbon I use for making Christmas decorations. We left there and went to Trail where we bought some of the infamous Trail bologna. We drove out through the country before coming back to the camp.

Last evening we went for our walk and came back by a couple in a new Allegro Bay just two spots back from us. We ended up sitting and chatting around the fire. For some reason, there were no mosquitos and we eventually went and got the dogs and sat around the fire with them until 10:30 when we retired. Neal got plenty of ear scratches from Beth so he was in heaven. Bailey sat with his back to everyone. . . typical Bailey. . . typical Scottie behavior. Hee hee

Till next time. . .


August 12, 2006

Well, we left the YMCA Day Camp on Saturday and started driving south through Ohio. Just were trying to find a campground and something to look at for a few days. I started calling as Terry was driving and found out numerous festivals and fairs were behind held and there was nary a campground to be found. I called a half dozen places and finally found one that said they had one spot left (usually not a good thing when you are 40’ with four slides). The one lone campsite left is usually the one no one wanted and won’t always work for us. But we were headed down toward St. Marys, Ohio, so we were rolling along highway 33. Just then Terry looked up and said, “Well, there’s a campground right on the highway.” I looked and sure enough, a decent looking camp with sites aplenty and a few campers in there. Kind of no frills, but that would usually mean nice and quiet, so pulled in and got a site. As we were making our way through to our site, we passed a Gulf Stream Atrium with Oregon plates. We knew it was a long shot, but asked the proprietor if that would happen to be Hawkeys, who were members of our Graduating Class of 2005. Would you believe he said, “Well, yes it is.” We first met them last year at Rend Lake. They were just starting out full-timing and were headed to the Escapade. They were not camped in the area near our group, but we invited them over to sit by our campfire and “friends were born.” They were excited to see us as we were them. They invited us down to St. Mary’s Summerfest which they were attending later. We went with them and got to eat some homemade ice cream which was delicious. We walked around a little, took a tour of the St. Marys’ Canal Boat and then Dan took us on a tour around Grand Lake on the way home. We passed by a party in progress and got to meet Dee and Dan’s son and his wife who were here from Virginia. We decided to spent 3 nights at this camp since our friends were here and got to visit a few more times before we left. We talked them into joining us at least for an afternoon in Celina at the pre-Escapade rally and they will also be with us in the generator area at the Escapade.

We left there on Tuesday, August 15.

Till next time. . .


August 10, 2006

We left the “storage facility” in Goshen late in the afternoon and drove to Dundee, Michigan. I wanted to visit Cabela’s again and it wasn’t a disappointment. The plan was to find a campground nearby and go the next day. But campgrounds are not easy to find in Michigan and so we stopped off and did our shopping that afternoon. We contemplated spending the night in the parking lot along with the other motorhomes, but decided against it. We left there and drove to Temperance, Michigan, and camped at the Vine Lodge and Campground. The location says it all. They only give discounts for being members of the YMCA and the WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union). Hmmmmm. Should have asked a few more questions. We got a nice spot on the lake/pond front and got set up. Sites were not that good. Barely any gravel, mostly grass/dirt and lumpy at that. And quite narrow.

Early the next morning, like around 7 or 7:15-ish, we hear what sound like garbage trucks. Oh that it were the sound of garbage trucks. Instead it was 3 busloads (yellow schoolie type) of kids. Yes, folks, this is the YMCA DAY CAMP! Arggggghhhhh. They unloaded the kids and life was not the same after that. They took to canoes, and other assorted points around the lake and our quiet life was over. . . . at least for the weekend. Ugh. We had paid for Thursday and Friday, so we stayed, but then we rolled. Enough of that!

Till next time. . .


Monday, August 07, 2006

Being retired is hard work!

I'm still trying to get used to sleeping in until 7:30-8:00 every morning. It's hard when you were used to getting up at 5 a.m. for 34 years. It sure is sweet.

We have been ordering things that we need, since we have a physical address to where things may be shipped. Terry's ordered some travel books, a couple warranty items from Tiffin, and I ordered new phones. We needed to upgrade our plan and it was time to get some new phones, so we got that done. They came today and I am charging them, getting ready to activate them.

We have been busy cleaning out the basement. That is where we stored everything of ours when we made the final push to empty the house in Mooreland. Still have a ton of stuff down there, but it is mostly the kids' stuff. Jocelyn has been through hers once, but Brandon has yet to some look at it. He doesn't think he wants any of it, but I don't care to make that decision for him.

I get my root canal re-done on Wednesday and Terry wants to take off again. He is getting too antsy sitting here at the house. So we are going to take a run up to Dundee, Michigan, to the Cabello's there and look around. Will mosey on down to the central part of the state for doctor appointments, then back here probably.

till next time. . .


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Working hard. . . well . . .

Well, everyone is complaining about the weather, so no need to rehash the 110 degree days (with heat index).

Dogs don't want to go out much. Don't blame them. We don't go out if we don't have to. We have been taking care of little things. Had a couple minor maintenance jobs Terry got done on one apartment. When it gets cooler, we will probably make the rounds and visit the neighbors and see how everyone is doing. Took the truck in and had the tires rotated and an alignment and the transmission serviced. that should do for awhile.

We intend to replace the kitchen floor here in the main house. The vinyl is shot and we are looking at laminate flooring. Hate to put much money into it, but it has to be done, so might as well get something we like. Will probably change the dishwasher and the range at the same time. Just hate doing it. Hate having things torn up. And we need to paint before we do the floor. Ugh. Anyone have a magic wand?

We are going to be here for a few weeks, then back to central Indiana for doctor appointments, then off to the Escapade. We won't leave for the winter until the middle of October.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, July 30, 2006


I've added some new pix, but I put them back on the correct dates, so some of them are in the June 2006 archives.

Till next time. . .


New life!

I don't thnk I mentioned it, but while we were in Tunica at the Hollywood casino campground, we found a KillDeer nest with four eggs in it.
The Mom dutifully sat on those eggs and we were anxious to see the hatchlings. Much to our surprise, one day they just disappeared! No eggs, no nest, no nuthin'. :-(

I was really disappointed that something had apparently gotten into the nest. Later the neighbor came over and said, "Have you seen the babies?" I said, "No, I thought something got into them." "No," she said, "we watched them during lunch. They are skittering around. . . all four of them!"

So I had to do some research on this one. Little did I know, but Killdeer babies are exact miniatures of their parents and can hop up and walk around after they have hatched and dried off completely. Wow! Did you know that? I didn't. I took some pix. Sadly, we saw four the first day, 3 the next, and by the time we left, only 2. Don't know what happened. Supposed they could be off on their own. Hope so.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Land O'Goshen

We arrived back at the house on Thursday after Terry's second cardiology appointment. He is doing well, although he has some strict orders to get with the program as far as his diet is concerned. Not surprised. His favorite food is hot dogs and he just cannot have them.

I am where I can finally upload some pictures, so I will be doing that. I considered just bunching them all together here, but then decided it would be better to have them with the text on the days we experienced it. Check back as I will be posting them as I get time.

Today I spent the morning cleaning out the Tracker. It is officially for sale and I have pictures posted on the web. If you know anyone looking for a good reliable Toad all set up to pull behind your motorhome, let me know and I will send them an invitation to view the pix. It is over 100 degrees here with the heat index (I almost said wind chill) and it is truly miserable being outside. I also did the trimming with the push mower which was not fun in the sun, but the yard is done and it needed it.

I got some bad news about my one tooth yesterday. You remember I had a root canal, 2 crowns and an extraction in May. The root canal tooth has continued to bother me since the crown was placed. I saw the endodontist yesterday and he took xrays but couldn't find anything wrong with it. He said, however, the protocol is to retreat the tooth, i.e., re-do the root canal. He said I didn't have it have it done now, but I am going August 9. Decided not to wait. Don't want to start having trouble 6 months down the road. He will retreat it for free of course, so decided just to give it a try. Hate to have it done, but the root canal was not as bad as my last crown prep, so hopefully it will go smoothly. Since it is hurting, there has to be something there. He did give me more antibiotics in the interim. We'll see what that does.

Well, Terry wants to go to Menard's. I don't want to go as it is my least favorite place to go (right up there with Lowe's), but I may drive him over. He is hot and tired and don't really want him going alone.

Till next time. . .


Monday, July 24, 2006

Leaving St. Paris

Today we left St. Paris, Ohio, and Camp Pull-Tab where we have camped for the past two days. It was great to see Tab and Deanna once again and we hope we persuaded them to attend the pre-Escapade gathering at the fairgrounds in Celina in September. It just wouldn't be a class campout without them. They took us out to eat at Young's Dairy Bar the other night for some burgers and mighty fine ice cream.

We traveled across US 36 today and are back in our old stompin' grounds at Summit Lake State Park. We are here for just one night and then on to the Indianapolis KOA for 2 nights while Terry checks in with his primary cardiologist.

We aren't staying back at the S & H Campground where we were last week. Talk about a pit. They have mostly seasonals and we have no problem with that, but when they let the trailers rot right down to the ground, it really makes for a bad and dirty atmosphere. The overnighters are taken on a road trip up a hill and into the wet open area where little grading has been done and virtually no upkeep of the grass, etc. A constant parade of golf carts come by to gawk at us and their kids ran all over through the sites, etc. Getting out was a bit scarey as the roads were very narrow, and dropped off to ditches and ponds and with trees overhead. We don't plan on going back there at all. The KOA is way overpriced, so we are only staying as long as we have to and that's it.

We are headed into the dogs' vet in a few minutes. They have a routine visit planned and this is a good time since Neal had a seizure last night. Another this morning and another later in the morning. The last two were extremely mild and basically just some tremors. I am giving him honey after the seizures and it sure helps him come out of them.

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

St. Elmo's Fire

That has to be the name of the cocktail sauce they serve with their shrimp. We just got back from St. Elmo's Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis. Terry took me there for my birthday today. Woohoo! He had been there numerous times on business, but I had never been. He had promised me all year he would take me there since I like steak and have a hard time finding a good one. Turns out this is "restaurant week" in Indianapolis and the higher class restaurants are all offering a particular menu for $30. We got a 7 oz. filet, shrimp cocktail, fresh bread, redskinned mashed potatoes, steamed fresh vegetables and either creme brulee or cheesecake. The entire meal was delicious and expensive, but we don't do this often. And the waiter lit a birthday candle in my dessert for me. Hah. Thank you, Love.

Terry saw his one cardiologist today and I am glad to report that everything is very, very good. They were happy with his condition and then the good doctor talked with us about RVing. So we had a very good day and tomorrow we are going to check out some computer stores. Terry accidentally dropped his laptop on the steps of the motorhome and the DVD drive popped out and was really mangled. It really wasn't his fault. He put it up on the dash on a cushion and he was driving the motorhome behind the Gator that the park attendant was driving, directing us to our site. The Gator popped out of gear and stopped and Terry had to hit the brakes on Phaeton Place and down went the computer. He's pretty ticked because of that and because this place is supposed to be "big rig friendly" and it's not. There ought to be a law.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back there again. . . in Indiana!

We are back there (not home, for home is South Dakota) in Indiana. We are in Oaktown at the New Vision RV Park on US41 just north of Vincennes. We were here about 6 weeks ago on our way south. It is a comfortable park, Passport America, $12.21 for the night with full hookups. We may stay 2 nights, as we just have to mosey on over to Indianapolis by Tuesday.

I drove today all the way from Boomtown and there wasn't much traffic. We took to the red roads today (Terry likes to do that when I am driving). The interstate was a little bumpy and the state highways were pretty good. The heat is really a factor in our comfort if we step out of the coach, so we spend most of our time inside with the dogs. They only like to go out to do their job, then it's back in. That's okay, though.

Today we got here in time to catch the Nascar race and it just finished. Looks like another evening of movies inside since we don't want to go out. I thought it would be nice to look around Vincennes, as there are some historical sites, but probably won't do it this time.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, July 15, 2006


We are in Boomland, aka Boomtown, near Charleston, Missouri, close to the Illinois line. We came up here yesterday from Memphis and planned to stay for 2 nights. Anyone passing through here needs to know about the Boomland campground. It is down the frontage road in front of the huge store (they sell fireworks, hence the name Boomland) and costs $12 for full hookups. It is the honor system. You put your money in an envelope and drop it in the box. The campground is grassy with gravel sites and roads. Not real fancy, but plenty of space to get in and out even with Phaeton Place at 40 feet. We did have to unhook the toad, as the site isn't real long, but we planned to anyway.

Today we left to go have a late lunch at Lambert's, in Sikeston. They are the "Home of Throwed Rolls." Thanks to the 10 million people already there and waiting outside for a seat, we didn't stop. Five buses were in the parking lot. Grrrrr. So we went on down the road and ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant, and it was very, very good. We ate very well and probably didn't overload like we would have at Lambert's. There are 3 Lamberts--one in Sikeston, one in Ozark , Missouri, near Branson, and the third in Foley, Alabama.

This morning I decided to trim the dogs. They were so "hairy" and since poor Neal spends more time on the ground than not, he was really dirty. Got him trim really short and I believe he is really happy. Got Bailey trimmed up pretty good before he started balking. The trimmers were heating up and he didn't like them on his hide. After getting trimmed, they got baths and I am now washing their blankies. They are smelling fine now!

I think we are going to be leaving in the morning, although we haven't decided exactly where we are going.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Leaving Memphis

Last Tuesday we moved north from Tunica. We are camped at a campground on I-55 north of Memphis in Marion, Arkansas. We were tiring of the casino scene and thought that when we got ready to move, we would like to be on the north side of the city for a quick escape. This is the ABC Campground, sister to the one in Branson. It is comfortable, the people are nice and it is considerably closer for my acupuncture appointments. I had my final one this morning and I am so much better. Thank you, Dr. Barry.

I really don't have much to report, as we have just been hanging out between my appointments. It has been so hot. We did do some gaming, but didn't have much luck and it isn't fun if you aren't winning. We checked out other campgrounds around Memphis, but trust me, there aren't any. This one is convenient. Takes 35 minutes to the SE side from up here NW of the city.

The dogs are doing fine. They don't like being outside in the heat too much, but neither do we, so we stay inside when we are here.

When we leave here tomorrow morning, we are going to Boomtown for a few days. From there we are going to "mosey" on over to Indiana, close to Indianapolis. We have picked out a couple private parks to check out. Terry has doctor appointments the 19th and the 26th. Think we may move in between and visit some friends perhaps. After the doctor appointments, we are headed back to northern Indiana to check on the apartments. Not sure then where we are going, but have a few things in mind. Had wanted to do some UP or Canada, but nothing concrete yet.

Till next time. . .


Friday, July 07, 2006

Great Scots! I'm seeing double!

Tonight as I stepped out of the coach in my quest to let the dogs out one more time, I looked up and saw two Scottish Terriers tugging on leashes. AND. . . one was black and one was wheaten just like Bailey and Neal! Wow. What a sight. It is just so unusual to see the wheaton Scottie, so I had to run over and invite the owner over to see our two. Her dogs are Misty and Maddy, both females and mine are both male. They were so cute. I got some pictures of the four of them and we got to visit for a little while. I have pictures, but I cannot post with my connection right now. So I will have to do it later.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, July 06, 2006

We've moved!

Phaeton Place has moved about 3,000 feet across the road to Sam's Town Casino Campground. Hollywood had a 14 day limit and if you weren't gambling a LOT of money, they wouldn't let you stay longer. So, the campground over there is almost empty tonight, but they are happy that they are empty and not getting $$ per night for campers. Figure that one out.

Actually we have a much nicer site over here and we just came in from outdoors and had not been bothered by mosquitos while we were out. That was a problem over at Hollywood. They had a retention pond and a stagnant pond right next to the building. Then the Resorts casino right next to the Hollywood is actually on a barge with a moat around it. The moat is really nasty and stagnant and we figure a lot of the mosquitos were coming from those sources.

We spent most of the morning making the move and got settled in this afternoon. No need to do anything else. It was a beautiful day today. . . not too hot and we were able to sit out under the awning for most of the day.

We are going to be here through Monday night and then try to move to a campground on the east side of Memphis while I finish out my treatments. That way we are a couple hours further up the road when we leave at the end of next week.

When we leave here we are headed for Indianapolis and Terry's doctor appointments. They are going to check his progress since they changed a couple of his meds. He is doing extremely well and we are pleased it is all going so well.

We are making plans to attend the fall Escapade in September. It is in Van Wert, Ohio. We have also signed up for a few days before the Escapade at the Celina, Ohio, fairgrounds. Hope to meet up with some more of the Class of 2005 as well as RV Notebook fans.

Things continue to go well and we are enjoying the quiet time here in the south.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, July 01, 2006

You win some, you lose some!

Here is a picture of our rig and the site at Hollywood casino.

We are still a few dollars ahead. We win a little (little being the operative word) and we lose a little (again little being the operative word). It's a lot of fun, but I would like to be like my neighbors. They arrived yesterday, she walked in to the casino to a penny machine and on the second spin, won $900. I guess if I would wager more than my $1, I might stand a chance to do a little bit better. But as it is, we wager small, win small and get hours of entertainment out of it. That suits me just fine.

We spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings in Memphis at the acupuncturist. It is helping a lot. . . I hope it continues to offer me relief. We usually try to see something while we are there. Yesterday we checked out a state park which is really quite nice. But it is on the SW side of Memphis and that is not the best side of Memphis. You have to drive through some pretty seedy looking areas to get there. It would be closer for us, but not sure we will do that. Yesterday was also the day President Bush and the Japanese Prime Minister visited. On the way out of town, we passed an exit which was closed in order to accommodate the motorcade, but we didn't see it.

We spent the other evening driving over to Arkabutla Lake. We took the dogs with us. It is a COE park and very nice. They have just refurbished their campground and most of the sites are long enough to accommodate our rig. They have water and electric hookups and the campground sits right on the lake. Very pretty and secluded.

We have a new neighbor. The gal who won the $900 and her husband have a 4-month old Yorkie named Harley. He is one bundle of energy. He loves everyboy and I got to hold him. He gave me puppy kisses. June (Harley's) mom told me that Harley was following her husband out one day. Jim didn't know he was behind him and Harley got caught on the steps and hung himself. Jim found him shortly after hanging lifeless and immediately started CPR. He continued for 30 minutes while she rushed them to the vet's. Harley was revived, but the vet said it was likely he would have brain damage. Happy to report, he performs all his functions normally and appears to have no lasting effects from the incident. He is one lucky puppy. He is so cute. He is such a happy puppy. I hope he continues to live a long and natural life. He certainly has some determined and loving owners.

It is getting hot here already. Supposed to be 98 today. . . humid, too. We walked earlier and will probably spend the day inside. May hit another casino toward evening.

I also have new births to announce. The killdeer who has been sitting on a nest since we arrived 10 days ago has new hatchlings. She has moved them further into the bushes for protection and we can no longer see them. But she tries hard to keep everyone away, so we may eventually get to sneak a peak.

We are here through the fourth and then I think we will move over to Sam's Town across the street for a few days until I finish my treatments.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doing my impression of a human pincushion!

Well, I got in to see my acupuncturist yesterday. I have to say I got a lot of relief from yesterday's session. I was pretty miserable when I went in. I have sciatica and there is just nothing else like it on earth. I don't want to do surgery and the one epidural I had lasted 9 months and promptly applied a lot of weight I can't seem to shed. So I am seeing the acupuncturist ALL of Terry's family sees. He is Korean and uses a Chinese method. I didn't know there were different methods, but there are and he is very good. I am going MWF this week and next and then M the third week. I teased him yesterday and said since he was treating so many of our family, he should just close his practice and become the acupuncturist to the stars, so to speak.

We finally go into one casino Sunday night and then revisted yesterday. I think we are still up $3. Big spenders here. We plan our "losing" carefully and normally come out ahead or break even in the long run. I think we are done with the Hollywood casino here and will move on. There are 9 casinos here and everybody recommends the Horseshoe, so will probably try that today. We have to run down to Tunica to get our mail this morning, but Terry will have to get up before we do that. It is 7:40 am and he is still in bed. I'm up, the dogs have been out and fed and I have had one cup of coffee. I'm way ahead of him, aren't I?

I tried to upload some pictures the other night, but my connection is a little slow. Will try to hook up my antenna and see if that helps.

We went down to what is called the Riverfront Park. It is right along the Mississippi and a neat park with a visitor's center and a museum. This is also where you can board for rides on the Tunica Queen.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Roll the Dice!

We left Red Bay, Alabama, on Wednesday and spent two very hot, humid days in Tupelo. So hot, in fact, that we didn't do any sightseeing while there. We did go Wednesday evening and visit with cousin Shirley and Aunt Teen. It was good to see them and touch base with them again.

On Thursday, we met Uncle Bob at his favorite Chinese restaurant in Tupelo, about a mile from our campground. I have to say that it was about the best, if not THE best, Chinese restaurant we have been too. There were so many good things, I didn't even get to sample them all. . . and I never eat the salads or the dessert. So you know there had to be a lot on the buffet.

We left there on Friday and drove a couple hours (more thanks to Delorme) and arrived in Tunica. . . well actually north of Tunica at the Hollywood Casino. We haven't been in there yet. Being a weekend, I couldn't believe how packed the parking lots were, so we decided we would wait until after the weekend to venture in. Last evening we drove down to Mhoon Landing
which is where the original casinos for the area were located. We thought from our reading that there was still a boat docked there and that there was an effort being made to refurbish it into the casino it once was. We did find the remains of one of the four casinos, but no boat.

Today we drove to the outlet stores and walked a little, then drove to downtown Tunica and walked as well. There is nothing in the way of shopping in downtown Tunica. They have attempted to make a very quaint little town square, but there is very little there except one small grocery and a dollar store.

We came back to the camp and have been visiting with fellow campers. As we were sitting out, our "twin" coach came by so Terry had to run down there and compare notes.

Tomorrow we will be watching the Nascar race, then Monday will be scheduling my acunpuncture treatments.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting Phaeton Place ready to roll again!

Well, we got up early again this morning, but just because we wanted to give Phaeton Place a much needed bath. No point in doing it earlier. We were in and out of paint bays, down the crushed limestone lot, in and out of the repair bays where things were getting sanded, etc. She was filthy. So we started about 7:30 because it got up to 99 degrees today and we wanted to be done by then. It was still hot, but we didn't care how wet we got. Norris came along (Norris is the service coordinator, I guess, for lack of a better word) and asked if we were having a wet t-shirt contest. I supposed since he had to inquire, it means I've lost my touch. Hah.

Afterwards, I gave Neal a bath. His gait seems to be getting worse and he is falling down a lot. There is no grass here, he is on pavement, so he gets pretty dirty. He is mad at me now, but about to get over it. Treats seem to help.

We were waiting on two things, and Terry ended up tracking those down and so after lunch, we went in and settled our bill. The only items we had to pay for were the two awnings we added. We added a long one in the living room. It is under the main patio awning, but there are many times when we cannot put the patio awning out, so we had one installed so we could shield that side of the coach from the sun. The other awning was over the bathroom window. That window is textured, but we still get a lot of heat from it when the sun beats on that side of the coach. They work nicely.

We did some visiting with people we have met over the last week. People come and go and everyone gets excited over someone else leaving. We went to see Marsha and Rod in the campground office. They are just super people and do their best to make sure everyone's stay at the campground is pleasant.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Tupelo for the night, then on to Memphis.

Till next time. . .


Monday, June 19, 2006

Just "chillin" (literally) in Red Bay

Well, they took the coach back in at 7 a.m. and we began the wait. They had 3 guys working on the air conditioner. They changed out the roof unit, still didn't work. . . changed out in the inside ceiling part, still didn't work. . . so finally they changed the climate controller on the wall. Seems to work just fine now. . . so what does that mean? Perhaps just the wall thing-y was bad??????? Dunno. . . but I know we got an entire brand new air conditioner out of the deal. I am the only one awake now as Terry and da boyz are all sleeping in the coolness. In fact, I had to leave earlier to go out and get warmed up. Terry wants to make sure it is working good.

They checked out a few more things and put the power awning back in place. . . which didn't work then either. We had a good rainstorm go through here about 7:30 last evening. Don't know if it ruined the exposed wiring or what, but they had to replace the control boxes for the awning. We have 2 little things we are waiting on now. A new door that was damaged by the slide and an access panel cover where they went through the cupboard to get to the thermostat controller. Then we are done. Yayaya.

Then we are headed to Memphis so I can do my impression of a human pincushion.

Till next time. . .


Friday, June 16, 2006

I can poach an egg on my forehead.

The service techhies were at our coach at 6:15 a.m. and we were ready for them. They checked out our air conditioner and said it was a bad board. Said when we got done at the paint shop today, we should bring it over and they would install it. But there was a possibility that someone would go down to the body shop and do it there.

Got the coach back from the body shop at 2:15 and found out the guy had been there and worked on the air conditioner, but nothing he tried worked and now the compressor wouldn't even work, which had been working. When Terry got the coach back to the shop at 2:30, they told him it was too late to order an air conditioner and it was closing time anyway. (They close at 3 p.m.) I'm wondering when the guy worked on it at 1:00 and knew it needed to be replaced why he didn't order one then? GRRRRRRR. It's only 95 degrees out today.

Well, we reluctantly brought the coach back to our site. Attemped to cool the entire coach with the rear air, but that only made the entire coach 88 degrees, which is too hot. Closed off the back, so we at least had one cool room and opened the front up. Since it is Friday, we are looking at a very hot weekend.

Later we were in the campground office and talking with the hosts there. They do seem to have some clout. I was inquiring about the lounge, which closes at 4 every day and is not open on the weekends. I thought perhaps if our coach got too hot, we could hang out there. She graciously said we were welcome in the camp office and could bring the dogs with their small x-pen. Even though dogs aren't normally allowed there, she said this is an emergency and we don't want them to roast. Later we were back at the coach, sweltering, and Wade, the service manager came by. Marcia, the camp hostess, had tried to call him and he didn't answer his phone. She said she hadn't seen him leave, so she sent her husband over to see him and told him about our problem. He came to the coach and talked with us. He was very apologetic and said he wished he had known about it earlier. . . he would have had someone replace it after hours. He asked what would help us the most. . . I think he would have called someone in or they would get us a motel room. I said the coach was fine to sleep in as the back air conditioner cooled it just fine in the bedroom. Marcia asked him if they could let us use the lounge and he said most definitely. Said we could use the satellite tv there, the coffee maker. . . anything to be comfortable. So tonight we ordered pizza and went over to the lounge and ate it. Took the dogs and they plopped down on the cool floor and went sound asleep. Since we were the only ones there, we kicked off our shoes and stretched out on the sofas. Ahhhhhh. Life is good again. It is cooler in the evenings, so we are home now getting ready for bed. The bedroom is a cool 72 degrees and we are going to put the boyz in the bathroom as it is cool as well.

So, we will get by for these 2 days, then Monday the air conditioner gets replaced and we are in business again. In fact, we could be completely done Monday, but we will stay a few more days just to check everything out.

Till next time. . .