Sunday, July 31, 2016

A needed respite. . .

We were in Warsaw for a few days visiting with Mom and yesterday we took her out for the day. We started by visiting the cemetery to see Daddy's grave. We took off the wilted flowers left from the spray we had placed on his casket.

We continued on, stopping at one Amish scratch and dent store and then went over to the house in Goshen. Mom hadn't been there for some time. We dropped off the dogs there and then drove over to the Elkhart Campground. We had to leave our spot there last week because a large rally was coming in. It was "Vintage Trailers" and we wanted to go and see the old rigs. Some had come in before we left and we thought it would be fun to drive around and look at them. I thought Mom might enjoy it and she did. Mom and Dad camped from the time I was in junior high and were in a camping club. They really took camping to the next level and it was fun to see trailers similar to ones she and Dad had owned.

Here are some pictures of some of the "oldie but goodies."

There were over 100 of the old rigs. It was quite a sight. They were having "yard" sales while we were there. They all had color themes and they had color coordinated awnings, trim, table covers, and dinnerware. It was clear they were having a lot of fun. We met two women who were on their own and had bought old trailers and joined the club. They enjoyed having people to camp with and enjoyed the camaraderie. It was certainly a fun atmosphere.

Mom seemed to enjoy herself and after we left, we headed back over to the house. We picked up the dogs and headed back to Claypool. I think she was tired, but she said she enjoyed the day. Mission accomplished.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye is never easy. And it wasn't this time. Daddy died July 9 and his service and funeral were on Monday, July 18, in Warsaw. Even though they had lived in Goshen most of their lives, the last ten years they spent their summers in Claypool at their summer home in Nita's woods. Mother was convinced very few people would come because it was so far. She planned the calling at 10 and the funeral service at noon. There was no processional to the cemetery, because it was so far away. But those who wished could meet out there south of Millersburg and pay their respects at the graveside. Because Daddy was a WWII Navy veteran, there was a flag ceremony, a 21-gun salute, and the flag was folded and presented to Mom.

Mother got quite a surprise when there was a steady stream of visitors, friends, and family, beginning at 9 and continuing until the time of the service. We wish to thank everyone who came. We were honored that you chose to spend some of your time with us on that day. It meant a lot.

We laughed a bit at Daddy's expression. He had a quirky mischievous smile that you can see in the photo in his obit. As he lay in rest, his expression was exactly that. . . the only difference being his eyes were closed. We were happy the mortician managed to capture that wonderful quirky smile we all knew so well.

It's been two weeks now and yesterday Terry and I took Mom and went to the cemetery. She had been wanting to go, so we went and I took some pictures. We are beginning to heal, although things will never be the same. I had my Dad until he was 91 years old. I don't know how people cope who lose their parents at a much younger age.

Mom seems to be doing okay. She has her faith and Nita lives up the lane, so she doesn't have to be alone. There is a steady stream of kids and grandkids of Nita's who try to keep her company as well and Terry and I visit often. My two nieces (my older sister's kids) and their kids have been down a couple times to see her.

We just spent four days there, camping in Warsaw and taking Mom out for an outing or two. She wants to go to Texas this year and clean out their place in Mission. She doesn't think she wants to go back then as she says their friends are mostly gone. We will see that she gets there and Terry and I will stay in our place right behind her as long as she wants to stay.

So things are changing and we are all trying to cope with the changes. It is certainly different, more so for Mom, but she has plenty of support from the family. She is much loved by all.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Life can be hard. . .

I've had a hard time getting back to the blog. I've not dealt with such a devastating loss since my sister died at age 30, 39 years ago. Her death was most unexpected, having not been diagnosed properly when she would have problems. When they found she had an aneurysm in the brain, it had already weakened the vessel and was in a bad spot to try and fix.  She died before anything could even be tried.

I've thought about her a lot since Daddy died on July 9. I'm sure she was there to welcome him to heaven. I know Dad talked of seeing her again. While her death was traumatic, she was in a hospital and not well with a serious problem, so it wasn't totally unexpected.

Daddy had many problems as well. I don't think many people live to be 91 and not experience problems. He had a couple issues that we knew could end his life quickly, and we knew for the last few years that it could happen anytime. He sat down in his chair and a few minutes later took a couple deep breaths and was gone. I guess we weren't prepared very well.

I was in Florida, having arrived the same day Daddy died. What a shock. Brandon had business meetings in Colorado to attend and had planned to take Megan with him. We decided they should just go. Since it was Saturday night, it would be Monday before Mom could talk with the funeral home and make arrangements. Probably then, it would be Thursday before anything would be scheduled just because of preparation and publishing in the newspapers so friends and family would know. Mom and I talked and she decided they would wait till Monday when I would be able to be there. As it was, Brandon, Megan and Brynlee were able to come as well. Jocelyn's family also drove up from Virginia, so for the first time since all my grandbabies were born, we were all together.

Brandon and Megan arrived home on that Friday. I was able to change my plane from Sunday to Saturday, so I could be home a day earlier. The reason I was going to wait till Sunday was because the kids had scheduled Brynlee's birthday party for Saturday at the local "bounce house" type indoor play area. But since my plane didn't leave till 3 p.m., Brandon said we would go and he and I would leave at 11:30 to make it to the airport at Sanford in time for my flight.

So we did make it to the party. We were able to take time from our mourning and have a nice party for Brynlee. There were about 25 other kids and their parents. They played for about 45 minutes, then they had a pizza party and cupcakes. Brandon and I had to leave just as they got the food out, but we still enjoyed the party.

We took off for the airport and got up to Port St. John only to hear a tire alarm go off. Darn. Brandon got off the interstate, but there is nothing close to the interchange there. We had to drive several miles before we found a service station. He checked all the tires, which were all low, filled them to the recommended pressure and off we went. I think he was really worried, but when I found out he never checks the air pressure, I was confident he just needed to top them off. But we were really cutting our time closely, so we didn't need a flat tire, that's for sure.

As it was, we made it safely to the airport and he hasn't had any trouble with it since, so I think my guess was correct. He waited in the cell phone lot till I called him and told him I was through security and waiting at my gate. He wanted me to make sure my plane was on time and not cancelled.

My plane was on time and we actually boarded early. I arrived in Ft. Wayne at 5 p.m. and Terry was waiting for me in baggage claim. We got my bag and loaded everything up and left for Claypool. My first stop was at Mom's to check in with her and spend some time with my family.  Later that night, Jocelyn and family got in around midnight. I got back up and hugged on the grandkids. The next day, (Sunday) Brandon, Megan and Brynlee came in, flying on the plane I was originally flying on.

We all were ready to give Daddy a sendoff on Monday. I was thankful that my kids, who all had to travel long distances, were able to get there safely and have now gotten back home safely. It seems that travel problems often happen when you really need them to all be on time and go smoothly. But my prayers were answered and everyone was safe.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

 Feature Image
Dale R. Schrock
October 12, 1924 - July 9, 2016

Monday, July 18th from 10 AM - 12 Noon at Titus Funeral Home, 2000 East Sheridan Street, Warsaw, Indiana.

Monday, July 18th at 12 Noon at Titus Funeral Home.

Monday, July 18th at 2 PM in Brown Cemetery, Millersburg, Indiana.

Disabled American Veterans

Complete obituary. . .
 Dale R. Schrock, 91, passed away peacefully Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 8:10 p.m. in his Claypool, Indiana home.
    The son of Richard V. and Pearl V. (Sheely) Schrock, Dale was born October 12, 1924 in Clinton Township, Elkhart County, Indiana.
    He attended Clinton and Millersburg schools and was a 1943 graduate of Millersburg High School, Millersburg, Indiana.
    Upon graduation and on June 9, 1943 Dale entered the United States Navy through Goshen.  He proudly served his country on the USS Medusa in The Pacific Theater during World War ll.  SK1c Dale Robert Schrock was honorably discharged April 17, 1946.
    On June 23, 1946 in Millersburg he took Alice Ruth Rink to be his wife.  In June of this year they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary with a surprise party.
    Dale was a truck driver for Elkhart Distributing for 35 years retiring in 1986.
    He was an avid fisherman and enjoyed camping.  He spent time teaching his grandchildren and great grandchildren to water ski.
    Dale lived all of his life in the Goshen area until retirement when the couple would travel to their home in Mission, Texas for the winter months.  They moved their summer residence to the Clayool area from Goshen about 10 years ago.
    Although his years were many he will be greatly missed by his family including first of all his dear wife, Alice; 2 daughters and sons-in-law:  Dale Ann and Terry Pace of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Nita and Jim Malcolm of Claypool.  Others include 7 grandchildren and their spouses:  Michelle and Rodney Schrock of Goshen; Carie and Al Mondero of Lafayette, Indiana; Jocelyn and Tom Lynch of Charlottesville, Virginia; Staci and Kevin Goss of Dunlap, Indiana; Kellie and Tom Altruda, Claypool; Brandon and Megan Pace, Melbourne, Florida; and Brad and Nicole Malcolm of Chicago, Illinois; and 11 great grandchildren.
    Dale was preceded in passing by a daughter:  Connie Jean Makximenko; parents:  Richard and Pearl Schrock; sister:  Doris Williams; and brother:  Dallas Schrock.
    Friends are invited to join the family for a time of sharing Monday, July 18th from 10 AM to 12 Noon at Titus Funeral Home.  A service celebrating Dale’s life will follow beginning at noon.  A graveside service will take place at 2 PM in Brown Cemetery in Millersburg.  Military honors will be conducted by Warsaw’s American Legion Post #49 and VFW Post #1126.  Pastor Mike Settles of the Claypool United Methodist Church will officiate the services.
    The family prefers that memorial gifts in Dale’s memory be directed to Disabled American Veteran, 708 W. Pike Street, Goshen, Indiana  46526.
    The staff of Titus Funeral Home considers it an honor to care for the family of Dale R. Schrock.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our hearts are broken. My dear Dad passed away last evening sitting in his chair at home. While he has not been well for many years and we all knew this could happen at any time, we are somewhat dumbstruck that he ate supper, visited with family, sat in his chair to watch the Nascar race and minutes later was gone. Although efforts were made to revive him, after a time, Mom asked them to stop. Daddy was gone and is now reuniting with my sister Connie, his firstborn, who died at just 30.

Daddy was 91 and remained a force even though his health was failing. All of the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids would visit sometime during each year, even though far away. Special efforts were made to visit with them and to make sure the great-grandkids would know and remember their great-Grandpa. He was so loved by his entire family.

Unfortunately, I had just arrived in Florida to watch my granddaughter Brynlee for a week. Brandon and Megan are packed and ready to leave for a business trip to Colorado. Not knowing what would be happening, we decided the best course was to carry on with our plans. Family will be meeting with the funeral home Monday to make plans. I believe plans are going to be made for when I return to Indiana on Sunday, the 17th. In fact, Brandon will be flying back with me.

So for those family and friends close by who follow my blog, there are no plans set as yet, but I will publish it all in my blog once I get info.

Rest in Peace, Daddy! We love you so much!

Till next time. . .


Saturday, July 02, 2016

Family Business

After the big 70th anniversary party for Mom and Dad, we were able to spend some time with the kids, Jocelyn, Tom, Ronan, and Aenea. Their dog Pepper was here as well. We spent one night in the house with them and that has always presented a problem because of our two dogs. We decided it was time to see if they would get along.

We took our dogs out on the deck and then let Pepper out. I told them it was time for them to get along. And. . . . they DID! Oh, there were a few snarls and snaps. Nothing intense. Pepper is so fast she can easily jump out of their way. She wants to play so badly and Duchess would play, so they got along. Eventually they settled into a mutual acceptance. They really didn't play inside, but we were able to have them all in the house and not worry about a dog fight. That was wonderful!

Monday the kids went to Shipshewana and Lagrange. We caught up with them in Shipshewana and shopped a little bit. I took Jocelyn with me and on the way home, we stopped off at the Eldridge Cemetery where she took a lot of pictures and filled in some blanks she had regarding ancestors.

Tuesday then we all went back down to Mom's and visited with them and Nita. This time Jocelyn took Pepper and she and Sammy ran and ran. Pepper is so fast she had to keep slowing down so Sammy could catch up with her. We left before they did and headed back. When they left, they drove to Millersburg and walked through the Brown Cemetery, where more of our family is buried. She had been wanting to get some pictures from there.

We stayed fairly late at the house to help with the kids. They were leaving on Wednesday and needed some distractions so they could fix food and pack. We came back on Wednesday to help again and then at 10:30 they were gone. They got home in about 13 hours which isn't bad when you make stops, which they did.

I always clean after we have visitors and I haven't really done that yet, but I did get the beds changed. We went over yesterday and spent several hours trimming the bushes around the house. We got it about half done. We are going to go again soon and finish up. It's hard on us old people to do that.

Till next time. . .