Thursday, April 25, 2019

Things are getting interesting!

We visited with Mom for a couple days after the cardiology appointment. This year we couldn't get our internist's appointments and the cardiologist the same week, so we had time in between.  That is why we went to Warsaw to see Mom and to check on the house. On Sunday I went to church with Mom and Nita. I don't get a chance to do that often, but it is a real treat when I do.

Later on Sunday we headed back south and went to Summit Lake State Park, north of New Castle, and near Mooreland where we used to live. Both the kids worked at this park during the summers when they were in college. It was a good place for them to work.

We got our bloodwork done on Monday and the doctor's appointment done on Tuesday. I even saw my dermatologist and we checked in with our financial advisor. We had dinner with some friends on Tuesday as well. All is good and we left there on Wednesday and headed back to Goshen. We parked in the drive at the house and emptied the refrigerator of the motorhome so we could leave it at our service facility to have them work on the jack. When we got there, they had me run the jacks and there is one that is broken. So they are keeping Phaeton Place and plan on checking that out. The problem is that those jacks are no longer made and the company is out of business, so they will probably try and fix that jack. We have been looking at alternative systems just in case that doesn't work out.

Once we got the motorhome taken care of we went back to the house and packed. We were flying to Florida the next day so that we could take care of Brynlee while Brandon and Megan go to Montego Bay, Jamaica, for a week. Wish I could have earned stuff like that when I was working. But sadly, teachers rarely even get a raise.

Till next time. . .


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Old Stomping Grounds

We always have trouble finding a campsite near Indianapolis and this time we went to Mississinewa Reservoir near Peru, Indiana. We used to go here when our kids were little and we would often meet Mom and Dad for a weekend of camping all together. It really is a fun place and things haven't really changed much.

The landscape looks totally different though because they were flooded a few years ago. The water stayed around long enough to kill all the grass and vegetation and that is still not filled in. Then they had tornados and high winds and trees were knocked over by the thousands from the looks of things. So it kind of looked like a war zone. Definitely desolate. The campground itself looked much the same, just the roads and woods leading up to and around the lake are devastated. But they are finally open and taking on paying customers like us. We chose a full hookup site that was as level as we could find. That is the problem here. They never attempted to level the campsites when the campground was built and have never tried to rectify that. And to add to that misery, they cleared out the group camp area and put in "seasonal sites" for people who wish to stay all summer, but there was no attempt to level any of those. And they are paved! I asked about it in the office and they all said they had no input on that. What a travesty to spend all that money on those sites and not even attempt to level them, leaving them to slope on the rolling ground.

We met with Terry's cardiologist on Wednesday. Nothing new to report except they are going to change one of his meds. This won't happen for a few weeks, but we are hoping it helps him recover some stamina.

We were there two nights, then moved up to Warsaw and camped at the fairgrounds so we could go visit with Mom. We also wanted to go to the house and turn on the heat for when we return in another week.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Fun with Friends!

When we left Charlottesville, we headed over to Huntington, West Virginia. That is where friends, Smokey and Pam, are workcamping. They are there through October, I think they said, and then they are planning on looking for a place to put down some roots in West Virginia. They also wish to be close to their grandson and son and his wife. Kind of like what we are planning to do in Florida. They, like us, don't plan to quit traveling, just thinking that it would be nice to have a base close to family.

We backed into our spot and attempted to set our jacks down. The terrain was not level and there was a slope to the back. As the jacks were deploying we had a violent noise that sounding like something breaking and the motorhome bucked madly from front to back. This happened three times before I was able to have presence of mind and shut down the jacks. The force threw us up from our seats and we were dumbfounded as to what happened. Shutting off the jacks stopped the problem and we got out and walked around the coach to see if anything was amiss. Everything looked normal. I got back in and retracted the jacks and they did as they should. We requested and were granted a change to a level site because I did not want to deploy the jacks now until we had them checked out. Everything else worked and we didn't have any more issues, but we didn't use the jacks.

We enjoyed our visit with Smokey and Pam and went out to eat a couple times. They also introduced us to Winchester, the chocolate lab who is the park owner's dog. He is really sweet and does some pretty cool tricks.

We delayed our exit from West Virginia by an extra day because of the forecast of storms and high winds on our planned route into Ohio. The storms never materialized where we were at, but may have passed through to the north. We left on Monday, April 22, and made it to our destination with no problems. Our destination for the night was Tab and Deanna's in St. Paris, Ohio. We were not able to stay in our usual spot at their place because of all the rain they had which made the ground soft. Without our jacks to level us, we had trouble staying level.

When we left there the next day, we headed to Mississinewa Reservoir near Peru, Indiana, where we camped. We traveled from there to Indianapolis to visit Terry's cardiologist. The next few weeks promise to be a real whirlwind of activitiy, but things will settle down eventually!

Till next time. . .


Friday, April 12, 2019


Once again, we are in Charlottesville to visit with our daughter and family. We arrived on time and got settled in our camp and then headed off to town to see the kids. The weather, except for Florida, is still cold and wet, and here the trees are not yet coming out. So the good side of that is that we have satellite at our motorhome, since the trees are not blocking our view! LOL

The week was spent helping with the kids and the dog. Since Tom doesn't work from home, there are times Jocelyn could use a babysitter so she didn't have to drag the kids off with her. So we did that a couple times. Course that is what we are here for. . . to help in any way and to spend as much time with the grandkids as we can. And Tom does actually work from home some. I think about a day and a half officially, but if he is sick, they allow him to telecommute. So that is nice. He is still teaching a programming class to students Ronan's age (12), but he has switched that to an on-line class instead of an acutal classroom. He is enjoying that much better.

We were there to celebrate the kids' birthdays. We were actually late for Aenea's and early for Ronan's. I had sent Aenea's gifts for her special day, but kept back a couple gifts so we could celebrate with her. We also went together with the other grandparents to get Ronan a new VR console and games. Didn't see much of him after that! I knew we wouldn't, so I waited till closer to the end of our stay to gift him with that!

The kids are all doing well and have several activities they attend during the week. . . special classes available through the homeschool network in Charlottesville. They really have an organized effort there to bring education and other experiences to the kids who are homeschooled. They both seem to be thriving in that environment.

They are all doing well and hoping to one day expand their house to make some badly needed extra room! Would like to see that happen.

Till next time. . .


Monday, April 01, 2019

Kid time!

After leaving the Universal area, we traveled on down to Melbourne for our 9-day visit with Brandon and family. We got into Wickham Park and we were pleased to see that it was a lot cleaner and nicer than when we were here in October. They had quite a few homeless in here then, but then an incident involving a murder (the murder did not occur at the park, but that is where the body was found) spurred them into cleaning up the place. It really wasn't a bad place to camp. . . the good outweighed the bad, but it's just better now. It's always been clean, but they have gotten rid of the riff-raff that would infiltrate the park. They have established some new rules that should help.

We enjoyed hanging out with the kids. Brynlee was in school every day, so I did go with Megan a couple times so I would know how to drop off/pick up when we come back the end of April for 10 days while Brandon and Megan go to Montego Bay. He earned another incentive trip from his company. Basically it's a week's paid vacation to a resort with all expenses paid. He is treated well, but he performs well for his company!

We took one day while we were there and scouted out a couple properties for sale. We just don't know what we want, but we plan to get something in Florida. We would like to have a property where we can keep all our "toys" in one spot, but we would still like to be in a sort of retirement community so that we have people around us and activities to keep us busy. Kind of like what we have in Texas, actually.

We went out to eat a few times with the kids and Brandon cooked for us on his big green egg. We had a great time visiting and going to all Brynlee's activities. She is active in many things and likes being busy.

When we left there the 29th, we headed north toward Virginia to see Jocelyn and her family. Love seeing the kids/grandkids.

Till next time. . .