Monday, February 02, 2015

Life in the S L O W lane. . .

Not much going on down here in the valley. We have had some warmer days, but we always seem to revert back to colder temps and/or rainy days. . . sometimes both. One day we are sitting out under the canopy in shorts and the next day we are inside in sweats with the heat on. Will it never end?

Yesterday (Sunday) we had Mom and Dad over for lunch. I had a roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet corn, broccoli and rolls for dinner and flan for dessert. They seemed to really enjoy it. We had our meal in the Texas Room because it's easier for Daddy to get in there than in the motorhome. And there is more room, so he is more comfortable. After lunch, Mom and I washed the dishes and got everything put away, so that was nice. Eventually they headed back home to watch the SuperBowl game and we stayed home and watched a movie, "Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit." Good movie. We don't watch any games of any kind so the movie was a good choice.

We sprung a leak in our air bed on Friday night, so had to change that out. I always keep a spare mattress in the closet, so we were good to go. Just had to change sheets, etc., but it was time to do that anyway. Saturday morning we hopped into the golf cart and went over to Enchanted Valley Park right behind ours for garage sales. It's more fun than anything else, but I did pick up a few things. I'm a sucker for Christmas baskets and I found two, so bought those. Also found a neat wallhanging for $4 so bought it and we hung it above the table. I think it really looks good there.

I am starting to work on my fun projects now. . . scanning pictures, cross stitch, sewing, etc. I've got our taxes done. . . just waiting on taxes documents so I can send stuff in.

Till next time. . .