Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter musings!

We come to south Texas in the winter for warm weather. We are still looking for that today as the temperature dips to 44 for the morning low. It's been like that off and on since we got here. Only a couple days have been warm enough to wear shorts. Still haven't washed the motorhome as it requires it to be warm for Terry to help with that task.

We came to this park twelve years ago and established our place right behind my mom and dad, so we could "watch" them and be here for them. Daddy is gone now and Mom (93) decided last year not to come anymore. She wasn't able to sell her place last year, so that has been our job this year. Other places are selling, but for some reason we couldn't get any takers on Mom's. Then one day some people came and went through, looking for friends of theirs a place to spend the winter. The friends called, but immediately decided it was too small. Then a couple days ago they called back and made an offer which I accepted and are sending earnest money. They are coming the second week in January to sign papers. Nervous I am because they haven't seen it. It is a nice place, though, and clean, but one never knows exactly what they are expecting. So I continue to show it and will take backup offers in the event the first one falls through. Wish me luck.

Terry is doing well and getting his strength back. We are walking 2.2 miles every day. Many times we drive to the mall to walk. It is a beautiful mall and is 1.2 miles around the inside to walk. . . really large. Today will be another mall walking day as Terry can't walk outside in such cold temps. Then we have a rock n roll jam to go to later.

Duchess is doing well and is walking to the dog park again. For a long time I had to take her in the golf cart as she just stops and won't go anymore. But lately she hasn't wanted to spend as much time in the park. It's just an empty lot and a neighbor says coyotes have been coming through some, so perhaps that's why she doesn't want to go there. She does spend a lot of time with her nose up sniffing the air.

We will go to Christmas dinner at the hall on Tuesday. It's always a great meal and fun times. We've been asked to join our neighbor at their table. Great people.

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless.

Till next time. . .