Friday, September 29, 2006

Back in Goshen

We are back in Goshen after spending 3 days in central Indiana for doctor's appointments. We figured we have made about 10 trips to the doctors down there this summer. Ugh. That is just poor planning. Last year when we were getting the house emptied and gearing up for our life on the road, we didn't plan those appointments too well. Next year is different. We are setting the stage now to have fewer trips down there next year. We want to keep the same doctors, but better organization is a must.

We are still trying to get the DataStorm up and running like it should. Still not there. MotoSat was to perform tests yesterday to determine which hardware needs to be replaced. Haven't heard any results. The good thing about being here at the house is that we have DSL, so we are running smoothly right now. We will have a resolution on the DataStorm (one way or the other) by the time we leave here the 17th of October.

We have an apartment for rent. That's the reason we are here. Would like to get a new renter in there within the next 2 weeks. Had one call last evening that sounded promising. We have strict requirements, but then our renters are the best tenants in the world. In fact, the tenant leaving says he feels like he is leaving family.

It is colder here than what we like, so we are anxious to get our work done here and get headed south for warmer weather. We will probably have to stop in Red Bay, Alabama. The slide malfunction we had a few weeks ago has occurred again. . . that after getting a clean bill of health from a repair shop. Fortunately, Terry knows how to fix it. The key is when I deploy the slide, if I hear anything or see anything out of order, stop immediately. This time, the pin sheared, but it was only about 1/2 inch out of kilter, so it was easy and required little effort to fix. Terry has laid in a supply of pins to fix it, but we want it working better.

Mickey and Patti returned here to Goshen after the Escapade to attend a Montana rally. They are leaving this morning. Since we got in yesterday afternoon, we picked them up and took them to Alley Oops for dinner last night. We had a good time and went back to their trailer for coffee and a visit afterwards. We will really miss them. They are headed to Yuma for the winter and we haven't decided exactly where our travels will take us. We know we will be in the Rio Grande Valley with Mom and Dad for Christmas. But from there, we don't know.

Till next time. . .


PS: Since I posted a picture of our son last time, some of you have asked what Brandon does. He is a network security engineer for a government contractor in Melbourne, Florida.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bad two days! One bright spot!

Friday after Escapade we had a Datastorm installed. It did not go well. We are creeping along, sometimes at UNDER 100 kpbs. I'm telling ya', nothing happens when you are there. Dealer spent all day Friday, most of the day Saturday. We had to leave Sunday morning, and are in a dilemma as to what to do. I think I will reinstall my air card today.

The one great thing Sunday was making a trip to Indianapolis to see son Brandon. He had flown to Lafayette for homecoming and he and a friend were on their way back to the airport. We caught up with them and took them out to eat. It is always good to see the kids.

Today we have a "free" day. Nothing on the docket except to pick up mail in New Lisbon. We are in the RV park off Wilbur Wright Road and I-70 about 10 miles from our former home. Tomorrow we have one doctor appointment, one hair cut (Yay!) and one blood work, Wednesday a doctor appointment and vet appointments, then we are back up north to try and rent an apartment.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Naa na naa naa, naa na naa na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

That's what got sung to me in the restaurant the last night of Escapade. As per my usual sloppy self, I dribbled some sauce from the Chinese food on my shirt. Patti just happened to have her "Tide White Out" pen, which I used to scour out the blob and everybody in our group (6 tables) started singing. Talk about red. It was so funny because everybody in the restaurant chimed in, I think.

We are sitting here in the Van Wert fairgrounds and I am thoroughly steamed. We had a Datastorm installed yesterday and it isn't working properly yet. The installer worked 10 hours yesterday and another 8 today and is now waiting on a call back from Motosat to change the satellite we are on. Don't know what to do. If he doesn't come back and finish tonight, we have to be outta here tomorrow. Bummer. Then we had to move because our jacks sank in the mud and we were listing to the starboard side. When I went to put the slide back out, the pin broke again just like a couple weeks ago. Had it worked on then and declared fit and healed, but the darn thing broke again. Fortunately, I stopped it immediately and Terry went and got another pin, put it in and we are in business again.

A really bad day.

Till next time. . .


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well, we ended up being delayed in leaving last week, but I was glad to be able to help my sister out. There was a death in her husband’s family and I knew I could help her with some stuff, like cleaning, etc. It would certainly shorten the time she would have to spend on that and we had a great time visiting and working together. I’ve just never had the opportunity to do anything like this for her because we have always been gone whenever something happened.

We did make it to the Celina Fairgrounds Friday evening. It was great to see everyone. As soon as we arrived, we immediately started the HOBO stew. Terry had browned some ground beef and onion in the morning, like 5 pounds, and we tossed that into a pot and added a can of veggies from everybody. It was delicious and we all enjoyed the fellowship and the food.

We had a pitch-in, aka potluck, then on Saturday night. We put all the grills together in one area and grilled burgers. We had plenty of side dishes, condiments and desserts, so we had another great meal all together.

We gathered at the entrance to the fairgrounds around 9:30 am, then caravanned to the Van Wert, Ohio, fairgrounds where we are now parked. As luck would have it, Sunday was a beautiful day, but it may be that was the only nice day to be had all week. It started raining last night and has been steadily raining all day today. We went to one seminar this morning which was really bad, so left after 10 minutes and walked around the indoor market area.

We came back to the motorhome for lunch, then grabbed Patti and we went to WalMart. We got a few items, then came back and Terry is taking a nap while I write this. We are going to a seminar later today and then we are going to visit Pam and Smokey’s booth to share Pam’s birthday cake! Then back home until time for door prizes tonight.

Till next time. . .


Monday, September 11, 2006

Loadin' Up, Headin' Out!

Well, tomorrow is the day we leave for the pre-Escapade rally. Yay! Lookout. . . here we come! Whoo Hoo ! I'm not too excited to get away, now am I? We had a great week with Mickey and Patti. They stayed over at the fairgrounds and we popped in on them and took them places. We visited Shipshewana a second time. . . this time for the Amish dry goods store just down the road from the fairgrounds, E&S Sales (an Amish grocery), and Yoder's Department store. It was fun. I enjoy those places and it is too much to try and go there when you also go to the flea market. So we went on a non-flea market day and there weren't as many people. We drove out through the country as well. We all enjoyed it.

Yesterday we took Mickey and Patti down to Claypool, Indiana, to where my sister is building her house. The dry wall is up and the workers are supposed to be finishing the dry wall in the next two weeks. We also toured the trailer Mom and Dad had set down there in the woods. Mom and Dad are moving out of their trailer in the trailer court up here so when they are home from Texas, they will be at the woods in their new home next to Jim and Nita. We will be the only ones left in Goshen except for my nieces and a sister-in-law and Terry's few relatives. I guess that really leaves quite a few of us, doesn't it?

I had a prescription that had to be ordered and I got it today. We were waiting on Neal's meds as well and they did not get here. I called and instead of their shipping it the day they TOLD me they would, they shipped a day later, so it will probably be here tomorrow and Terry doesn't want to wait. We has enough to cover until we get to New Castle in 2 weeks, so I will have to visit the vet then to get more. It's his seizure meds so we must keep him controlled.

Well, it has rained off and on today. We have loaded up in between showers. Now I have to bathe both dogs and I am done for the evening. Save me a spot by the campfire!

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hail, hail, the gang's all here!

Well, they were on Sunday, anyway. Our daughter and her husband Tom came in Sunday morning at 1 a.m.
They had standard Poodle Jericho in tow.
They are tent camping their way to South Dakota and Colorado and stopped by here to see us first.

I had family in Sunday afternoon for a cookout so everybody could see the kids. They are here so infrequently. . . well, I guess that goes for us, too, so I try to invite people over. Mickey and Patti were here as well and we had a very nice time.

Monday Terry and I drove down to the woods south of Warsaw where my sister Nita and husband Jim are building their house. Last week they had the slab poured and Mom and Dad's trailer was delivered. They set it in the woods and it is convenient so Mom and Dad will have a nice place to stay when they are in Indiana. Their trailer park where they are now is being overrun with. . . well, with people. No one is taking any pride in their places now, much different than when they first moved there. They do have a buyer for their mobile home there, so by next spring, they will be comfortable down at the woods when in the north. They still will spend their winters in Texas.

Yesterday Mickey and Patti's 5'er went into the shop, so they came over here and hung out with us. . . did laundry. . . kicked back. . . Mickey worked on Terry's computer and Frosty played with Bailey and Neal. It was a most enjoyable day, but we were all tired because we had gotten up early.

Today we got up early to take Phaeton Place into the shop to have the slide worked on. They had it all day and could not find a thing wrong with it. Slide works perfectly and everything checks out on it, so don't know what to think. It does work smoother than before it malfunctioned. So I guess we will just have to see what happens next. A pleasant surprise was to find that the company where we took it to be repaired is owned and operated by a man with whom I graduated from high school. He was recommended to us by Bob Tiffin himself, so I think that speaks highly of him. It was good to connect. His wife works in the office, so we had a nice chat.

I have some pictures to add, but I will have to find the camera. We have been doing some slumlord stuff this week. We have 9 apartments and a few matters that needed attention. We also have a unit coming open, so will have to try and get that rented before we leave for the warmer country.

Till next time. . .


Friday, September 01, 2006

Burp, groan!!

That's what we were doing after eating at Essenhaus. It's the Amish restaurant in Middlebury. We picked up Mickey and Patti this afternoon and took them there to eat. It was wonderful. We ate family style and had chicken, baked steak, mashed potatoes, homemade noodles, dressing, green beans, bread, tossed salad, and our choice of pie. Man, oh man, was it good.

Afterward Patti and I shopped at the Village Shops while the guys sat and talked. I found a sweatshirt with an embroidered Scottie dog on the front that I just had to have.

Tomorrow I am going to be busy getting ready for the cookout on Sunday afternoon. Also, our daughter Jocelyn and son-in-law Tom are getting in late tomorrow night on their way west on a (tent) camping trip.

Till next time. . .