Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boston Lobster Feast

Well, tonight was different. We took Brandon and Megan to one of her favorite places to eat. Megan loves seafood and king crab in particular. So Brandon drove us to Orlando and we went to the Boston Lobster Feast.

What a place! There are over 60 items on the buffet and then you can order other items. . . like filet mignon, etc. I wanted to experience this the way Megan does, so I stayed with the seafood and ate all the king crab I could, along with shrimp and one lobster. It took us about two hours to eat, because you can't eat crab fast. What a meal! I did try the smoked salmon which was delicious and a couple other items, but I mainly stayed with the crab. It was very good.

When we left, I just had to get a shot of the "lobster car."

Till next time. . .


Early Risers. . .

If we get up early enough, it seems the beach calls to us. The mornings here are wonderful. They are pleasantly warm, but not too humid and perfect for walking on the beach. The beach here is not totally filled with hotels, although there are some. There are walkers, runners, and lovers on the beach strolling along waiting for that moment when the sun breaks through on the horizon.

Even with the clouds and some overcast conditions, we still get moments when the sun peaks through between the clouds and gives us a few seconds of brilliance that is indeed awesome. It never ceases to amaze me. . . this universe of ours. . . and the glorious moments to be had with the simplest of wonders. . . like the rising of the run.

Till next time. . .


Friday, October 29, 2010

Another tequila sunrise. . .

Well. . . minus the tequila. . . but just as impressive. . .

I never get tired of watching the sunrise over the ocean. Just gorgeous. We checked the time for today's event and it was 7:32 a.m., quite do-able for us. So at 7 a.m. we hopped in the car and drove to the park at the end of our road. We are actually across the Indian river at this camp and not far from the ocean. We waited until it got a bit lighter out and then went out and strolled along the beach. We walked and walked. Close to the water, the sand was packed hard, so it was a fairly easy walk.

I took several pictures. It was quite overcast, but the sun managed to peek through the clouds long enough to give us a decent look.

Last evening Brandon and Jax came over for supper. We picked up some BBQ from Memaw's across the road and enjoyed a nice supper with them. Jax thought he needed some BBQ, but he didn't get any. Hah. Tonight we are going out to eat with Brandon and Megan and her parents, Diane and Percy. We are going to Ruby Tuesdays.

Till next time. . .


Practice, practice, practice. . .

Yesterday we drove up to Cocoa Beach Pier. On Saturday and Sunday there is an air show at the local airport there and the Thunderbirds are performing. Of course, they must practice, so they do so over the beach. Brandon said he had heard they were really heating up the area with their displays of precision flying and we were anxious to go have a look. As we drove up, we saw the planes on the runway at Patrick AFB. They were parked very close together in formation and it was pretty cool.

As we were walking out to the beach, they were flying over. It was way too difficult to get good pictures. The sun was so bright that you could not see the jets in the camera viewfinder and by the time you snapped the pix, they were gone! We watched for almost an hour and they did not disappoint. They did numerous flyovers in various formations and a couple stunts which were quite awesome. We were glad we drove up for the practice. We also scouted out some beach access points where we might try to go and watch the shuttle launch on Monday.

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leaving the cold behind. . .

Last Friday we packed up and left Indiana. While there were some nice days yet to come, a storm was headed that way and we wanted to get to Florida to see Brandon and Megan. We spent a couple nights on the road. The first was in Athens, Alabama, in a nice little park just off the interstate. The second night was in Dolthan, Alabama, way down south, almost in Florida.

Once we left there, we called our friends Bill and Helen who are at their winter place at Wilderness Estates Park near Silver Springs, Florida. We were hoping their calendar was clear and it was! We drove in there in the afternoon and set up for the night. We visited with our dear friends and then Helen suggested we go out to eat at Gator Joe's. Gator Joe's is a real experience. . . not just a meal out and it was pretty cool. We have to be careful what we eat out with Terry's dietary restrictions, but he was able to find a salad he liked and I had mahi mahi. It was all very good. The restaurant is famous because this is where a 15' alligator lived at one time and also the place where the "Ma Barker" gang was found and gunned down. Fortunately the only shooting we did was of the picture taking kind. We got some great pictures of the sunset which is one reason why Helen wanted to share it with us.

Helen and I marveled at how we have friends from our past, very good friends, that we have known a long time. But we also have new friends we have made since we all started fulltiming with whom we share a special bond. Even though we don't see one another often, we keep tabs on each other through the internet and we are always available to share things that only close friends can do. Even though we've only known each other for five years or so, we consider these fellow RVers among our closest friends.

We drove on in to Melbourne on Monday, arriving about noon. We are at a different park than we normally stay at located on Eau Gallie across the Indian River from Melbourne proper. It's not far from Brandon's and we have been able to visit with him and Megan and Jax every day. Today we spent gathering some wedding packets from different venues to give to the kids so they can look through them. It sure is a lot more expensive putting together weddings now than it was when we got married. Ho Ho.

Yesterday we met one of our neighbors. A lady came to the door with her little dog. We had noticed another Phaeton in the park and it is hers. Her husband was washing the motorhome and fell off the roof. He landed on his head and has a traumatic brain injury. He is in the hospital and is going to be moved to a rehab facility. She came down because she has done two loads of laundry and taken two showers and figures she needed to dump the gray water. She said the bay door was locked and she didn't know how to do it. So Terry took his keys and went down and helped her, giving her a few pointers. I offered to help with the little dog, but she said she was getting along okay and is always back to the RV before dark. We told her to call on us if she needed anything.

We have decided to stay an extra day because the shuttle is due to launch on Monday and we hope to finally see one.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soooooooo. . . . . . .what's the story?

Today we ventured out and down the road to Story, Indiana. Story, Indiana, was founded in 1851 with the grant of a land patent from President Millard Fillmore to Dr. George Story, a medical doctor. Story soon became the largest settlement in the area and in its heyday from 1880 to 1929 supported two general stores, a church, schoolhouse, blacksmith's forge, sawmill, grain mill, and post office. However, the town never recovered from the Great Depression and families abandoned their hilly, marginal farms to search for work elsewhere. Probably the most interesting fact which continues to draw people to Story is the year-round occupant, the Blue Lady, an innocuous apparition whose cheeky behavior has been documented in the guest books of the Story Inn since the early 1980's. We actually toured the Inn today and stepped into the Blue Lady room to snap a picture. The employees were in there cleaning and said that the room was occupied last night, but the renters did not leave any entry in the journal which is done when they experience paranormal activity. The ladies cleaning said there have been many "ghosthunters" here but they were not aware of any positive proof of the apparition. That's okay with me.

We drove over to Columbus yesterday to get some prescriptions. Afterwards, we drove back through the country and ended up going through Camp Atterbury in Edinburg, Indiana. I remember back in 1972 when NCHA, the National Campers and Hikers Association, had their Campvention here. Mom and Dad were camping here with their Maple City Saps chapter and there were some 7,842 families. I challenge Escapees, Good Sam, FMCA, etc., to pull off a similar event. What a time was had by all. Terry and I drove over from where we lived and visited with Mom and Dad. They had to meet us at the gate and drive us back in because it was like a city. I believe it is still on record as being the largest gathering of RVers EVER. It was an international event and Indiana hosted the event. Each Indiana chapter had one chapter from another state camped with them and they were charged with making them feel welcome and sharing campfires and pot lucks with them. I think Mom and Dad's chapter was from North or South Carolina. There were parades, a Teen beauty contest, and other activities for all. NCHA still exists, but they have changed their name. They are now known as the FCRV, Family Campers and RVers. We were members for many years.

While at Camp Atterbury, we drove to the P.O.W. Chapel. The camp housed Italian prisoners of war during World War II and they gathered scrap materials from around the base. With the encouragement of a priest, they built a chapel complete with frescoes on the walls. It had fallen into disrepair over the years, but has been restored and remains where it was built, a testament to the faith of these P.O.W.'s.

Yesterday we awoke to mist on the pond in front of the rig. Really pretty. When the water is clear, we can see fish and we can fish if we want, but it is catch and release only. What fun is that? When we arrived here Thursday, the place was pretty empty. By yesterday afternoon, it was jam packed. Now, Sunday afternoon, it is near empty again. People going home after a fun weekend. Fulltimers, like us, staying to continue the dream. . .

Till next time. . .


Friday, October 15, 2010

How now, Brown Cow-nty!

We are in Gnaw Bone, Indiana, just a short way down the road from Nashville, Indiana. We decided to come down here while we wait for Terry's final release from his doctors in Indy. That should come early next week, but we were tired of Indy and ready to do something different. So we came down here and decided to take in the sights.

For those of you unfamiliar with Brown County, it is where people go in Indiana to view the best fall colors. We are thinking we may be about a week too late, but others have said that the drought conditions resulted in few red colors. But there are a few and we are enjoying the beautiful colors that we do see.

Yesterday we arrived about noon and were able to shop down one side of the main street in Nashville before we pooped out. After we ate supper back at the motorhome, we walked around the camp and met all the dogs we could find. It had already filled up a bit. When we first arrived, there were only about a half dozen units in the camp, but it was probably about a third full when we got back from shopping.

Today we left early and went downtown again. There were already a lot of people there which was surprising for early on Friday. But we shopped the other side of the main street and some of the back alley shops as well. Terry said you could certainly see that living in the motorhome was having a big effect on our purchases because we didn't buy anything! Hah. There are a lot of craft things and items I think would look pretty to decorate a home with, but since I don't have a home to decorate, that solves that problem.

I did take some pictures of the downtown area and one picture in particular of a lovely flower known as cockscomb. It is very unique and these plants were very large and very pretty with deep rich colors.

We headed back to the motorhome for lunch and then took off once again. This time we drove into Brown County State Park and took time to look out over most of the vistas. Pictures never do much justice when you are looking out over valleys and trying to capture the colors, but they were very beautiful and you can get an idea from the pictures.

When we got back, we saw that the campground is nearly full. There are still a couple spots available, but not many. There are a couple group campouts which is always fun and some have decorated their sites with Halloween themes.

I see a winery across the road I need to check out tomorrow, but I don't think there is much else on the agenda.

Till next time. . .


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nigel, Nigel, Nigel

While at Tab and Deanna's, we had a chance to see Nigel again. You may remember Nigel from a picture I posted last year.

The boy has grown up and he is a real cutie and loves everyone!

We took a drive out to the Sportsmen's Club near Lake Kizer. Tab and Deanna were there and there was an activity going on. While we were there, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery around the area. We are just about a week late for the color here in Ohio, but there is still a lot of beautiful colors left to be seen. There weren't many red colors in Virginia because of the drought conditions.

We are currently in New Lisbon finishing up some doctor appointments. Once we get the "all clear" we will be heading for Florida to see Brandon and Megan. Tomorrow we will be leaving here and going to Brown County. We will be staying in Nashville, Indiana, to see the colors and to do some walking around the town. It has been years since we have been there and it promises to be nice weather for browsing the shops.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Jocelyn had commented from time to time about stinkbugs, but I seemingly failed to pick up on it. However, Virginia is OVERRUN by them this year. I have never seen so many of those ugly little creatures. Our last night there one was crawling on my arm and I jerked up and out of bed and literally tore the bed apart but never found him. In the morning, peering up at the ceiling. . . there he was. Grrrr. I made short work of him. Later that day, after we left Virginia and arrived in Ohio and set up camp, we must have eliminated over a dozen of those blasted little things. We have removed a stray one or two since then, but nothing like that first night on the road.

Thursday was our last day at the Charlottesville camp and Jocelyn brought Ronan out about noon. She had some things she wanted to do and a movie to attend, so we watched Ronan all afternoon. What a joy that little boy is. He runs (literally) from one thing to the other. We set up his trains on the picnic table and he and I played "trains" several times. We walked to the playground and played in the sand and on the swings. We shot a few hoops, walked to the pool to have a look, etc. Then we returned to the motorhome and watch a video about. . . guess what. . . TRAINS! Then he remembered the beaver pond from his previous trip out here last spring, so we hiked to the pond. We took a different route back from the pond, walking through the woods. We really enjoyed our time with our only grandchild and he seemed to like being with us. It amazes me that he comes out and never fusses about his parents not being here. He seems content to be with us. Later, Jocelyn and Tom came out bringing their newly sheared spoo (standard poodle) Whiskey. My he does look different all trimmed up.

We had a campfire going and grilled some steaks and had a great dinner with the kids. I had fixed Ronan a hot dog about an hour before they got here and he still ate steak, broccoli and a sweet potato for supper. It's the most I have seen him eat.

We broke camp Friday morning and headed toward Gallopolis, Ohio, for our first night. That is our usual stop when we are headed back this way. Normally, we would have been on our way to Florida, but we have a couple more doctor appointments for Terry this week before we can head out. From Gallopolis, we drove to Tab and Deanna's in St. Paris, Ohio, for a couple nights. Always good to see best friends when it is likely we won't seen them for a couple more months.

Till next time. . .


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Through the eyes of a 3-year old. . .

Ronan and his parents came out to the motorhome yesterday afternoon. Ronan wanted to go inside, but didn't want to go alone. I asked him why he wanted to go in and he said to see if Neal was in there. Neal is our recently departed Scottie and Ronan always loved him. He knows Neal has died and I reminded him of that. He persisted and said, "I want to see if Neal is in there." I opened the door and in went Ronan with me behind. He took one look inside and turned to me and said, "You're right. . . Neal's not here." He then asked me where Neal's cage, hut, dishes, etc., were. Talk about a memory! Then he showed me how Neal had difficulty getting around. Neal, you remember, had mobility problems. Ronan demonstrated how Neal walked, etc. It was cute and sweet that memories of Neal live on in those who love him.

We all squeezed into the Sport Trac and drove to Crabtree Falls. I didn't remember it being such a long drive, but we finally arrived and we weren't disappointed. The area has had a lot of very recent rain and the water was really cascading over the rocks. The bridge up to the falls is picturesque as well with water falling over the stream bed on its way down the mountain.

We also drove on to another falls which are much smaller, but very pretty. The water cascades down over a giant rock for a different look. The rocks here are huge, obviously broken off centuries ago probably from some prehistoric landslide. Here also are the remnants of a narrow guage railroad used in the early 1900's for logging. At one time most of the forests here were decimated from logging and forest fires. Most of the trees seen here are from second growth. This is on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We haven't traveled much of the Blue Ridge and this was an interesting stop.

We stopped in Nellysford on the way back for some BBQ. It was good as usual. By the time we got back to the motorhome it was dark and Ronan said he was ready to go home. He did well on the long drive to the falls and back, but he was ready to see Whiskey, their poodle, and I suspect his bed. He was tired.

Till next time. . .


Saturday, October 02, 2010


Okay, I have a puzzle for you. Can you guess what this is? It appears to be quite obvious. Check at the end for the answer.

We did another couple of doctor appointments in Indy early this week and then headed to Charlottesville. The original plan was to head to Florida when we leave here, but we will be going back to Indy. Terry's new ICD is working really well and he is feeling very good. Some of his bloodwork seems to be out of whack, however, so the doctors are making med changes and don't want us to leave for the winter without getting everything adjusted correctly. It could just be that with the device working better than the old one, he is getting better blood flow and that has changed the way his body deals with the meds. So we are cooperating and hope we can get on the road before long.

We stopped the other night at Dawson, West Virginia, at a park we have seen many times from the road. It wasn't a bad stop, but the sites are not level and it is mostly grass so we had to be careful where we drove through the camp. We did take a little tour through the countryside and Lewisburg, West Virginia. It is a very old town with many historical sites and a Civil War cemetery which we may explore another time.

We arrived at Charlottesville KOA at noon and got set up in our site. We chose a different site from usual and are happy to report that all our satellite systems work on this site. It is the only "satellite friendly" site in the park and fortunately we were able to snag it for our use. Of course, we did reserve it last April. That is different than the other campground choice in the area. There you may request a certain site, but you will NEVER get it. Even if they promise you. The KOA people here are extremely nice and very professional and while we don't normally use KOA's, this is the one exception.

We drove in and spent the afternoon and early evening with Jocelyn, Tom and Ronan. What fun. They are all doing well and Ronan was so excited to see us. Surprisingly, Whiskey, their standard poodle, came right up to me and wouldn't leave my side, wanting me to be "hands on" all the time. He is skittish with Terry, but loves his grandma. I think he is the same way with Sharon, his other grandma. We both took time when he was a new family member to work with him and it has certainly paid off. I brought gifts for everyone and didn't forget the dog!

Today we are going to pick Jocelyn up and take her to the farmer's market. That should be fun.

Ok, now for the answer to the question I posed at the beginning of my blog. If you guessed "spider web" you are WRONG. Amazingly it is the "DUST" left behind by a "long gone" spider web that apparently was blown away going down the road. I guess it's time to wash the rig!

Till next time. . .