Friday, February 03, 2006

Work Day

Well, today became a work day. Don't know if I intended it that way, but that was the way it went. Started cleaning the coach early to get rid of the Quartzsite dust. Gave it a really good going over. You would think that wouldn't take long, but it was several hours. Doing laundry at the same time. The washer/dryer only does small loads and I really do like it, but I am trying to play catch-up since we arrived here. I could have gone down to one of the laundromats here, but people complain the machines are always breaking down, so just decided to do it here. Mopped the floor also, as that is the only way to get the dust out. I really am pleased with the laminate flooring. It doesn't take much to make it look good.

Terry was busy cleaning out the car. He also started trimming the dogs. That is a big deal, since Neal is so paranoid about having it done. I finished Neal, then brought him inside for a bath. Another biggie as this 30 lb. Scotsman will do anything he can to avoid a bath. But in the end, he capitulates and Mom won as usual. He looks so much better, smells so much better, and he would have to admit, he probably feels better too. Then I went to get Bailey. Finished trimming him, then brought him in for his bath. Always save the best for last. Bailey likes his bath, so he cooperates and it takes much less time.

While I was doing that, Terry was hosing down their mat they lay on. It was filthy from Quartzsite. They lay on it outside though and it does help keep them cleaner as well as keeps them from "rooting" in the dust here.

Once we did all that, we took showers ourselves. Nothing like a good shower after the Quartzsite showers, which must be taken using minimal water.

Steaks are thawing for the evening meal. . . having skipped lunch. Think I will just wait now. We may take a bike ride. I think I may go lay in the sun. I can do that now and not feel guilty. :-)

Till next time. . .



HappyTrails said...

Enjoy your canines' names, Neal and Bailey. Hope to run into (not literally) you down the road sometime. We've been fulltiming since Jan. '05 and have two canines, Golden named Daisy and Springer named Mackenzie. They're really too big for RVing but we promised we'd take care of them for life...and we have a cat named Flanagan. We're in Florida for winter but will head West again in a month.
Safe travels, Susan

Tab & Deanna said...

WHAT DUST! I haven't noticed any dust here. It is a bland world though with everything brown. I could have sworn my truck was blue when I bought it and the rv was white!

Dale said...

Thanks for your comments Susan. My Scotties are both rescues and those were there names. Didn't figure it was fair to change their names. Where are you in Florida? We were there in October to see our son who lives in Melbourne.

Tab, nice try, Tabster. Your mind is so clouded with dust you cannot even think straight. I finally got to clean the other day and it took as long as it did to clean my old house. Things are much brighter now.

Take care all and thanks for commenting on my space.

Richard n Shirley said...

keep the blog up as we do enjoy reading about you guys and where you are. we will be moving again soon and headed west.

happytrails said...

We have a rescue Springer from Golden Gate Rescue, SF. He was 11 mos when I took him out of a shelter and he's now 10 years. I've been following both of the other commenters' blogs, kind of lurking. I tried to comment and say hi but had a little login problem. Feel free to check out our journal and let us know what you think.
Safe travels!