Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Neal loves camping!

Neal asked me to share with my readers what he loves about camping. Hah. Actually this would be right behind FOOD for the little guy. That is his #1 favorite thing in the entire world.

We drove a long day on Sunday so we would get into Charlottesville early enough to spend most of the day with the kids. So we got up and drove 54 miles to Misty Mountain camp. Got settled in and then drove into see the baby.

The kids were just getting back from Tom's voice lesson. He is taking opera lessons and is studying with a very renowned instructor who believes he has a lot of potential. I have been trying to get here early enough some day to go to his lesson with him, but I didn't make it today. When they arrived, baby Ronan was fast asleep in his car seat, so I just took some pictures. We visited most of the afternoon before we had to head back to the camp to feed the dogs. Then we went back into town and Jocelyn, Terry and I took Ronan and went to the UVA (University of Virginia) campus to walk in the twilight. It was an enjoyable walk and the perfect night. We went passed the rotunda and other landmarks that have been here for a hundred years or so. It is a very impressive campus and if you ever get a chance, you should walk through. We passed Edgar Allen Poe's room which is preserved as it was back then. We also passed Cabell hall, which is a round lecture hall. Lots of history here.

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