Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ronan has arrived!

The kids arrived Saturday around 5:30, so we got to visit with them a little bit before they headed on down state to Grandma Mary's. At 8 months, I thought he might be afraid of us, but he wasn't. I took him immediately to see the duck at the pond near Brandon's front door. He is curious about all things and especially Uncle Brandon's red beard! Hah. He kept feeling Brandon's face with his little hand. There must be something about the red hair, because his Daddy has a beard too.

We each passed him around and let him unwrap some presents. I had sent his Christmas stuff earlier since they were going on a trip, but I had to have SOMETHING for him to unwrap, so I got him a couple rattles. . . things he could use in the car. He is becoming more vocal and likes things that make noise. . . what baby doesn't?

Today we are headed down to Lake Worth to see them at Grandma Mary's where we will have Christmas dinner. She graciously invited us down to be with the kids on Ronan's first Christmas.

The house hunt continues. Yesterday we kidnapped Brandon and dragged him around for hours looking at 23 houses on our new list. We have quit looking in Palm Bay and are concentrating our search on Melbourne. The neighborhoods are much better and don't seem to have the water problems they have in Palm Bay.

The Pace household wants to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Till next time. . .



KBix said...

Dale and Terry: Your grandson is beautiful and we know you will have a wonderful Christmas with him and your children.

Paul and Karen

Dale said...

Thanks, Paul and Karen. He is a pistol. Likes to make noise. His mom got him miniature pots and pans for Christmas, so he enjoys banging them around. Ho ho!