Monday, June 16, 2008

A little wet in Indiana

We left Shepherdsville, Kentucky, around 9 a.m. amid and between rain and thundershowers. Just when it looked like it was clear, it started again. But the rain wasn't hard and the wind wasn't blowing. . . just summer rainshowers.

I took the helm as we were headed to Louisville and over the bridge and I try to do all the "white knuckle" driving, although Terry has actually been doing some. For a long time it was really stressful for him, but I don't mind. The river was up a little, but I expected flooding, which we did not see. I guess the rains have all been farther north. We did see the east fork of the White River north of Seymour and the fields there were pretty flooded. You could see where the water had been, and it had been quite high. We switched drivers at the first rest stop in Indiana becaue I wanted to take some pictures of the flooding, but there was very little visible from the interstate.

I will say that on our travels this month we see so many fewer RV's than normal. In the past, there were so many on the roads all during the day. You didn't drive a mile without seeing a couple coming at you and driving with you. Not so now. I think a lot of people are electing to stay home instead of spending money on fuel and others are staying close to home and not spending time traveling days to get to their destination. The RV dealers' lots are full to the brim with new and used RV's.

We are at the GloWood Campground north of Indianapolis. We are here so I can go see the hip specialist on Wednesday. I am anxious to go and find out what is wrong with it. I hope it will just require some rest, but whatever it takes, we will deal with it.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

We sure wish you the best with your hip.  The pain must be awful and it's a shame to keep a good gal down.  We'll say some extra prayers for you.Helen & Bill

Anonymous said...

What memories! I have been to Seymour. It is one of the ancestral homes of our Waskom family. Lots of interesting things in Jackson County. Good luck with your hip.