Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Again!

We are finally home again. . . and rolling down the highway. We left Goshen this morning with Phaeton Place headed for Red Bay. The only problem with this trip is that we are driving separately. Phaeton Place has to go to Red Bay and get a new refrigerator and the truck is pulling the enclosed trailer with all the furniture and stuff from our "storage condo" on its way to Brandon's new house in Melbourne, Florida. We were originally going to just take the truck and trailer, but when the reefer had to be replaced, we decided to combine the trips; and by having the motorhome with us, it gives us a place to stay for the night. We are in Cave Country RV park in Cave City, Kentucky. Plan to get to Red Bay tomorrow, spend the night, then make the mad dash to Melbourne. With both of us driving, we actually plan to make it to Brandon's in one day from Red Bay. That would keep us from having to find a pet friendly hotel, but we can if we have to.

The day started out quite nicely, not real hot, and it had rained, so everything was wet. But we were all packed and just had to load some odds and ends. Terry re-did the dogs' "nest" in the back seat of the Sport Trac and it is quite comfortable for them and keeps them separated. He built a tall box to separate their pens and it doubles as a console which will be nice when we are all together driving to Florida. There is enough room in it for our small cooler we will use to carry water in for the trip down.

Since the reefer is getting replaced, it is virtually empty except for a few Healthy Choice TV dinners. That is what we are eating on the way down since we emptied the refrigerator. Once the new one is in and we pick up the coach on the way back from Florida, we will get a few things in it.

It is certainly warm here, 96* when we arrived and we have all the air conditioners on cooling the coach. It is comfortable in here now. I think I will sleep well in my own bed tonight and the drive tomorrow will be smooth.

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

Have a safe trip. You didn't mention how long you where staying in Florida. The further south you go the hotter it gets - LOL.

Dale said...

He has a pool. I may decide to stay there. Har har. . . A week probably. Got to do a little work for Brandon.