Friday, September 19, 2008

Gypsy Journal Rally, Eastern Installment

The eastern GJR is now history. We arrived here in Celina, Ohio, after leaving Charlottesville 12 days ago. We came in early to have a 2005/2007 Graduating Classes reunion. We had great fun, although we would have liked to see more 2005 classmates. I know it's hard to all get together, but it would have been great to see more friends. We had campfires every night, except when it rained, which happened up until the time Ike went through. Then that Sunday when Ike bore down on central Ohio, we pulled 3 of our 4 slides in and stowed the DataStorm. I'm guessing the wind gusts were in the 50-60 mph category. We had very little rain, but what did fall was mixed with something (Terry says seaweed from the Gulf) and plastered the sides of our rigs. Everyone was out cleaning their rig the next day, but we waited until today when everyone was leaving and scrubbed Phaeton Place good so she looks nice and shiny now.

The Rally was great fun. It officially started Monday, and we helped with check-in on Sunday morning. There were lots of seminars to attend and you could surely learn a lot. We attended at least 2 everyday and some days more. We are wanting to make some changes in the decor of Phaeton Place and got some great ideas from several people. There were doughnuts and coffee every morning, and evening activities, i.e., door prizes, pizza party, jam sessions, games and just fireside chats--to name a few. We were lucky that the firepit was ouside our rig, so we didn't have to go far to check on the dogs. We had a great group of people we were camped with and enjoyed visiting with them.

The group was meeting for happy hour this afternoon, then going out for dinner before retiring to the campfire, but we are too tired. I still have the interior cleaning to do. We are headed for Summit Lake State Park, 3 miles from where we lived in our former life, and we are having a get-together of colleagues with whom I used to teach. One is bringing his rig to camp with us, so that will be great. Then we have doctor appointments all week.

We will be leaving here tomorrow and will get there in the early afternoon.

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

Glad to see a update on your blog. I was getting concerned that Ike blew ya'll away! Sounds like both rally's were good. Maybe next year for us.

Dale said...

Yeh, we had a lot of fun. Not sure we will be able to make next year's. It's like September 28-October 2. A little later than we like to be up here.