Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions. . .

Terry was lamenting the main decision of the day late this morning. . .

whether to change into shorts or stay in jeans.

Such is the life of the retiree in the Rio Grande Valley. We have had cool evenings and nights, like you might need a sweatshirt and jeans on if you are outside. By late morning, it is considerably warmer. If the sun comes out, it will get hot. . . but the air is cool and comfortable. However, if it stays cloudy, it will remain cool. There are no wrong decisions, because even in shorts all day, you won't be cold. And if you get hot in your jeans, just step into the shade and all is well.

The tricky part is that when they are burning off the cane fields, you will have clouds, but they are very short lived. So you may be fooled into thinking there are a lot of clouds, but they are not the "weather making" clouds.

I won at Bingo tonight. I was the only winner in that game, so I won $10. I won last week as well, but there were 3 winners, so we had to split the winnings and I got $4 for that.

We are really enjoying the weather and our time down here. With Mom and Dad here, there is always someone to talk to and ask questions. Dad has had trouble with his rotator cuff for several months and he is now in physical therapy to help it heal. Let's hope that works because he doesn't want surgery. He does believe it is feeling better.

Yesterday we looked up our friends, Ron and Brenda Speidel who are camp hosting at Tradewinds RV Resort. They were lounging in the sun outside their rig, so we stopped and visited until we had to leave. They don't have too tough of a job and they have a nicely paved site and plenty of room to set chairs out and talk.

Tomorrow I have to bake a pie. I am taking pecan pie and sweet potatoes to the Thanksgiving dinner, so I am going to make Terry a pie first to make sure I get it just right. Hah. We are going with Mom and Dad to the park hall for dinner on Thanksgiving. It is always good. I will probably put my sweet potatoes together tomorrow as they can sit in the refrigerator overnight and then just bake them in the morning.

I'm sure after Thanksgiving the Christmas decorations will start popping up. It is nice that people in the parks don't rush into putting up their decorations and wait until closer to Christmas to decorate. I have been looking at things, but until we have a little more storage down here, I really cannot buy too much to put out.

Till next time. . .


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