Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back in the land of hot and muggy!

We arrived in Shipshewana Sunday afternoon and set up camp. Nothing in Shipshewana is open on Sunday and we had a relaxing time sitting out and chatting with other earlybirds here for the flea market.

Monday is not a flea market day, that would be Tuesday and Wednesday, so we took the day to visit some of the other shops around town. We went to E & S Sales, which is an Amish bulk foods store. Their prices are considerably higher now than what they used to be, but many things are still a great bargain. We managed to get plenty of groceries just sticking with those bargains. Then it was out to Fork's Grocery and that is where the true bargains are. We got several items we couldn't find at E & S and other things that we needed. Finally, we visited Yoder's meat and cheese store and stocked up there as well. Lots of good eating for awhile.

We visited some of the other shops in town and didn't find much which is good because, as you know, fulltimers cannot buy lots of stuff. We normally have to pitch something if we bring something in. We did manage to get downtown to an ice cream store and got a refreshing dip. It is hot and humid here, which is the same way it has been much of the summer. We are spoiled by the nice weather we had coming through the northern states, so cool and mild. Hmmmm.

Tuesday we started out at the flea market and got caught in a rain shower. It really was just a light shower, and we continued to shop and walk. When it looked like it wasn't going to let up, we walked back to the motorhome and had lunch. By the time we were finished, the rain had stopped, so we went back and walked more of the market. We finished up about halfway through and saved that for today.

This morning, Mom and Dad joined us. They arrived just before 9 a.m., and we went over to the market. We got several rows in when the sky turned black. It looked like we were really in for it. Terry and Dad had already started back for the motorhome and Mom and I decided to keep going. We didn't get much further because the sky opened up and it started pouring. In addition, the wind kicked up and later we heard there were 60 mph winds. I would believe it. There were awnings ripped up in the campground. . . fortunately none were ours. Mom and I found shelter in a covered rest area, although we had to crowd to the middle because the wind was blowing the rain right in on us. I'm not sure how long it lasted. . . maybe 20-25 minutes. . . but there was no let up during that time. When it did finally break, we walked back to the motorhome where Terry and Dad had gone. Dad fared pretty well, but Terry had left him with shelter and then went to the car and came back and picked him up. Terry was soaked, but Dad was pretty dry. Terry changed clothes and put everything wet in the dryer. Since we were there and it was lunch time, we ate the dinner I had put in the crockpot this morning.

By the time we ate and did the dishes, the rain was once again gone, so we started out again. This time Dad stayed behind with Neal and Mom, Terry and I finished what we had started this morning. We found a few things. There are always new things to look at and it is good exercise just walking around.

We are glad Mom and Dad were able to join us. It was great fun and great to see them again after a month on the road.

Sunday we move back to the campground. Hopefully the repair center will have our slide parts before then and can get Phaeton Place fixed up with four slides once again. I'm tired of crawling over the bed!

Till next time. . .


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