Saturday, May 28, 2011

All work and no play. . . .

makes for a dull blog.

We have been working hard over at the apartments. We have several projects we intend to get done this summer and we planned to set the stage for those during May. In addition, I have been working on cleaning the storage condo and getting ready for the kids to visit the end of the month.

Going through 50 years old records! Whew. We have all the records of Terry's parents stored and I am going through them a couple boxes at a time shredding all the paper. I have two shredders set up and when one overheats, I switch to the other one. Between the two of them, I can pretty much shred all day. I have been cleaning out closets and storage bins. We took two truckloads to Good Will and I am working on more boxes. It's crazy when you consider you have done without this stuff for almost six years. By the time I would get around to using it again, it would be obsolete.

I also trimmed about half the shrubs at the condo. That means I did about 22. I still have the rest of them to do around the apartment. Hopefully we will have a cool day in July when I can get that finished. We have one apartment to lease. We have had several calls, but no renter so far. We took the sign down while we are gone and will put it back up when we return.

We left this morning and headed toward Dale Hollow Lake. We are in Cincinnati for the night. . . well, for two nights. This is a great place and we met two other campers before we even got set up. We can wash the coach here, so it looks like we are going to do that tonight. When we leave here we head for the lake. Our site has been underwater, but is now usable. However, they say it is "soggy" which will not work for Phaeton Place. Perhaps by the time we get there it will be okay. But that is only half the story. Our site is situated on a one way road and we cannot turn out of it and go back out the way we came in. The only way out takes you down to the lake to turn and climb back up the hill. There is still water over the road we have to take out of there. So when we get there, we will be taking the truck back to look over the site and assess the situation. We may stay or we may move on down the road. No problem either way. That's what great about fulltiming. . . we can change plans in a heartbeat.

From Dale Hollow Lake, we go on to Nashville to J. Percy Priest lake for a few days, then on to Mississippi for the family reunion. More about all that later.

Till next time. . .


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