Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yikes! We've been invaded!

Looks like the Lone Ranger has been here. . . nothing but SILVER BULLETS!!!!!! Airstreams that is. . . they're everywhere, they're everywhere!

We left camp yesterday morning to run some errands and go over to the apartments and when we returned, our row and the row in front of us was full of airstream travel trailers. They are pretty cool to look at. There are several different models, very few duplicates and about 15-16 of them. They are pulled by everything from cars to trucks and SUV's. Some look a little overloaded actually. Pretty cool, overall. I think they are ALL from Ontario. . . at least the ones in front of us are. Very nice people, very friendly and talkative.

We have been having several camping clubs in the camp. It's exciting to see more activity and to visit with everyone. I, of course, have to pet all the dogs. Things have been slow in Elkhart and at the campground this summer. The price of fuel keeps people from enjoying the RV lifestyle and we know there are more layoffs in the industry. I hate to think what will happen the next time around.

Last weekend, the local airport had a Ford Tri-Motor airplane that flew in and was giving rides. A 45-minute ride was $60. Terry was intrigued, but decided not to go. The plane, however, flew over the campground several times. It was hard to get a good picture of it, but the sound and sight of the old airplane was thrilling.

We were out yesterday running errands and drove past Great Lake RV Sales. Apparently someone had lost control of their vehicle and plowed through the fence and hit a Heartland Big Horn 5th wheel. This beautiful RV was a total loss. The slides were all broken including the one opposite the impact. I have tried to find information out on the accident and all I have heard so far is that alcohol was involved. What a shame.

Terry is feeling puny. He has an appointment for a tooth extraction, but it can't come soon enough. The tooth is starting to throb and he is wanting it fixed. We are going to run by the dentist and see if they can give him something for it. If it is starting to get infected, it will have to be treated.

He is also seeing a chiropractor now. His neck has been bothering him since he finished his cancer treatments and he has some vertebrae out of whack. The first treatment helped a lot, but it will take some time.

Till next time. . .


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Nan said...

Sure hope "the boss" feels better soon. Nothing worse than a throbbing tooth!