Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Texas Room, Day 2!

Today started out with unrolling 100 feet of plastic, completely covering the 12 x 28 foot structure. After the plastic was in place, insulation was pressed into the plastic between the floor joists. This is a method developed by our builder and it allows for the placing of the plastic and insulation without crawling under the floor. We have purposely set our room up off the pavement because there have been times during extremely heavy downpours that our street gets flooded. The last time was during Hurricane Dolly. So we wanted to make sure our building was up far enough to avoid water damage. It also will look like the other structures along the street with the skirting down below.

Once they got the insulation in place, we used tongue-n-groove plywood for the decking. The sheets were really heavy so I got to help with that. They staggered the pieces and once they were all on and tacked down, they had to screw it down with screws every eight inches. While a couple guys did that, John figured up the materials list for the next phase.

After that was completed, another layer of black plastic was rolled on, pulled tight, and then stapled. As I understand it, that is primarily to protect everything from the possibility of rain. We had some forecast early this morning that didn't materialize, but none forecast for tomorrow. There is rain further into the forecast, but they are hoping to get the walls up and the roof on so they can work inside.

We cleaned everything up and headed out to McCoy once again and ordered more materials. This should take care of the walls and roof. It is starting to take shape now and we are anxious to get it finished.

We have had several people stop by and visit while we are working. It is always fun to talk with people and our project seems to be getting some attention.

Till next time. . .


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