Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Florence, Alabama and THE TARDIS!

I like Florence. I like the water, the river, the lakes. I could spend time here.

We are in McFarland Park, the city park that is located on the shore of the Tennessee River. It is $18 for full hookups, 50 Amp. Can't beat that.

It appears that The Tardis is here. Can Dr. Who be far behind? We looked, but never did find him. I'm sure it is an authentic time/space machine because it appears that Ernest Hemingway resides in it. At least he bears more than a striking resemblance as he sat outside reading. We think he was reading "A Farewell to Arms."

When we arrived yesterday we went looking for the Aldi's. They have one here and Terry likes a particular salad dressing that only they have. It is low in sodium, but very tasty. We bought several bottles of it, so we are good to go now.

Last evening we were treated to a tug boat pushing a barge down the river. It was dark and I tried to get a good picture, but it was just too dark with a few lights. We haven't seen one today, so I haven't been able to take a better picture.

We walked this morning along the river and later this afternoon sat outside reading. The weather was just perfect and most enjoyable. There is an Indian village set up in the park. I don't know if you can rent them for the night or it they are just for play, but they are pretty cool.

Tomorrow we are heading to Nashville. Hoping the storms that passed through Dallas today die out before coming east.

Till next time. . .



jocelyn said...

The Doctor went back in time and prevented the Cybermen from "self-inflicting" that gunshot wound, thereby saving Hemingway and shuttling him off to his future in a transdimensional diesel pusher.

I hope you see Steinbeck and Charley next.

Dale said...

I just KNEW there was an explanation.

(Your Dad wondered why you hadn't commented. I said. . . only one reason. . . she's been too busy. I knew you would when you had time to read it!)

Love, Mom