Friday, May 25, 2012

Changing Gears

We had a busy week. We put new tires on the big motorhome, then two days later went back and had seven tires put on the little motorhome, aka Minnie Me. Didn't have to do it just yet, but Terry said he can cross one more thing off our list. He also made an appointment at his favorite auto service business for when we return to the area. Minnie Me is going in for an oil change, transmission checkup, radiator flush and new fluid and all new belts and hoses. We are planning a trip to Alaska with her next summer and we don't want to have ANY problems with any of those things. She runs great and now we aren't afraid to take her anywhere on new tires. We just don't want to run far as we don't know when the last time was that her oil was changed. With only 8,000 miles, we aren't sure.

We did get our apartment rented this week. She will move in June 1. A young woman who is getting married in August and then her husband will be joining her. She seems to be a very nice person and I'm sure she will like living there. Once again our units are all full! Yay!

We spent a lot of time this week running after parts. I did find a crockpot for the little motorhome, so now I have all the kitchen and bath stuff in there. I have quite a few clothes as well. Need shorts yet and jeans. Then I'm all set. For the Alaska trip, I will still have to add hiking boots, a coat and a jacket. I think we are going to use our Frog Togs for rain gear. They work well and don't get much use, so may as well use them for that.

We are going to go to a rally in Illinois the latter part of June with Minnie Me. It's going to be a shakedown cruise. We will also be going to Dundee, Michigan, to Cabela's to look at sleeping bags. The downside of the little motorhome is that we have to break down the sofa to sleep on every night. So we are going to find a double sleeping bag, but preferably a stuffable one that doesn't take up a lot of room, as storage is very minimal.

We left Elkhart Campground this morning at 8 a.m. Ran an errand in Minnie Me, then parked her in the storage area. Then we drove Phaeton Place over to the condo and packed stuff we had accumulated there. After that, we washed her so she would be bright and shiny. Lunch was next, then we showered and hitched up. We left about 1:15 and drove to New Lisbon. We will get into Cincinnati tomorrow for some shopping, then on to Dale Hollow Lake. Our reservations there start Monday. The following weekend, Brandon and Megan will be joining us. I can't wait to see them. I'm am excited to show Megan where Brandon spent his youth! LOL Tom says she's not an official member of the family until she has jumped off the cliffs over at the bluffs. We shall see. If the water is high, it's a short jump. If the water is down, it's a lot higher jump. LOL

All is well.

Till next time. . .


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