Friday, October 12, 2012

A bit unusual . . .

While in Melbourne this past week, we've been treated to several things you don't see every day. I probably look crazy to the residents here running outside with my camera. No matter.

The park here, Camelot, is going through a transition. It is a nicely kept 40-year old park, half park models and half RV's. The park models are separated from the RV section by a fence, but it doesn't go all the way back through the park and as a resident or renter here, you have access to the entire park. Last year when we were here, they were breaking ground for a swimming pool. It has taken a year  because of all the permits and licenses, etc., but it looks like they are nearly finished. The owner told us that they hope to fill it by the end of the month. It looks like the work may be finished, but the surface may have to dry/cure. Too late for us this year, but it is a lovely pool which is up front, so you have a view of the Indian River. They are also adding more RV sites. As the park models are pulled out due to age or perhaps the owners have passed on, they are restoring them to RV sites. They are putting in nice, long, large concrete drives with pads. They said that is what is in demand right now and so they are trying to accommodate that.

As I was going back through my pictures, I found another that I took up on Amelia Island. This is a morning shot with clouds moving in. I just really thought it was a beautiful shot.

We were sitting in the motorhome one afternoon and we heard the drone of an aircraft overhead. As it got louder, we wondered if it was a military plane of some type. I peeked out my window up into the gondola of the Good Year blimp. Hah! We rushed outside to get a better look and to snap a picture. Not sure where it was coming from, but it was headed south.

We've been spending a lot of time at Brandon and Megan's this week. Megan is working long hours so we don't see much of her. We do get to spend time with Brandon every day and we are getting our granddog fix. Jax is a great dog and he loves attention. We enjoy being around him. He's become rather fixated on catching the little skenks, aka lizards, that run around the pool deck. He is quite the hunter.

We took a drive this morning down to Sebastian, then we came north on A1A. We've done this many times, but we really love the ocean and it was really windy today. The waves were really pounding and although you cannot really tell in this photo, you certainly would not want to be out there. The waves just looked so strong. There were small craft advisories today so the little boats did not venture out. . . not even on the river.

While we were running errands today up by the mall, I saw a really large plane in the air. Terry remarked that he didn't understand why it was so low and slow because he was certain it was too big to fly into the Melbourne Airport, although it appeared to be on the flight path. Later we asked Brandon about it. He said, "Oh, you must have seen the Doomsday plane." It's a large plane that can be used by the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc., in the effect of a nuclear attack, etc. It keeps those people safe and ready to act in the event of war. I read where it was put into service after the 9/11 attacks. Anyway, I asked Brandon if he had seen it. He said, "Yes, it was parked right outside my office." LOL His office is at Patrick AFB and although it looked like the giant behemoth was landing in Melbourne, it was actually landing at Patrick. That is where they work on the electronics on the plane. I thought that was pretty neat to see one. I think there are actually four and I don't think they are based here, but this one must have flown in for some maintenance.

Shortly after that, we saw four red and white planes which Terry identified as Canadian Snowbirds. They are acrobatic planes much like the Blue Angels but these appear to be smaller planes. I got a picture of those as well, but it's very difficult to see them in the picture.

Tomorrow we leave and head to Red Bay, Alabama, for some coach work. Hopefully we will be done there in short order and we can head to the Rio Grande Valley.

Till next time. . .


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