Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Grandchildren are such a blessing. God's gift for growing older, I think. Two of mine arrived with their parents on Sunday night. We didn't hang around the house that late, opting for the sanctity of the motorhome, our official home. Jocelyn posted a picture of the kids around 1 a.m. They had drug the toys up from the basement rec room into the living room and were playing, contending they "weren't tired." LOL

So we went over Monday morning and spent the day with them. We had a really nice visit and Jocelyn and Tom got to take off and go grocery shopping. They have so many life threatening allergies, including food, in their family, that we don't cook for them. . . instead they bring their food and do their own cooking. One reason why we stay in the motorhome while they are here. There was a rainstorm while they were gone and Ronan gets a bit antsy. . . he doesn't like to hear the rain and when you have two skylights in the house, it makes it a bit loud. So he put on his noise cancelling headphones and was fine. It actually only thundered once, so we were good to go.

The kids played with the toys we had for them and I fixed them some supper later. They were so good. Aenea chatters all the time when she is around familiar faces. She won't talk when she meets the neighbors though. Typically two year old. LOL  Neither did Ronan, though. Ronan has never cared to talk with "strangers."

It is colder this morning and a cold front is expected to lay over the area for a few days with a high today of only 66*. Brrrrr. But that won't be that bad. Terry has MinnieMee over at the hitch shop getting a skid rail repaired. Shouldn't take long and then we will take her back over to storage. We are looking for a small toad to pull behind her so we can take the girls out in her and leave them in the rig while we go sightseeing. Right now it would require taking them with us in the RV and leaving them sit somewhere in the rig while we explore. In mild temperatures that's not a problem, but we cannot do that when it is hot.

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