Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goshen for the time being. . .

We landed in Goshen last week and on Monday took Phaeton Place over to Hill's Truck Service in South Bend. She has a fuel leak and we want it fixed. We get a good dose of raw diesel fumes inside the coach, most prevalent when we stop for the night. We have been opening the basement bay doors and airing it out when we get to camp.

Yesterday, one week later, we picked her up and hope they have the leak fixed. It wasn't where we thought it should be, but they did find a leak. When we first took it there, they got to the oil change and noticed a leak in the rear differential, so they set to work tracking that down. We actually have had that leak for several years and have had it "fixed" a couple times, including once at this same shop. All to no avail, as it has continued to leak. This time they ordered parts, a couple seals, etc. They also found a loose belt at the water pump and I think they had to tighten up the water pump itself. Good that they found that, for sure. When we called a couple days later, Terry reminded them of the fuel leak and alas, they thought the rear differential leak was what we were talking about. Ugh, no! So they set to work tracking down the fuel leak. They finally dropped the fuel tank (not a cheap process) and found a leak at the supply line to the generator. Again, not where we thought it would be since we get fumes 35 feet back in the bedroom. But they thought this leak could cause the fumes where we complained of them. We shall see. They have been great in fixing things for us before, so we are hoping they have her fixed this time. It will take some time to find out, as we are staying at the campground in Elkhart through the end of the month. It won't be till later when we take off for a bit.

Now comes the task of putting everything back in the basement. We had removed everything from there including the two slide trays (man are they heavy) so they could get to the fuel lines raceway, which we don't think they even checked! Ugh. Today has turned very cold and windy, so not sure we will be doing that job today. We still need to get the washer/dryer fixed before we head to the camp. We took MinnieMee over there yesterday rather than back to storage because it was raining and Terry needs to dump the tanks before going to storage. Also, hate to take her in the building when she is dripping wet.

On Saturday we took MinnieMee down to Nita's woods and camped overnight. We took the girls with us. We enjoyed visiting with family including Mom and Dad. There was a cookout Saturday night and we all pitched in and it was delicious. Then on Sunday we all drove down to Wabash to the Honeywell Center for Mother's Day brunch. It was wonderful as usual. We have been going down there for several years now and it is always good. I think I ate my weight in prime rib. It was delicious and cooked to perfection. The girls enjoyed seeing Mom and Dad again. They hadn't seen them since we left Texas, and Grandma didn't disappoint them. . . she had treats!

We have a couple rallies planned for this summer and I always enjoy those. One is coming up the end of May.

Till next time. . .


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