Thursday, November 03, 2016

Unfinished business

 We saw a flock of birds in the morning that were circling around above us. The were soaring and it seemed odd they would be doing that. A closer look revealed they were pelicans. They soared in circles for several minutes before moving on.

We had paperwork we needed to finish on the Flex. Our mail forwarding service helps us get our vehicles registered and I had a phone appointment with "Karen" to get that accomplished. She called right on time and we filled out the paperwork. Next up was finding a bank or a credit union where I could take money from my account in order to purchase a cashier's check. We have been surrounded by Wells Fargo banks coming across Florida and Alabama, but now that we're in Mississippi, they cannot be found. And we needed a credit union service center if there were no banks and there wasn't one of those either. So once I got everything ready to mail, we drove back east to Gulfport to a Wells Fargo, got our cashier's check, then went next door to the post office and mailed off the paperwork to South Dakota. Our stickers for the plate transfer should be to us within the week.

Getting back to Gulfport, we took the road along the beach, not sure what it's called. . .perhaps the Beach Highway. I took a lot of pictures. The water was so calm and the sky really bright blue. The sun was shining. . . oh my. . . I could live here, except during hurricanes! We stopped at Bay St. Louis and took pictures of the harbor and the Angel Tree, where some residents and one dog, a Scottish Terrier, took refuge from Hurricane Katrina and survived! It wasn't on the waterfront then. We crossed the bridge at Pass Christian and before long we were in Gulfport. It was a beautiful drive.

Till next time. . .


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