Saturday, October 21, 2017

On to Florida!

We left Chesapeake, Virginia, Wednesday, driving about 250 miles per day till we got to Titusville, Florida. We spent one night Basswood Lake RV park, in Dillon, South Carolina. It is right next to I-95, but all the reviews stated that remarkably, you don't get any road noise from the interstate. We thought that was odd and it was. Those reviewers just FLAT OUT LIED!!!!!!! Even running our overhead fans did not mask out the noise, but it made it more tolerable. Even so, we slept well that night and traveled on the next day.

Our next night was in Darien, Georgia, at Cat Head Creek RV park. We have stayed there before. It is a nicely kept park with full hookups, so we were able to get a load of laundry done during our stay. The next day we drove on almost 250 miles and are stopped for two days at Manatee Hammock Park, one of the Brevard County parks. We have reservations for 10 days at Wickham Park in Melbourne, starting tomorrow. Here is Terry standing next to the official greeter for the park.
Brandon came last night to visit and brought Brynlee while Megan is at a Plexus event in Orlando. We roasted marshmallows and had s'mores. Brynlee loves them, but she can only eat a small one. I really can't even eat one anymore. . . way too sweet for me.

When I stepped out of the coach this morning taking Duchess on her morning walk, I heard a rooster crow. Huh? What was that? Later I saw the "said" rooster pickin' at the ground around a campsite. One of the park attendants told me he was blown in with Hurricane Irma and hasn't left. He was much smaller and they weren't sure if he was a rooster or hen. But he is growing and developing his comb and tail feathers and crows! A lot! The campers where he was "loitering" are feeding him peanuts. Says he won't eat cornmeal or cheerios, but loves peanuts. He hops up on their picnic table to be fed. The squirrels will do that do, but the rooster will chase them away. What a hoot!

I did see some other wildlife on my walk this morning. Two snails, one with a shell and one without. Interesting creatures.

Today we drove up the coast and checked out a couple RV parks/retirement communities. We are thinking we will eventually end up in Florida, since Brandon is here. But we certainly didn't like anything we saw today and I'm thinking we will have to do a lot more looking before we decide on anything. We don't like the retirement parks. . . too many are old and run down. Don't really see newer ones. Not sure we are interested in a regular home, but at some point we might. Just not ready to make any kind of decision, that's for sure. Even thought about buying a few acres for now and doing something with it later. Oh well. . . time will tell.

Plan to sell the property in Goshen next year and put some stuff in storage. . . just stuff we feel like we have to keep.  It will be nice to be free of the responsibility of that home.

Tomorrow we head on down to Melbourne to visit with the kids. They have some activities going on, so we have to spend time with them while we can.

Till next time. . .


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