Thursday, April 12, 2018

Moving on. . .

We spent another night on the road before we got to Charlottesville, Virginia. We spent a glorious week with the kids and grandkids. We always enjoy seeing them as we only see them about twice a year for a week each. Fortunately, while the whole family had been sick, they all were recovered by the time we got there. Illness is something we try to avoid like the plaque, with Terry's health problems.

The kids had some school functions this week, so in between times, we visited and even babysat while the kids were gone. Tom now works away from home, so he is not readily available if Jocelyn has to step out. Most of the time, she can take them with her, but if she has a doctor appointment, it's handier if we can watch them. Tom is enjoying his job. He now works for the university, UVA, as a computer programmer in the School of Medicine. I guess his job is a lot like his last job, but working at a university certainly has more perks. His job is flexible as well. When he was sick for the week, he was able to work from home so he didn't have to take time off work.

We entertained the kids out at the motorhome a couple evenings. While we were there, we gave Ronan his birthday presents because we wouldn't be there for his actual birthday. At least he gets to drag it out a bit more. LOL

The weather was less than stellar while we were there. Winter has been hanging around most of the midwest longer this year and Virginia was no exception. We had snow twice and while it wasn't a lot, it did hang around on the ground for awhile. We tried to use our propane sparingly and since we had 50 amp there, we could use our heat pumps if it was above 40, but that wasn't always possible with the cold temps we had.

Our week was too short and we are on the road again, headed to Indiana. Going to spend some time visiting Mom and we have our spring doctor appointments lined up.

Till next time. . .


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