Friday, September 13, 2019

Almost done!

Yes, we are almost done with the house project. Selling a property is no small feat. Last summer it was the plan to get this all done, but Terry was sick all summer and wasn't able to help. But I boxed up stuff and donated to charities, etc. So when we came in this year, the boxes were all still there. I had boxed up most of what was in all the rooms and particularly stuff that the kids had requested.

So this year, I continued with that. Terry was again sick while they were try that new drug Entresto, but once off that and tweaking his other meds, he did a complete turnaround and starting helping in earnest. His job was to empty the shop side of the basement. And what a job that was. I am so proud of him that he was able to get it done and do it his way.

Today he finished the three-stall garage while I worked inside cleaning the bathrooms and doing some needed laundry. Then we sorted the boxes left into corners depending on where they were going. Today we boxed up our computers we had at the house and the TV, so things are real now. We can't sit and waste any time. And there are only two lawn chairs to sit on! LOL Tomorrow we will load the rest of the stuff that goes to storage and I will clean out the refrigerator, then sweep and mop the kitchen and laundry room. And then. . . WE. . . ARE . . .DONE! It has been such a long haul.

Where are we moving? Remember we LIVE in our motorhome. We never lived at this house we are selling. Just used it for storage mainly and as a repository for maintenance parts for the apartments when we had them. So nothing has changed in that regard. We are still living in our motorhome as we have for the last 15 years. But now we don't have to come here every summer and spend the whole summer working on the house. We will still come up here because Mom lives here, but she lives about 90 minutes south, so we can stay closer to where she is. We have stuff stored here and that will remain like that until we find storage somewhere else.

But we are about to close this chapter!

Till next time. . .


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