Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bye, bye, Jeepster, bye bye

Well, the Jeepster is history. The new owner got here early today and had plenty of help. It was clear they had done this before and they wasted no time figuring how they were going to get the job done. And they did get it done. Took a little time.

The new owner has a Jeepster his wife drives and is building a Jeep pickup. He was very happy with it.

So now I am inside finishing the dishes for lunch. I cleaned the carpets in the house this morning. They look much nicer. I will do the ones here in the motorhome tomorrow just before we leave to take the last trailer load up north. That way it will have time to dry before we get back here.

I will get back out to the garage and finish sweeping the barn out where the Jeepster sat. Later today we hope to take the boat over to the storage barn.

Till next time. . .


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Schrocky said...

Glad to hear that the Jeepster weent as planned. So good when things come together. Mom