Thursday, September 08, 2005

Trailer Trash

Well, we are back in Mooreland AGAIN! Going to get another load into the trailer. We figure we have another 2 perhaps 3 loads to go up north yet. One load will be the John Deere and the air compressor, etc. But we are definitely getting down to the wire. I unloaded the refrigerator last night after we got home, so we are cooking meals in the motorhome. We are just showering in the house now.

We have our motorhome in the yard, awning out and the dogs' pen out now. A lot easier at night if they want out. We don't have to go running all over the yard in our nightgowns looking for them! And they get their fur wet if they go into the yard at night. Yuck.

We have to get this trailer loaded quickly and back to Goshen this week. We are signing the lease with our newest tenants on Sunday. Everything then is rented.

Our great adventure begins September 21st! I can't wait.

Till next time . . .


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