Monday, October 24, 2005

Just a Memory

Well, Wilma is gone and now just a fleeting memory. This time the local forecasters were right on the money. They said last night we would get 1-2 inches of rain and 30-34 mph winds. That was exactly what we got. The rain was not even heavy. Don't have water standing around now, etc. There was no wind until the hurricane was actually out to sea.

We woke up to rain this morning, but no wind. I even thought we could have had our awning out. Brandon called a couple times. Melbourne faired much worse. Around 11 a.m. they had some tornadoes. The apartment complex where one of his friends lives was hit, but the friend's apartment was okay. It started clearing up after lunch and the sky turned blue and got really sunshiney. They said that would happen. Just hard to imagine you have this hurricane coming through and once it's gone, it looks like paradise again.

Later this evening, we drove out to the beach. There was considerable erosion from this storm, which means the coast (a few miles out from where we are staying) got a lot more wind. The winds were eroding the beach as we were watching. I took pictures of the surf. Quite spectacular. We were way out on the fishing pier when Terry got to thinking of all those piers we see crashing down from the surf. So we got our pictures and walked back. There was a news crew on the beach and a live cam on a pole mounted to view the beach.

Tomorrow we are pulling out and heading down to Melbourne. No more storms in the forecast. We have to get our mail and wait on the closing papers for the house. It is sold and the closing is this week. Yay!

Till next time. . .


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