Friday, October 07, 2005

Too much rain!

Everywhere we go it rains. Ugh. I am tired of rain. It is pretty at first, and the mountains are beautiful shrouded in fog and mist, but . . . give me a break! I like sunshine, too!

Found out the "intermission" during the Stones concert last night was due to a "bomb threat." Can you believe that? Some people are really screwed up. They had to evacuate the stage and part of the stadium and bring in bomb sniffing dogs, but after an hour, the concert continued until just after midnight with no further incidences.

Today we kidnapped Jocelyn and took her over the mountain through Waynesboro and on to Dayton, Virginia, to a farmer's market. It was really a neat place. Lots of good things to eat and we bought some stuff. The one market has bulk foods like E & S in Shipshewana. Not nearly as much, but a lot of spices, so Jocelyn was excited. She said they were so much cheaper, it would be worth a trip over there occasionally to stock up.

We are hoping for some nicer weather so we can go look at some scenery. The fall colors are coming out down here and with all this rain, the streams and waterfalls are probably going to be spectacular.

Met a guy today at the meat market who was excited to talk to "full-timers." Although he said we looked too young to be retired. Terry told him I am a lot older than I look. Hah.

Till next time. . .


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