Thursday, July 13, 2006

Leaving Memphis

Last Tuesday we moved north from Tunica. We are camped at a campground on I-55 north of Memphis in Marion, Arkansas. We were tiring of the casino scene and thought that when we got ready to move, we would like to be on the north side of the city for a quick escape. This is the ABC Campground, sister to the one in Branson. It is comfortable, the people are nice and it is considerably closer for my acupuncture appointments. I had my final one this morning and I am so much better. Thank you, Dr. Barry.

I really don't have much to report, as we have just been hanging out between my appointments. It has been so hot. We did do some gaming, but didn't have much luck and it isn't fun if you aren't winning. We checked out other campgrounds around Memphis, but trust me, there aren't any. This one is convenient. Takes 35 minutes to the SE side from up here NW of the city.

The dogs are doing fine. They don't like being outside in the heat too much, but neither do we, so we stay inside when we are here.

When we leave here tomorrow morning, we are going to Boomtown for a few days. From there we are going to "mosey" on over to Indiana, close to Indianapolis. We have picked out a couple private parks to check out. Terry has doctor appointments the 19th and the 26th. Think we may move in between and visit some friends perhaps. After the doctor appointments, we are headed back to northern Indiana to check on the apartments. Not sure then where we are going, but have a few things in mind. Had wanted to do some UP or Canada, but nothing concrete yet.

Till next time. . .



Janice & Dean said...

Gheez, I was getting worried about ya'll. Glad to hear the acupuncture worked and that your feeling better. Your right about it not being fun at the casino's when your not winning - LOL! That's why I don't go often. Take care,


Snackmaster & Jan said...

If you are "mosey-ing" out west, let us know. We have nice flat parking places in western Kansas. Would love to have you visit a few days - or even just overnight!

Dale said...

Hey, Janice,

Right now we are in one heck of a rainstorm. . . started with wind, but nothng twisty! The temp has dropped a LOT (yay).


Don't think we will be out that way this time, but perhaps sometime. We are already thinking of how we need to set up dr. appt's, etc., next year. The big problem is they are adjusting Terry's meds, so they have him on a short leash. He's doing great, though.