Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's About Time . . .

Yes, I guess it's about time to post again. Sorry for the delay. We are at our "summer" place. We are actually at Elkhart Campground on Site 100, right on the end. We have found we get a LOT more work done on the apartments if we stay over here and then drive over to work for the day. Since we leave our computers here as well as satellite receiver, we have no distractions over there and get things accomplished much more quickly.

We arrived back here a little over a week ago and are getting ready for some major work. We are having garage doors installed on the the main house. Three go on the house and one on the apartment. We don't do that work anymore as Terry cannot do anything that strenuous, but they are ordered and we will be there. We were having some issues with the window quality of one of the duplexes and it's just not cost effective to fix one pane of glass. To do so is about half what a new window costs. So we got a quote for replacement windows and the price was very reasonable. We will be doing an entire duplex with new windows; and if they work out, we will probably do another next year. Once again, we are not doing the work, but will be there to supervise.

Saturday night it started raining here and rained all night. We really welcomed the rain although it didn't cool things down too much. They have not had rain here for some time and the crops were really in need. That said. . . . it can STOP anytime. We need to start building an ARK! Yesterday was clear but so hot and muggy. You felt like you were in a sauna. We were going to go to Shipshewana this week, but the rain and heat don't make for a good combination. Last evening we went over to the house to do a few little things and while we were there, a storm started kicking up. I hopped in the truck and came over to check on Phaeton Place. We had left our awning out as we weren't anticipating any storm. I got here just before it hit and got the awnings in and all the gear stowed. JUST IN TIME, TOO!!!!! It really let loose with a deluge so I even stowed the Datastorm. Lots of lightning and thunder and rain, rain, rain. I got out my Crocs, aka rainshoes, and when it let up. . . headed back for the house. We stayed there till my laundry was done, then we came back. There was another storm on the way and just as we went to bed, it started. Neal and Bailey do well in storms, but they want their Mommy right there with them. . . . SO, I got to sleep on the couch. When Terry got up this morning, I headed back to the bed and Bailey went with me. Right now it is not raining and a lot of the water is soaking into the ground, but it is going to do more yet today and the rest of the week.

We are headed to Virginia to see Ronan at the end of the month and Mom and Dad are going as well. They are taking their motorhome, too. We already have our reservations made as you must do that when there are only 2 campgrounds within 30 miles of Charlottesville.

Well, that brings you up to date. I have a couple pictures I will get posted, but we are just here working for the month, so nothing too exciting is happening. Eye doctor, dentists, things like that.

Till next time. . .



jocelyn said...

If you do get to Shipshe, could you buy me some hairpins at Yoder's? They're 2.5" long, u-shaped, silver-tone metal. They're not the thin, flimsy kind you can buy at any drugstore. Thanks and love and I got the cabinetry package.

Anonymous said...

If you get to Shipshewana, we want 4 pounds of crumbled bacon.

Forget about the hairpins!

Bailey & Neal

Anonymous said...

Don't forget me! I want a hunka hunka burnin' headcheese!


Dale said...


Hey, guy, Grandma won't forget you. Have a Sammie Snak on me!

Love, Grandma