Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tecumseh, Michigan

We are camped in the Indian Creek Campground near Tecumseh, Michigan. We shopped at Cabela's last night and today went to Ann Arbor where we did some more shopping.

Tomorrow we are leaving here and driving to Goshen, Indiana, where we will catch up on some maintenance on the apartments and visit with family.

We have had a nice few weeks and saw a lot of country we had never seen before. I had never spent time in the UP of Michigan and it is quite beautiful. We got some great pictures of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron as well. We also spent time in our adopted state of South Dakota. We had originally planned to spend more time out in the Black Hills, but the 3-digit temperatures predicted scared us off. According to other friends who were there, it was quite miserable. So we have enjoyed mild temperatures on our travels.

We will be in Goshen for about a month, then we will head to Virginia to see our grandson again. It is hard to stay away from him. He is changing so much every day. Fortunately, his other Grandma, Gr. Sharon, gets to see him a little more frequently and keeps me updated and sends me new pictures. He is one loved little guy.

Till next time. . .


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