Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hope no airplane wants to land!

We are parked on the east runway at the Hernando County Airport outside of Brooksville, Florida, for the Southeast Area FMCA rally. We arrived on Wednesday and it seems like we are parked five miles out, but I guess it's just really about 1 1/4 miles. We have been riding our bikes into the events and that is working well. We are in the generator section and that is not going so well. It should be a requirement at these events that everyone in the generator section must use a chimney on their generator exhaust. We do and our exhaust is directed out over the top of our coach. It is a little stinky here with all the fumes. We have to stay in at night and run the air. We are facing a field and we can step out into the field and the air is clear.

The seminars have not been very good. The presenters have been unprepared or even absent. These have been a big disappointment. We are going to the microwave/convection cooking one tomorrow morning because the presenter is very good. I have seen her seminars before and she always does a good job.

Last evening we saw the Rivoli RV Review. We have seen these performers before and they do an excellent show. We laughed and laughed at the funny songs they sang. Many of them are their original creations, but most are familiar tunes with lyrics adapted to fit the RV lifestyle. Very enjoyable.

We went back tonight for the next show. We were to hear a men's group singing and we were looking forward to it. While we were sitting in the tent waiting for the show to begin, the announcer asked us all to leave. It seems the power panel was sweating and the power was about to go out. It was a huge tent with probably a thousand people, so it was better to leave while we still had light. We caught the shuttle bus back to the rig and here I sit.

Tomorrow we will try some more seminars. If they don't get any better we may leave Saturday instead of Sunday. We shall see.

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Hope the rest of the rally goes better. Maybe the next one in Perry will be good. All is quiet here.


Dale said...

I'm thinking Perry will be better. This was a regional rally, but there were about 1700 rigs, so thought it would be better. We left this morning and are in Bushnell at the Escapee park.