Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flat tire, Coach Net, and Pressure Pro

Wow, where to begin.

Yesterday we were just moving from Ocala to Cocoa and in the little Florida town of Astor (or just a few miles out), the Pressure Pro tire monitoring system started going off. Said tire was down to 98 pounds from about 112. We started looking for a place to pull over. . . none. The monitor quit (it does that. . . like it's just RESTING UP for the big beep) and when it started again, said tire was at 86 pounds. We were into the town now, so found a restaurant parking lot and pulled in. Restaurant was closed. . . lucky us. So we called Coach Net. That was at 2:30. No one showed up till 8:30. When we first called they said they would be able to patch it. Then they called back, said they couldn't patch the tire (it had a nail in it) and since our tires were obsolete and not made anymore, they would have to bring a new non-matching tire. Terry said no, find me a used one. Talk about mad! When he got off the phone, we called the Michelin Man. . . hmmmmm, seems the tires are not obsolete and are still made. And there is a Michelin truck tire center just 22 miles away from us in Deland, with 15 in stock. They even have a road service, but not 24 hour. . . and since it was 5, we were out of luck there. So we waited for the guy to bring and mount our really crummy used tire for which we paid waaaaay too much (but less than a new one which wouldn't match). We then drove the 22 miles to the tire dealer, and parked in his huge parking lot overnight. This morning at 7:30, they examined the tire, applied a patch, and we were on our way. CN did as advertised. . . found someone to help us get back on the road. But the long wait and the deceptive practices of the service caused much more stress than we needed. Plus, we are out $175 for a damaged tire. . . not just used, but damaged and not really usable even as a spare. Our tire was repairable. There was no need for us to buy a used or new tire. If I have another problem with a tire, instead of calling CN first, I will call my tire manufacturer and see if they have someone who can help.

But, the Pressure Pro saved Phaeton Place. Once the tire lost all air, it would have heated up (already getting hot) and would have started flailing, taking out fender skirting, etc. . .just like the coaches we see at Red Bay getting repaired. It's why we bought the system and thank goodness it did what it was supposed to.

Prior to the move yesterday/today, we spent some time in Ocala. We had gone there after the FMCA Southeast Rally. Terry had to have some blood work and needed some meds, so we got that done pronto.

Next we connected with Bill and Helen, friends from the Class of 2005. How great to catch up with those friends all over the country. Seems like there is always someone close by. It is such a great group of people and we are planning on getting together again this fall just prior to the Fall Gypsy Gathering in Celina, Ohio. What a great time we will have! It was pouring down rain when we saw Bill and Helen, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We met at Sonny's BBQ and had dinner. Afterwards we went back to their place. They have a lot in the Wilderness Estates in Ocala and have taken a lot of time and care in landscaping it.

Also while in Ocala, we got to see colleagues of mine with whom I worked for 27 years. Jim and Joy live in Indiana part of the year, but have bought a house in Summerfield, near the Villages. We met at their place and had a great time visiting with them and rescued kitty Jujube. What a nice place they have! Then we went out to eat at Sam St. Johns, a seafood restaurant which is really very good and then they took us on a tour of the Villages. It was so great just seeing them. I haven't seen them since we retired. We retired together and they are really special people.

We spent a week in Ocala at the Ocala RV Camp Resort, a former KOA. It was a very nice camp and the people are friendly and accommodating. We managed to drive to Clermont one day and have lunch with Brandon. My sister and her husband stopped by on their way to Daytona for the 500. They had gotten tickets and drove their motorhome down. The second night out, they were headed south on I-75 and the Ocala camp fit into their itinerary just fine. My sister, Nita, and I got a great visit in that night and the next morning. I took her to Wally World for a few supplies she needed and when we got back, they broke camp. We took them to a restaurant and we talked and ate till it was time for them to leave.

Now we are camped at Cocoa, Florida, at the Forest Village RV Resort. We are 12.5 miles from the Space Center and they say you can see the launches from here, but none are scheduled now. We missed the shuttle returning today. They said the sonics booms were heard here. We are here for a week. Tomorrow we are going back down to Melbourne to see Brandon and view another house he is considering making an offer on. Hopefully this will be the one.

Till next time. . .


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