Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life with Ronan

We are certainly enjoying our grandson. And the rest of the family, including rescue Poodle Whiskey. Whiskey is extremely skittish and when the kids were at our house this summer, he became my pal. It took a while for him to remember me, but now he is letting me pet him and fuss over him.

Monday we took Ronan with us and started off at Carter's Mountain, which is an orchard on top of the mountain. There are beautiful views there and we bought a couple apples, but they really didn't look that good. The orchard mentioned they had 4000 people visit last weekend, so it was good we waited until a weekday!

After we finished up there, we drove on out to the campground. Ronan loves "Gramma's camper" and we played inside and out. I told his Mom I already had his Christmas presents. . . a couple new rocks and a stepstool. Seems to be what he plays with most when he comes out here. He certainly does enjoy "boy" things. We went for a walk up to the playground where he got to go down the slide. . . his favorite. We eventually walked back. When we put him in his carseat for the ride back to town, he promptly fell asleep. He certainly is a cutie.

Yesterday Jocelyn, Ronan and I took off for Lynchburg to the Children's Museum. Alas, 'twas not to be. She had checked on the hours for the museum, but did not call to verify and we found out they are closed this week for their annual renovation of exhibits. Boy, were we in trouble. Ronan was so disappointed and I felt sorry for him as he was really geared up for the museum, but we found a park and he played quite a lot. Later we went to Target where we bought him some new shoes and some new "car" gummies. I had thought he would fall asleep on the way home, but he stayed awake. He wanted to pet Neal before he left to go home, so he got to do that.

Today we are going into town for lunch at Christian's, our favorite pizza haunt, then we will be catching up with Ronan and Jocelyn at the park. Tomorrow night we are all going out to eat at the Continental Divide. Then Friday, we are headed back to Indiana.

We have a good wi-fi connection at the park, but uploading pictures takes too long so I will have to post those when our Datastorm goes up next weekend. Too much tree cover here.

Till next time. . .


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