Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby, the wind must blow. . .

But at least no rain is falling. Ah, yes, springtime in the valley. The colder temps appear to be history now, although we aren't yet hot. But mid 70's are just great anytime. Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful days, but the breeze was a little cool. Today is a bit warmer and a bit windier. Winds today are 26 mph gusting to 32 mph. A little more than is normal for the valley, but the sunshine makes up for it. It is really bright outside. With being under cover now and using our sunscreens on the front of the motorhome, we aren't using air conditioning yet. The air is cool and we keep the door open and if necessary, a vent fan running to pull in that cool air. So nice and comfortable.

Terry got our bikes out and washed them down, so they are ready for the first trip out. Yes, can you believe that? We just haven't had warm enough days for us to get out on them. But hopefully that is all past.

We have friends out in Quartzsite and they were supposed to get blasted by multiple storms this week. . . lots of rain forecast and thunderstorms. Lots of snow is forecast for the upper elevations in Arizona. We are anxious to see how this all plays out. Hopefully they won't fare too badly.

We are working on getting some insulation up over our air conditioners on the motorhome. The new canopy makes the noise from the AC units echo out and it is quite loud. No one has complained, but we are trying to effect a solution so it won't be annoying to anyone.

Now that the weather is a bit better, we will be trying to talk with some builders about getting our Texas room and the cart shed built. Would like to get at least one done this year yet.

Till next time. . .


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