Monday, January 11, 2010

Another day in Paradise!

We have been in a deep freeze for the last couple weeks. Well, not like the rest of the nation, but certainly cold for south Texas. We've had some rain to go with the cold and most everybody here doesn't get out except to go to church or the grocery. We have been guilty of the same, just staying in and staying warm.

We are entering into the month of park dinners here at Restful Valley. Each street holds a dinner and sells tickets. The dinners are all different and are very good. The dinners all cost $6. The money we raise from each dinner goes to the park to offset the assessments we pay every year. The assessments pay for the hall and the upkeep of that and the pool, etc. As it is, we pay $200 a year which is very cheap as far as what most parks charge down here.

Last week was the first. It was the ham ball dinner. They are large meat balls made of ham, sausage, etc., and made with a tomato based gravy. Hmmmmm. Very tasty. They were served with scalloped potatoes, green beans, roll and dessert along with coffee and iced tea. The next dinner is our street dinner. It is roast pork loin with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn or beans, roll, and dessert. We will go over at 8 a.m. to peel potatoes, then later to mash them and get the loins ready. Then back to start serving by 4 p.m.

Other dinners are roast chicken breast and spaghetti with meat sauce. We also had a baked potato dinner where we had large potatoes with all the fixings. Hmmmmm. I am getting hungry as I write this.

The dinners are indeed special because the residents of the streets put them on and everyone is expected to participate. It puts you together with people that you may not have taken the time to meet and you are able to make new friendships and get to know people a lot better.

The weather, ah, yes, the weather. Hopefully the bitterly cold weather we have been experiencing is over and we are going to start warming up a bit in true Texas fashion. We are anxious to get out and start working again on our lot, hopefully adding a cart garage before we leave this spring. Terry did manage to get our outside spotlight wired so now we have more light under our canopy.

Till next time. . .


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