Wednesday, September 22, 2010

End of the summer wrap up . . .

This is our week for doctor appointments. We hoped there wouldn't be any delays, but that is not the case. Getting a new ICD is a pretty big deal and we are glad Terry has it. It is working great and we are hoping he will continue to do well.

The problem now is that they may need to rethink some of his medications and change some or remove some from his daily routine. With his heart working better, it is likely that some med changes will be necessary. And they wouldn't want to tweak those meds and not follow up on the results. So we will be back next week to see a doctor and again in three weeks.

However, we will still probably leave on time next week and make it to Virginia to see Ronan, Jocelyn and Tom. What a treat that will be as we haven't seen them since June. I don't want Ronan to forget who Grandma Pace is. Then it will be back here for a check and then hopefully we will be able to make a run to Florida to see Brandon and Megan. If we get to that point, we will probably be free for the rest of the winter. So we shall see.

Tomorrow we will be headed back to Elkhart after my doctor appointment to close up the storage condo. We will hang around up there until Tuesday when we head back to Indy.

Till next time. . .


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