Thursday, January 06, 2011

New friends!

We had a new travel trailer pull in beside us the other day. It was brand, spankin' new, and we helped them get parked since that was a new experience for them as well. Lovely little Springdale trailer with a front bedroom and a slide. Very comfortable.

We introduced ourselves and tried not to bother them much while they set up. Later we talked with them and we became fast friends. Dave and Reba are from Henderson, Texas, and he sees one of the doctors here for treatment of lymphoma. They are just a couple years younger than us and they have children and grandchildren as well. They have become very special people to us. We visited numerous times while they were here and talked about our "common" problems.

After their last appointment yesterday, they left Houston and headed back home; but it sounds like they will be back in the somewhat near future. So it is possible they will be back for some treatment before we leave here. We told them to be sure and request a site as near to us as possible, so we can reconnect and support each other as we travail this territory.

There are many museums in the Houston area. We were going to go to the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum; but to be honest, it wasn't very inviting. It was not in a very nice area and the building looked a bit run down and the parking lot was gated off during the "open" hours. So we passed on that.

We did go down to the National Science Museum and that was interesting. It was a "free" day, but all the special collections had to be paid for even if you owned a museum membership. There was an interesting exhibit of "pirate treasure" which we would liked to have seen, but they charged $25 per adult to see it. I'm not sure it would have been worth that much as I am sure from the crowds, it was the busiest and there were a lot of children. So we passed on that. We are spoiled by the museums in Chicago which we saw during school trips when we were in grade school in northern Indiana. Those museums were, and I believe still are, free. They were also much, much larger than any we have seen here. Not to say these aren't good museums, but not to the scale we have seen before. One collection we did enjoy was a jewelry collection which included some of the "Russian crown jewels" from several Czarist eras, included Czar Nicholas and Catherine the Great. Very beautiful specimens.

We have an appointment today and a procedure tomorrow. Then we get down to serious business. So hopefully all will go well in the next couple days and we will get our time here mapped out for us in greater detail.

A couple more pictures of Reliant Stadium and the mostly deserted Astrodome.

Till next time. . .


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jocelyn said...

The basic rate for the Field Museum & Science & Industry is $15/apiece. That's before other discounts and whatnot. Our little Discovery Museum membership gets us into both.