Friday, January 14, 2011

We have a date!

November 11, 2011

That is the wedding date of son Brandon and his lovely fiancee Megan! It will be at the Rockledge Country Club in Florida. Wha Hoo!!!! Brandon has waited a long time to tie the knot. . . he will be 30 for the big event! Congratulations to you both. We are looking forward to the celebration of the start of your lives together.

Here in Houston, we have escaped the really bad weather that is affecting most of the nation. We have had some cool weather and the campground has shut the water off a couple times, but at no time did the temps actually dip below freezing. A lot of people have left the park here, but I think some were just visiting the area. Eighty percent of the residents here are being treated at one of the hospitals in the area. . . most being at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

We have been staying inside with the colder weather. Terry doesn't like to get out although his new ICD means he can breathe a lot better in cold weather because his heart function is improved. But we have inside things to do, so we are content. I have actually spent this week getting our tax stuff ready. That is a record for me. We don't even have any of our W-2's or anything else, so I cannot send them in, but it feels good to have the paperwork all finished and ready to go to our tax person. By the way, I have a really great tax person at the H.R. Block where we used to live in Indiana. She does a great job for us. I can't believe I have the stuff all ready to go! Hah! I had to drag out my other computer. A year ago the screen went bad on it and we haven't gotten around to ordering a new one for it. We plan to do that and have Brandon install it. He used to work at a computer shop (one college summer) and that is what he did. . . maintenance on laptops. So, for now, I have a small LCD monitor I hook up to it and it works great, but it is a lot more effort to set up. I set up my workstation in the motorhome and I am very comfortable. I can leave my work out and the main dining table can still be used for meals.

Once I finish putting the final touches on the financial stuff, I will pack that computer back up and get out the sewing machine. I have two projects that need completing. I took a cushion from Brandon's couch that their one foster dog chewed up and I found some complementary material to make a cushion for it. I was able to buy the supplies on the road, but haven't made the cushion yet, so that is next on the list. I need to get that done and sent off so we can clear out that space for something else. After that, I plan on finishing the quilt on the bed. I only started that two years ago and it is not finished yet. I really am ashamed of myself as it probably isn't but about a week's worth of work on it to go yet. I actually have the quilt on the bed. I am making it in two parts, so I put the finished part on the bed so I would become motivated to finish it. So I am getting there, I think. It is a rag quilt, and so it can easily be done in stages.

We are supposed to hear early next week if Terry will start the next stage in his treatment. Now they are checking to see if his insurance will pay for the treatment he wants and if so, we are good to go. It has always paid for the specific treatment in the past, but with medical insurance changing so much, it has to be reviewed.

We did hear from our new friends we met here a few weeks ago. They will be back the middle of February and I am sure we will still be here. He is going to have surgery, so it will be a difficult time for him. We are hoping we can visit and at least keep his spirits up while they are here.

Till next time. . .


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Anonymous said...

The quilt looks really good. Can't wait to see you again, it won't be too much longer!