Friday, April 22, 2011

Catching up. . .

The doctor appointments in Indiana went well. I think everyone was expecting Terry to look a little worse for the wear, but he really looks the same as always. . . and feels great!

While there we stayed at New Lisbon Family Campground. This is a camp we enjoy because a lot of our neighbors from our former home in Mooreland spend their spring and summer weekends there. We got to see some of them while we were there which was a real treat. We quit staying here for a couple years because the owners got a bit testy about the Passport America program. Hey, either offer it or don't. But don't offer it, then complain about how we are getting by too cheaply and costing them money. We quit going and one time our former neighbor told us that there were new owners and his dad was the manager. We know his dad really well, so we tried it out again and we were treated very well. They continue to offer Passport America and we are spending more time there.

We left there on a Thursday and headed to Virginia. Our normal stopping place in Gallopolis, Ohio, was a bit too mushy and Terry didn't want to chance driving on the grounds, so we continued on. We actually drove to Virginia and stayed at Natural Bridge. If you are inclined to go there, I would opt for the KOA out on the interstate. The drive back in to the Jellystone was narrow and tight turns, etc. Once you get there, you will pay $53 for a site unless you have PA, which is $26. Even at that, you get to set up in a field. We did have a "slot" we drove onto. Leveling was not possible front to back or side to side. It was okay for one night, but next time, we will do the KOA.

We arrived in Charlottesville at the KOA on Friday, April 15. We checked in and went to see the kids. It's hard to believe Ronan is four years old already. He is really a live wire and we enjoy spending time with the kids. He likes to come out to the bus as well and has been out a couple times with his mom and dad and dog, Whiskey. Whiskey now loves everyone. He used to be afraid of everyone, but no more. He loves Ronan and Ronan is pretty good with him. They are quite the team.

We gave Ronan his birthday present the other day. It required some assembly, so we figured we might as well let Ronan in on the fun. We had to do it at their house because once assembled, it was too large to get out the door of the motorhome and too large to transport in the car. Ronan was pretty excited about Grandpa Terry putting his Peg Perego John Deere tractor and front loader together! It was pretty cool when it was finished and he uses it to move toys around in the living room. Eventually when it warms up sufficiently, they will move it outside and he will get to use it in the yard.

Yesterday on his birthday, we took cupcakes, cookies, coffee and juice along with veggies and dip to the park. Jocelyn had invited all his friends and for 2 1/2 hours, the kids ate and played to celebrate Ronan's birthday. It was a great time and everyone had fun.

Today was errand day. Jocelyn and Ronan, Terry and I went over the mountain to Waynesboro and Staunton and visited some shops and did some grocery shopping. It started raining while we were there, so we had to come back across the mountain in the fog. The views from the top, which is where Skyline drive runs are beautiful and in the fog you cannot see anything. But it is still magically and I enjoy both the sunny days and the foggy cloud enshrouded mountains equally.

Tomorrow Ronan's other grandparents are coming and we will get to spend some time with them. We leave here on Sunday and are headed to Indiana.

Till next time. . .


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