Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh me, oh my!

I could hardly believe when I came to my blog today that is has been two weeks since I posted. Shame on me. I will probably post a series of tidbits of life since cancer treatment.

We left Houston on Tuesday, March 29, and headed back down to the Rio Grande Valley. My Dad, almost 87, had a total knee replacement. We were able to see him in the hospital because he didn't get out on schedule. It was Friday before he was released to come home. The experience in the hospital left a lot to be desired. It is the filthiest hospital I have ever been in and I would not care to see any of my family go back there.

While we were in Mission, we were able to touch base with many of our friends in the park and many who had signed cards for Terry during his treatment. Our neighbor introduced us to her hummingbird which has nested in her awning support rail. It's quite out in the open which is rather surprising and she does fly off when you approach, but she comes back. She is so tiny, as is the nest. It is hard to believe that birds can start out so tiny. We cannot see the eggs in the nest, but they cannot be much larger than a pencil eraser.

We also did a little shopping for patio furniture. We had been wanting something for the patio there and by the time we get there in the fall, there is nothing decent left to buy. I never found anything I really liked. We went out one evening to shop and ended up at Target. They had a set I really liked, but we couldn't get it in the truck. So the next morning we took Mom and Dad's van and our truck. We got the box of chairs in the van and the table on the roof of the little truck and got it home. The chairs were already assembled; they just had to be unpacked. While I did that, Terry got the table put together. We are very pleased with it, but only got to use it a day before we put it back in the shed for the summer.

We left Dad convalescing and drove out of the valley on Sunday, April 3. We are not driving super long days and have tried to enjoy the drive, but we did have to change our route at the start. There was that big storm outbreak predicted for the day we left and the direction we planned to take, so we decided to go straight north and let the storm track east a ways before we turned east ourselves. Our first night out we stayed in LaGrange, Texas. We got there early enough that we could do a little sightseeing around the town. We stayed at Colorado Landing mobile home and RV park. They are a Passport America park and very nice. It was a mobile home park when the owners bought it. They kept some mobile homes (to pay the rent) and moved out all the old trailers and made campsites. The sites were long and wide and 50A. The streets were wide, having been made for mobile home access.

We were glad we had changed our route because the bad weather hit east of us and we were out of harm's way.

Till next time. . .


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