Thursday, June 02, 2011

Days on the lake. . .

We got out early Tuesday and got all the stickers on the boat and trailer and took her down to the launch ramp. Flawless launch. She fired right up and has run extremely well.

We took off going up river toward EastPort, but had to scrap that plan. Dale Hollow has been in flood stage for several weeks and there is just too much debris, limbs mostly, in the water. Since the EastPort leg is a river, more/less, it makes it hard to dodge all that stuff, so we turned around and headed for the main water.

We are about 15 miles by water from the main part of the lake and we drove out to that taking in the beautiful lake scenery along the way. Very little is built down on the water. . . maybe a house or two that were "grandfathered" in when the lake was built. They are now allowing building up on the ridges overlooking the lake and it is interesting to see what has been built since last year. We took a ride over to Wisdom Dock thinking we might have some lunch, but their restaurant is closed during the week right now.

We rode over to Eagle Cove where our friends Carol and Tom moor their houseboat, but it was gone. We figured they were out on the lake somewhere. I called, but had to leave a message. Later when I checked my phone, Carol had left a message telling me where they were docked. We headed back that way and stopped at the state dock for ice cream. While we were there, Carol and Tom drove up in their boat and we all chatted and ate our ice cream. They invited us back to the houseboat so we followed them back and I enjoyed floating around in the water and catching up with the news from the last year. There were several other couples there and we all enjoyed the visit.

Later we headed for home and we were pretty tired by the time we got here. It is super hot here, in the 90's with plenty of humidity with plenty of sun, and that wears a person out. We fixed supper, took showers, and headed to bed.

Yesterday we went out much earlier in the morning to try and get some lake time in before it got really hot. I believe, however, it was hotter than the day before although it was supposed to be a bit cooler. We rode past "Diver's Rock" which usually has more rock visible out of the water as well as a ridge of rock running out to the buoy at the far right. We did some dock hopping, checking out the state dock, Willow Grove, and Mike's Landing at Sulphur Creek before heading for home. Later while we were relaxing in camp, Carol called and invited us to a cookout aboard their houseboat this afternoon. So we are going to eat a light lunch and take off, eventually making our way over to their dock and chilling out with friends. It promises to be a good time!

Till next time. . .


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awesome pictures.