Thursday, June 09, 2011

Red Bay, Alabama

We left this morning and drove over to Red Bay, Alabama, the home of Tiffin Motorhomes. We wanted to connect with Bay Diesel, the business where we were directed by Freightliner.

We met the owner, Chris, and he asked a couple questions and said that we could bring Phaeton Place over Monday morning. MONDAY MORNING! WOW!!! Really didn't think we would luck into a service appointment that quickly. He is pretty sure he can help us out and also gave us something to check before we drive it over. We did check our coolant and Terry added a bit. That could have been the problem, although we don't think it was low enough to cause a problem. We feel confident they will be able to find the problem Monday.

We also drove over to the campground and talked with the new people there. We really miss Marsha and Rod, but their stint at the office there is over and they are on their way to their vacation home in Custer, South Dakota. We talked with Peggy in scheduling and she told us who to talk to about getting an earlier appointment date at the service center. We talked with Jimmie and he told us what to do and we got that accomplished while we were there. So our time in Red Bay this morning was very productive and it was a worthwhile effort.

On the way over there we saw this manufacturing building in Belmont which was destroyed by tornados on April 27, 2011. I think that's the same day as the Joplin, Missouri, tornadoes. They had multiple vortices and many houses were hit as well as trees and buildings. When we were here in May for Aunt Teen's funeral, we saw where the tornadoes came through the Natchez Trace. It was closed for a while after the event due to downed trees. We saw them in May and saw them again the other day. The trees now have been cut up, but we noticed new trees downed and what looked like more recent damage than last month. While we were talking with the gals at Red Bay about the tornadoes, they said another storm just two weeks ago was responsible for the newest damage. We have been here when there have been bad storms. They certainly have their share.

On the way back, we drove along the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Forty years ago when we visited the area, they were building this large, long canal. The picture of the lock is at the end of the lake we are camped on. We came back to the motorhome late this afternoon, so have just been hanging out. We did go down to the gate and register for Sunday night. That way we can move over to Red Bay on Monday instead of Sunday. We thought that would be preferable in the event the coach shuts down on the way over and has to be towed in. Pray that doesn't happen!

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