Monday, July 09, 2012

Catching up. . .

When we left the rally last week on Saturday morning, we drove straight through downtown Chicago. Hah! Let me tell you. . . that's not for wimps. We made it fine. It got a little crowded in places, like near the Loop, but soon after passing that area, traffic started to thin out and it was smooth sailing from there on.

Monday morning we had the coach over to Charger Enterprises in Elkhart to have the A/C fixed. They were closing on Tuesday for the rest of the week, so they said they would fix it if we got it there early. We did and they replaced the motor control board. Surprisingly, the compressor was not blown which we had feared. And I had purchased the manufacturer's extended warranty when the unit was put in two years ago. Since the original warranty ran out May 15 of this year, it was covered under the extended warranty. We only had to pay the labor, so we saved almost $200! Whoo hoo! AND, we still have almost three more years on the warranty to go!

Friday we are heading out to Vermont in MinnieMee. Her generator got a tune-up last week while we were at the rally and it's running well. With the 100*+ temps this week, we fired up the gennie and ran the A/C on her and all is working well. We are still stocking her with items for the Alaska trip and we are about done. We got our sleeping bag this week and I made a sheet sack for it, so we are good to go there. Hopefully we will get along with the sofa/dinette/bed, but we may have to make some adjustments if it's too uncomfortable.

Yesterday was a much better day here in northern Indiana. After suffering from triple digits temps for over a week, we finally had a day in the 80's. I sat outside for a good part of the day and read under the awning. There was a good breeze most of the day and it was very pleasant. We didn't do anything except relax which felt quite good.

Last week I continued to box up stuff from the basement of the storage condo. Some is Jocelyn's stuff and we will take it to her later and some is getting boxed up for Good Will. Some will be held for a garage sale which will probably wait until next year. At least the basement there is super cool, so it is one place I could work and actually be comfortable. We are heading over there again today so we can continue that work and get some last minute things done on MinnieMee.

Till next time. . .


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