Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rally fun!

While at the rally here we have attended a couple seminars and learned some things we didn't know. But there are other activities as well and yesterday we engaged in some of those.

In the morning we boarded a bus and went to the Coast Guard station on Lake Champlain. We are very close to Burlington, Vermont, where the only station on the lake is located. We were taken on a tour and got to see the operations room and other areas where the personnel live and work while on duty. We also got to board two of their vessels while the young man explained how the boats are used and what types of emergencies and other work they are responsible for. One of their boats is used specifically for ice rescue and they train daily in the winter weather permitting. Last year the lake did not freeze over, so there were no ice related emergencies.

The large boat is called a buoy tender. The Coast Guard here is responsible for maintaining all of the buoys on the lake. They have foam buoys which are put out in the summer and when they are taken out in the fall, they put steel buoys in. They maintain about 50 buoys on the lake.

In the afternoon we boarded the bus once again and went back to the waterfront for a 1 1/2 hour pleasure cruise on Lake Champlain. This was really lovely. The weather was perfect, warm in the sun, a nice breeze and sunshine. Our cruise was from 4-5:30 so the afternoon sun started diminishing and we had a beautiful view of the lake and the Adironacks on the New York side. We didn't go too far, but there was narration which told a bit of the history of the lake as well. It was a most enjoyable ride.

After dinner we were entertained by Dan, the singing Trooper, and his lovely wife Mary. They are exceptional singers and put on quite a performance.

Today we have been busy attending seminars and meeting people. We have enjoyed the rally here and the superb weather. We still have two days to go and even more entertainment, so we are looking forward to even more fun. AND, it helps that Terry won a door prize at one of the sessions we attended! He won a new HD television! Whoo hoo!

Till next time. . .


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